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If you need a soothing and relaxing bath experience it can be pretty hard to beat thc bath bombs. Skip the basic bath bomb sets from the mall and give the gift of a THC and CBD infused bath bomb from Haute Health.

Take your bathing to new heights of chill or soothe those aching muscles & joints with some cannabis-infused bath bombs. is your destination for any/all cannabis & hemp products.

Bath Bomb – 200mg THC : 25mg CBD



What's the purpose of bath bombs?

To create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and ease your aches and pains.

Are bath bombs good for you?

Anything that helps you relax and live in the moment is good for the soul!

Is it bad to use a bath bomb every day?

The only downside would be getting bored of them!

Can bath bombs get you high?

No, despite the THC content an infused bath bomb will not provide any intoxicating psychoactive effects.