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THC Sprays & Benefits of Using Them

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One of the latest trends in the health & wellness markets comes in a bottle. Have a cold? Pump it. Feeling sore? Pump it. Want to sleep better? Pump it. Feeling anxious? You guessed it… Pump it. Oral sprays are one of the most convenient, fast-acting and consistent ways to take your medicine or supplement good health or fitness.

Oral sprays contain vitamins, herbal concoctions, essential oils, or active compounds like CBD or THC from both hemp and cannabis. THC sprays obviously can get you high so you need to be careful to manage your dose. That being said, THC sprays are also very easy to dose with because of their pre-measured spray-pump options – just take one, two, three or more pumps and you’ll get the pain-fighting or calming effects you’re after.

There are other kinds of CBD oral sprays such as hemp sprays or sprays for pain that contain natural, non-cannabis ingredients, but THC spray benefits seem to outclass the others. What kinds of THC sprays are out there? Are these kinds of products good sprays for pain, sleep, anxiety, nausea and more? How can you make marijuana sprays? Let’s pump out some knowledge about these popular kinds of products and discuss the benefits of THC sprays.

What Are THC Sprays?


THC sprays are just like any CBD oral sprays or hemp sprays that have little-to-no THC in them. All these examples of oral sprays come in a bottle, in liquid form, and deliver their active ingredients to your body through an aerated spray pump. Why are oral sprays so popular? Well that’s because they’re incredibly convenient and provide a rush of flavors, aromas and effects. Oral sprays are very discreet so they’re easy to take with you almost anywhere you go – yes, that includes flying.

Oral sprays are a new favorite probably because of their convenience, but what most fans of THC sprays or CBD oral sprays might not understand is that oral absorption/ingestion is a very efficient way to get what they need. Ingesting cannabinoids through your saliva might not seem like the quickest route to experiencing their effects but it is one of the fastest ways to get high or feel the calm.


On top of oral ingestion, sublingual absorption by holding THC spray under your tongue is another fast and effective method for dosing active compounds like CBD or THC. Your sublingual glands provide a direct route to your endocannabinoid system (ECS), essentially bypassing the process of having to absorb/digest cannabinoids into your bloodstream and then eventually to your ECS receptors. A lot of cannabis oil users or oral spray fans have been using sublingual dosing to control their cannabis experiences with great clarity, consistency and satisfaction.

Of course, the big takeaway from using any THC sprays for benefits like less pain, swelling, stiffness or anxiety has to do with the big bad Tetrahydrocannabinol contents. THC is undeservedly stigmatized by many would-be cannabis users, let alone all the bad press it gets in the mainstream. Anybody who is familiar with the incredible benefits of all the cannabinoids, not just THC, is aware that the rewards of THC can easily outweigh the risks. The real trick is learning how to manage your doses of Tetrahydrocannabinol because it is a psychoactive substance.


Beyond the obvious issues of getting too high, too fast, causing insomnia or ramping up your anxiety, taking too much THC isn’t dangerous to your health. Tetrahydrocannabinol tolerance is different for everyone, so the real trick to getting the most out of THC sprays is to find your ideal dosing range. This might mean a pump or two in the morning to settle your nerves before a busy day; it could also lead to a handful of doses throughout the night at social gatherings. This illustrates one of the best parts of THC sprays, CBD oral sprays or any cannabis or hemp spray products: take them with you and take as much as you need as fits your current environment or situation.


Another important characteristic of THC sprays for pain, inflammation, sleep, anxiety or energy has to do with the kinds of other ingredients that are formulated to soothe your ailments alongside THC or CBD. Whether it’s the cooling, relaxation brought on by mint extracts or the calm, focus instilled by Lion’s Mane, cannabis and hemp sprays are full of other beneficial inputs that are equally, naturally potent.

Because oral sprays typically include complementary inputs that boost the desired effects (calm, energy, focus, sleep, pain-relief, etc), THC sprays are some of the best tasting products on the market. Capsules aren’t designed to taste good because we wash them down to be digested in our stomachs over time. THC or CBD oral sprays are meant to sit in your mouth/throat so they usually have to taste better than your average cannabis oil. Mint, citrus, vanilla, coconut, berries, tropical breeze or chocolate flavored cannabis and hemp sprays are just a handful of popular flavors that you will find online and in-stores.

