200mg THC Blue Raspberry Hard Candy


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200 mg per candy

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Packed with quite a punch, our 200 MG THC Blue Raspberry Hard Candies are guaranteed to leave you in a extremely euphoric and couch locked state. Deliciously flavored with a sweet taste of raspberry, each candy has 200 mg of THC and should be only consumed by those who extreme tolerance to THC.


Haute Health

38 reviews for 200mg THC Blue Raspberry Hard Candy

  1. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Pack a punch so prepare the coutch!

  2. owengoerk98 (verified owner)

    You don’t get as much flavor but hits pretty good

  3. ntcbond (verified owner)

    Kinda tastes like coffee but I can’t wait to see how hard this baby hits!

  4. Bassetears (verified owner)

    Eat it all you know you wanna! Really REALLY good.

  5. oickle74 (verified owner)

    Flavor wasn’t as strong as some would have liked, but very small and powerful. Great for movie night.

  6. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    Does not taste like blue raspberry at all!!! Had a gritty texture as well. But it is strong! I cut mine in half with a hot knife and I will still feeling pretty great! 4 stars because it actually worked! If it didn’t work it would be lower because taste was not there at all..

  7. jesse.tilbury (verified owner)

    Decent taste. Could use a bit more sugar. It was a bit bitter. But all in all it was a nice buzz

  8. kasharaeeagle (verified owner)

    Tastes a little like cardboard but the high is good

  9. Simo (verified owner)


  10. burley710 (verified owner)

    200mg in one little hard candy. I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to see how hard this hits

  11. michellethacker (verified owner)

    First thing: these literally taste like you’re sucking on a stick of weed budder so if you’re into that…zero notes of blue raspberry, however, about an hour later I was giggling and ready for bed lol.

  12. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Tastes really weedy, which I like, ate a half a couple days after my knee locked up on me and it put out for the evening, exactly what my body needed. Ate a quarter another night and it was great.

  13. derick842122 (verified owner)


  14. mariannerlewis (verified owner)


  15. mariannerlewis (verified owner)


  16. joeybeth (verified owner)

    This took me down for the count. would absolutely buy again. delicious and strong

  17. stevencrowell4 (verified owner)

    Not bad

  18. daunais (verified owner)

    Sit down and chill my friend

  19. jj.boudreau (verified owner)

    Tasty and potent

  20. kaya1999 (verified owner)

    These were awesome. Just ordered some more!

  21. brown_shayne (verified owner)

    Tastes not so good but hits hard

  22. jenn.k.davis86 (verified owner)

    So yummy. Reminds me of a blue raspberry Jolly rancher candy 😊 Thanks Haute Health!!

  23. iverson.t (verified owner)

    To me these candies taste terrible, but boy do they work. I just dissolved mine in a bit of warm water and drank it. Works great if you’re not fond of the taste.

  24. cab911 (verified owner)

    cut it in half and enjoy the ride. Best flavor

  25. sethmcjarvis (verified owner)

    These were good. Tastes super yummy and does you good.

  26. candacegarland (verified owner)

    Amazing , also gives you a really good body high and the blue raspberry tastes amazing

  27. Blueberrylover (verified owner)

    Awesome little things!
    Pack quite a punch for something so small.
    Mine were definitely made with Phoenix Tears, I could totally taste a hint of Phoenix Tears!

  28. bcmw90 (verified owner)

    Great strength for the price

  29. candacegarland (verified owner)

    Does anyone know in a pack do you get two or one ? Either way I cannot wait to try it !

  30. amyhatcher_3 (verified owner)

    I love these candies. They taste very good. Buzz was great, really helps with body aches. Definitely will order again. I hope to try some of the others as well.

  31. deidrich1996 (verified owner)

    Wow is all I can say and im getting more next time.

  32. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    Got 3 and ended up only needing 1, these are so good I wish the rest of there hard candys were in stock always a great treat

  33. en.sepc23 (verified owner)

    It was relly good when it can to sleeping and eating

  34. hmark207 (verified owner)


  35. lenalouisemyles (verified owner)

    Overall pretty great, not a fan of my mouth being blue but oh well… if you don’t not enjoy the taste of cannabis and prefer something like a gummy this might not be the way to go, you have to keep it in your mouth for a while to finish it but I really do like it… I’m an every day toker and I enjoyed the feeling prefect for a rainy Sunday with video games and movies and naps thumbs up

  36. brucehayter (verified owner)

    Great for pain very nice would buy it again

  37. ethanmarsh660 (verified owner)

    I really like theses Candys I got two packs but the gave me one 40mg candy but the also upgrade my shatter witch was waybetter

  38. katie.white13 (verified owner)

    It wasn’t a strong blue raspberry taste, but you also didn’t taste the weed, so that was good. I honestly thought I would feel the effects of the dosage more then I did so I split it into 3 unequal pieces. It was calming and helpful with relieving pain.

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