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    100 mg is nothing to shake a stick at… but 200 mg?! Now we’re talking about some high-potency edibles meant only for the most experienced stoners. 200 mg Candies from Haute Health come in all your favorite gummy types – fish, fuzzy peaches, coke bottles, blue whales and more.

    Not only are these chewy, fruity and sugary candies satisfying for your sweet tooth, they’ll have you floating through space or sinking into your couch in no time. As always, it’s important to know your cannabis tolerance so be careful when dosing higher potency edibles. Have fun, enjoy these tasty treats, and we’ll see you online at Hautehealth.su!

    250mg THC Large Coke Bottle


    200mg THC Powder Drink Mix


    250mg Delta 8 THC Large Coke Bottle