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On a tight budget but still need to blaze? We’ve got you covered with a selection of great 5 dollar grams. Stock up to make cannabutter or cannabis cooking oil or just grab 5 grams of weed for the lowest price you’re likely to find anywhere. No matter what your budget you can afford to get some $5 gram weed Canada here at Haute Health! Be advised that these buds are not likely to inspire awe or be the greatest you have ever experienced but they won’t be trash reggie garbage just less than exciting. Even though these $5 grams weed are so cheap you will still be pleased with the quality of the cannabis you recieve at this bargain price!

Master Kush Flower – Indica Dominant Hybrid


Banana Trail Mix Flower – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Mango Dream Flower – Hybrid


Runtz Flower – Hybrid


$5 Grams Cannabis

With the way cannabis prices have fluctuated over the past year, it can be tough to find the quality buds you need for a price that's fair. Thankfully, Haute.health has all the cannabis options for anyone's wallet - $3 - $8 grams of premium weed. $5 grams of cannabis is a perfect balance of quality-and-cost - all the potency, terpenes and eye-catching qualities of a beautiful bud, but for the same price of a latte. When you are looking to buy cannabis online, look no further than Haute's $5 grams of weed.

You may have noticed, but prices online in Canada are all over the map. From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, buying marijuana online can be difficult when you want a consistent price and the same quality in your cannabis, especially when weed is your medicine. When you buy $5 grams of cannabis online from Haute.health, you're getting hand-selected flowers at an "industry special" price. Less markups, more marijuana - that's the way Haute offers you top choice cannabis for a favorable price. Not sure what you're looking for? There's lots of strains, price points and different ways to consume your cannabis, so get your weed online in Canada and select from one of the best inventories in the country. Haute.health offers cannabis flowers - wholesale/bulk, pre-rolls and per gram - edibles, concentrates and extracts galore.