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Live badder, also just called badder or live resin badder, is a cannabis wax concentrate that looks like cookie dough, cake batter, or frosting. It’s thick, gooey, and slightly drippy. Badder’s soft and malleable texture makes it easy to handle and dab with.

Badder ranges in color. It can be blond, gold, or yellow-brown. It’s also rich in terpenes, so you’ll taste and smell the source plant while dabbing.

Some manufacturers and stoners use the terms badder and batter interchangeably. Technically, these concentrates aren’t the same, though. Batter is like butter and has the same creamy and buttery consistency.

You can dab with badder, use an e-nail, and add it to blunts, joints, or bowls to increase the potency of your weed.