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What Are Popcorn Buds?

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What Are Popcorn Buds?

Popcorn buds or popcorn weed is the term for the smaller and less impressive weed nugs which will appear on plants as they grow in places where they do not have enough light, nutrients or room the fully mature. Even though these cute little buds are by their nature typically less potent and dense than the buds which grew to full size and maturity if they are produced by a competent grower they can still pack a considerable punch!

Because growers are always trying to maximize the production of every plant as best as they can not every bud or nug produced by the plant is able to reach full maturity. Most specifically any area of the plant which doesn’t receive enough light, space or nutrients is likely to produce smaller and less impressive little buds. Most growers and distributors offer these nugs at a discount to customers.

No matter how skilled the grower is every plant is likely to produce some of these nugs near the bottom sections of the plant where light, airflow and space are in limited supply. Talented growers are however able to nurture their plants to produce powerful and incredible strains of cannabis and the little nugs at the base of the plant will still pack a powerful wallop too!

There may be a slight reduction in cannabis terpene and THC content however these little nugs are still very much smokeable and will provide the same effects as any other bud or nug produced by the same strain. You may need to smoke or use a little bit more than you typically would if you had a regular sized nug from the same strain but with popcorn weed you can still get lit or medicate when finances are tight!

Most people are unlikely to notice any difference when it comes to the smaller buds vs the larger more showroom quality nugs of weed you will find on display and on offer for higher prices. That is apart from the smaller size of course! They are also a great option for people looking to use cannabis for baking or to make tinctures, oils or other extractions!

What Are Popcorn Buds?

Are Popcorn Buds Worth It?

Knowing how to make your stash last and keeping a balanced budget from month to month are simple and essential life skills that every person should master for themselves. Including the purchase of some more affordable popcorn weed as well as keeping an eye out for any good sales or deals you can take advantage of can be an important tool in maintaining your financial stability – and making sure you never run out of weed!

The main reason that these smaller buds of cannabis are offered by online dispensaries and distributors at a discount is because they lack the wow factor of the big weed buds that practically sell themselves. The quality difference is so negligible that really it is a great deal for any budget conscious customer who doesn’t mind the lack of big dank nugs in their bag. If it is all just going into the grinder to get rolled up, packed and smoked there is very little difference when you consider regular big buds vs the little affordable popcorn buds.

It’s pretty clear to see why any savvy consumer who is less concerned with presentation and aesthetics and more interested in getting the job done at the most efficient price point is likely to look for the good deals on these little nugs whenever they can find them! If you are the type of person who likes to save money and you hold efficiency over appearances then perhaps you should look into buying some for yourself the next time you resupply! You never know you could surprise yourself with how much money you can save and how far you can stretch a good popcorn nugs strain.

What’s a good popcorn nugs strain? Basically any high quality, high potency strain you prefer will also produce potent and high quality mini nugs. They may not be photogenic or impressive but if you grind them up they still do the job just fine!

Are Popcorn Buds Worth It?

Popcorn Buds vs Shake

In some situations you may find yourself debating between these cute little nugs or shake when you want to save money, make edibles or create an extraction or concentrate. When it comes down to it this is really just a matter of personal preference. Do you want to sift through a bunch of shake or grind up a bunch of cute little nugs? Either case means work and effort but the approach will be slightly different based on the starting materials.

If you opt for the popcorn nug route you can at least enjoy the bouquet, appearance and experience of breaking up the cannabis – a process many veteran smokers often come to enjoy as part of the whole smoking experience. This is a little like having a miniature version of the regular thing to work with which also has its own level of charm if you are willing to see it. Small things are cute!

On the other hand if you want to save the time and effort and just get right down to the extraction process immediately you may want to invest in a nice big bag of budget shake. A clever cannabis craftsman can make both of these options go a long way giving people the ability to stretch out a stash on any budget for as long as is required.

Popcorn Buds vs Shake

Avoiding Homegrown Popcorn Nugs

If you are growing your own cannabis at home and trying to maximize your yields and avoid these cute little weed nuggets as much as you possibly can there are some helpful pointers we can pass along to you too!

Stress on your plants is the number one cause of popcorn buds on plants without exception. There are many stressors which can be the possible source and being able to identify and resolve them quickly will ensure that your plants grow healthy and strong with the big and dense nugs you desire.

Overcrowding or Overshading can be a massive source of stress on a growing plant especially at the lower branches where the light has a harder time getting through. Having an overcrowded grow or too much vegetation on the plants can also drive this major stressor. To avoid this be sure to give your little green babies plenty of space to grow and plenty of access to light. 

You can improve the amount of light the important parts of the plant will receive as it grows by learning how to properly trim and prune away the unnecessary vegetation, Some people are shocked to see just how much of the plant should be cut away but it is important to remember that you want all of the energy consumed by the plant to be focused entirely on the prime flowering buds. Energy diverted to smaller weaker buds and leaves is wasted as far as the skilled grower is concerned. Learn about how to properly train your plants to grow their maximum yield.

High heat or humidity can also pose a serious problem for your little garden. Make sure your grow room temperature is appropriate. High heat and humidity will encourage the growth of light and airy wispy buds which is the plant’s natural defense mechanism against molds, pests and pathogens.

Overwatering and Underwatering are also serious concerns. As with any plant you might welcome into your home the risk of killing it with too much or too little love is always extremely high. If you have a history of adopting little green friends from the hardware or home store and bringing them home to slowly drown or starve them you will definitely want to work on your watering routine when you attempt your first cannabis grow!

As always if you’d rather skip the heavy lifting and just get right to the good part where you get to enjoy some fantastic AAAA Canadian craft grown cannabis you can order directly anytime from Haute Health! We often have great specials on shake and popcorn buds but we also feature a wide range of high quality cannabis products of every possible variety!

Some current staff favourite strains in store today include the Blue Gelato strain and the always fantastic and flavourful Banana OG! We also have some fantastic THC Distillate and for those looking to microdose or megadose – Golden Teachers! 🍄



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