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How Are Moon Rocks Made?

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Have you ever been so high that you seriously wondered if the stuff you just lit up is from another planet? When you’re soaring through space after some super dank dro, you might assume that the strain is literally from the moon – and who’d blame you?! The way some of this stuff is grown nowadays it may as well be from a Martian grow-op.

Mars might be a touch too far – at least for now – but the moon has certainly left its impression on the world of weed in recent years. No, we’re not still talking about aliens or interstellar ganja… we’re here to discuss one of the most potent cannabis experiences on this planet we call home: Moon rocks weed.

“Moon rocket weed”, “moonrock skittles”, “moon rock joints” or “space weed” as some people refer to them burst onto the cannabis scene in the last decade or so. Alongside a plethora of intense cannabis concentrates, moon rocks are an ultra-popular way to enjoy the familiarity of smoking weed but a moon rocks joint kicks the potency up to twelfth gear.

Besides having a really cool name and offering a powerful smoking experience, what is moon rocks weed good for? Why should you try moon rocket weed? How should you use marijuana moon rocks to enhance your cannabis experiences? Let’s take one small step for potheads, one giant leap for stonerkind and uncover the excitement orbiting around moon rock weed.

Despite it sharing a name with a different kind of “moonrocks”, moon rock weed has nothing to do with ecstacy or other more potent psychoactive substances. Moon rock joints are made with a mix of cannabis flowers, extracts and concentrates and don’t contain any other psychoactive substances from other sources. Skittles moon rocks or moon rocket weed sometimes have flavor additives or processing inputs to make them look/feel a certain way, but there’s no mixing of MDMA or other psychedelics when we’re talking about cannabis moon rocks.

Essentially what moon rocks joints consist of are:

Cannabis flowers

Honey/hash oil


That doesn’t sound so out-of-this-world, now does it? Moon rock weed is quite simple when you think about it this way: buds from a potent cannabis strain, dipped in honey/hash oil and rolled in kief. All of these parts might be from the same plants/crop, or it can be from different cultivars to provide a unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. This dispels another myth about moon rocks that there are only a couple of moon rock specific strains like skittles moon rocks or moon rocket weed. Any strain can be rendered into tasty, potent moon rocks – it’s just typically reserved for powerful strains because that’s what many moon rocks lovers are after.

Moon rocks are a fun way to customize your favorite strains and create something truly mind-blowing in potency. The average tin of moon rocks isn’t for the faint of heart, nor the sensitive in THC tolerance. There’s no minimum or maximum THC values for moon rocks, but it’s not uncommon to find moon rocks weed in the ranges of 30-70% THC concentration. With the right honey oil or kief for finisher, moon rock joints can climb near 100% THC potency levels! You can start to see why some experienced stoners are so gung-ho for moon rocks – these concentrated green nuggets give new meaning to the term “nugs”.

Marijuana moon rocks are popular because of their high potencies, but they’re also highly sought after because of their incredible flavors & aromas too. When you combine three different sources of cannabinoids and terpenes you’re essentially creating a terpene sandwich: buds are the bread, oil is the peanut butter and kief is the jam. You can achieve significantly higher values for THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and many more compounds; the same goes for terpenes that make for a unique taste, smell and high experience, everytime.

Speaking of experiences, moon rocket weed also provides distinct cannabis effects and diverse combinations of highs, lows and in-betweens. You can customize the way your moon rock joints hit you, how long they last, what kinds of effects you encounter and much more by selecting certain strains & extracts. This unique trifecta really has no limits to the kinds of cannabinoid/terpene combos you can produce. Moon rock weed is as fun as it is potent or flavorful, so it’s easy to see why it’s surged up the standings.


When you’re fixing to get your hands on some moon rock weed you can buy them online or attempt to make your own. Haute Health has an ever-growing inventory of moon rocks, but for this article we’ll show you how to make your own moon rock skittles or moon rocket weed for you DIYers.

As previously mentioned, marijuana moon rocks are made up of three ingredients: cannabis flowers, honey/hash oil and kief. Each of these cannabis components can be made from your own homegrown cannabis plants – it can be challenging, of course, but for those who truly enjoy making their own products from scratch this is the ultimate challenge. Alternatively, most people who make their own moon rocks will grow their chosen strain, harvest the buds for their moon rocks and purchase the oil + kief.

The only choice you need to make between growing your own or buying these ingredients has to do with your weed needs: do you mind if all three are rendered from the same strain/crop? Or are you seeking a diverse combination of three unique profiles of cannabinoids/terpenes? Most fans of moon rocks prefer the latter option – after all, variety is the spice of life. Still, you can grow your own buds, derive some hash oil from the same crop and add kief from a different strain you grew last time around, or vice versa. The combinations are endless.

Another important consideration centers around your cannabis tolerance. You might want your buds to contain a decent amount of CBD to offset the higher THC values in honey oil or kief. On the flip side, to max out your high you can invest in all three high THC and really send yourself on a trip. CBD moon rocks do exist for those who are partial to getting high, but they’re definitely not as popular.

Whichever moon rock type you choose, here are the general steps for turning buds, oil and kief into moon rocks:

1. Assemble your buds (raw, whole and unmanicured) with your honey oil or hash oil and kief

2. Break off small pieces of the cannabis flowers – we recommend using tweezers for this entire process to prevent getting sticky fingers (not that that’s a bad thing!)

3. Next, there are two options for applying the honey/hash oil…

4. Using the tweezers, dip the small chunks of flower into the oil, ensuring it’s entirely coated

5. With a tincture, suck up some of the oil and apply it to the buds until fully coated

6. Once the entire bud is evenly covered in honey/hash oil and it has had a few minutes to bind/dry somewhat, roll the buds in kief laid out on wax paper or a non-stick tray. Repeat these steps for each piece of cannabis flowers and voila – you have just made your own moon rocks! Now for the funnest part: shmokin some rocks. Moon rock weed is just like smoking regular nugs except that these ones will jettison you into space at lightspeed. Simply insert your moon rocks or break them up into your favorite pipe, bong, bubbler or joint, light it up and we have lift off!

If you’ve tried making your own marijuana moon rocks at home and haven’t had success, don’t let your dreams of becoming a psychonaut die – Haute Health has all the moon rock weed you could ever need. Hautehealth.shop was one of the first online dispensaries to provide top notch moon rocks and they’re proud to continue developing their offering of these potent space nugs. Check out their awesome selection of moon rocks and other weed products to satisfy every craving, soothe every injury, or scratch every psychoactive need.

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