THC Sprays vs CBD Oral Sprays

A lot of people trying oral sprays for pain, insomnia, anxiety or nausea feel like they have to choose sides between THC and CBD oral sprays. There’s a misunderstanding between many cannabis users that THC is the only way to go, while the same can be said for those who prefer hemp CBD . You don’t have to pick-and-choose any specific cannabinoids – in fact, it’s best if you try to include as many different kinds in a variety of potencies whenever possible. Isolate products that only contain THC, CBD or other solitary cannabinoids that have been extracted from the rest of the phytocompounds might be missing out on some truly advantageous combinations.

This is where the entourage effect, full-spectrum cannabis products and the fascinating influences of terpenes come into play. We won’t have time in this article to cover all of these topics in-depth, but thankfully we’ve already written a fair amount about these integral concepts. Check out those articles in the links above if you’re unfamiliar with the details on the benefits of consuming a full-spectrum cannabis or hemp product, then come back to this guide for THC oral sprays.

In summary of our other blogs and the differences between THC and CBD, the gist is that THC is known for being psychoactive whereas CBD is not. This means that THC sprays have the potential to cause mind-altering effects like hallucinations, slurred speech, slow reactions and other such impairments. How high you get will depend on your tolerance to cannabinoids – and previously stated, this is different for everybody. CBD oral sprays, however, do not have psychoactive effects at all because Cannabidiol is not mind-altering. In fact, CBD actually is used in-tandem with THC to help reduce the psychoactivity you might experience.

This relationship of CBD diminishing is just one example of how/why full-spectrum products are thought to be superior to isolate extracts. Full-spectrum products – i.e. those cannabis and hemp products that include the entire plant’s offering of cannabinoids and terpenes – are typically more potent and therefore more expensive.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in just THC sprays or a THC-free, CBD oral spray depending on your weed needs. That being said, the science suggests that cannabinoids can achieve more powerful, long-lasting or effective influences on our brains & bodies when they’re ingested/absorbed together. This entourage of effects is still being researched, but what we do know so far is that the more cannabinoids, the merrier.

THC Spray Benefits

Now to the reason we came here to discuss THC sprays in the first place: the benefits. The benefits of taking a THC spray vs a CBD spray are much like the debate between using cannabis or hemp derived products: it’s simply a matter of what suits you best. Any kind of oral spray that contains cannabinoids and/or terpenes can be beneficial to you in a variety of ways. Depending on your level of medical need vs your desire for a recreational high, certain types of cannabis or hemp oral sprays will yield better results for you.

One of the toughest and often most-overlooked aspects of choosing a cannabis/hemp product is to define what you’re after, determine why you need it, how you plan to use it, and when you’re going to take it. So, before you go shopping for a CBD oral spray to help you sleep better, or a THC spray for pain and inflammation, ask yourself: what do I want/need? Chances are there is a THC spray or CBD spray that can fit right into your routine and provide the boost in health, energy, fitness or rest that you need.

What are the most notable THC spray benefits? Tetrahydrocannabinol, like other cannabinoids, can affect people very differently, but there are some generally acknowledged benefits that THC has over phytocompounds. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Reducing soreness, swelling, stiffness in muscles & joints

Easing gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, bloating or pain

Relaxing your feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness or nervousness

Improving sleep quality, including how quickly you fall asleep & how long you stay asleep

Boosting cognitive functionality, creativity, productivity and motivation

Supporting neurological health

Diminishing the severity of migraines

Helping to counteract seizures and reduce the frequency/severity of epileptic events

Increasing appetite, energy levels and overall mental & physical alacrity

This is a pretty substantial list of benefits that covers some of the biggest facets of our health: mental, physical and overall wellbeing. With THC sprays in your pocket, in your purse or in your gym bag you can ease your nagging pain, calm your nerves at work or get the rest you need after a physically/mentally demanding day.

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