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      The most common misconception about cannabis diamonds is that they are a form of purely concentrated THC. This is close to the mark but not quite the truth; diamonds are in fact a pure concentrated form of THCA which is essentially the same thing as THC with a few extra molecules attached to it – however this means it will not produce psychoactive effects unless it is properly heated – that is decarboxylated – first. They are a beautiful sight to behold and when utilized properly watch out! These little shining specks of glitter pack an extremely potent and powerful THCA fueled punch.

      On the cutting edge and utilizing the latest extraction technologies and ideas has resulted in this pure, beautiful and rare form of cannabis extraction that is heavily prized by cannabis connoisseurs of all kinds. Even if you’ve never enjoyed dabbing or vaping before it is worth trying just to experience the absolute finest form of cannabis extraction that money can buy!

      THCA crystals come in a variety of shapes and forms as THCA is a pseudopolymorph which means that it will crystalize into a wide distribution of forms when acted upon by different levels of temperature, moisture or even terpene content! This means each crystal extraction results in unique and diverse crystal formations as pleasing to behold as they are to inhale and experience.

      Sunset Sherbert Diamonds – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Granddaddy Purple Diamonds – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Shiva Skunk Diamonds – Indica


      Sour OG Diamonds – Hybrid


      Tyson Diamonds – Indica


      People Also Ask:

      What are cannabis diamonds?
      Diamonds - otherwise known as THC diamonds - are a type of cannabis concentrate that are crystalline concentrations of particular cannabinoids, usually THC or THCA.

      What's the difference between shatter and diamonds?
      Both shatter and diamonds are powerful concentrates, but diamonds are among the most powerful concentrates on the market - some can boast THC potencies of 90-95% or more!

      How strong are THC diamonds?
      Diamonds can contain as close to 100% THC potency as possible - on average diamonds offer +95%, whereas most concentrates contain 70-90% THC potency.