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Jack the Ripper, also known as “JTR,” is the flagship hybrid marijuana strain from Subcool’s The Dank, and it was created to make his famous Jack’s Cleaner in seed form. Described by many as the fastest lemon Haze available to date, it was created by crossing a Jack’s Cleaner clone with a vigorous Space Queen male known as Space Dude. Featuring incredibly resinous, triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy, lemon-pine aroma, Jack the Ripper is a relatively short strain. Effect may be intense and visually stimulating.


Effects: Energetic, Creative, Uplifted
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Flavours: Lemon, Citrus, Spicy/herbal
Aromas: Citrus, Lemon, Pungent, Sour

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The name of this “killer” strain says it all. In case anyone doesn’t know, Jack the Ripper was a 19th century murderer in London, the world’s first documented serial killer. Don’t expect anything nearly so violent, but be ready for a creeping cerebral high that’s ideal for creative daytime tasks. The high is decidedly upbeat, with a good dose of both energy and relaxation. This strain works best on depression and anxiety, though it’s also good for PTSD, migraines, and PMS. Jack the Ripper has a lemony citrus flavor and an earthy smell. The THC content averages less than 15%, though some breeders claim levels as high as 26%. While it’s not the world’s most powerful strain, it delivers effective medical relief to many people. The sativa/indica ratio of Jack the Ripper is 70:30, so the high is focused mostly on the head. Some patients experience dry mouth or red eyes, while paranoia is also possible. Other negative effects are limited. Look for this strain on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan. It’s harder to find elsewhere but is relatively popular across the country.


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41 reviews for Jack The Ripper Flower – Sativa

  1. betalkin (verified owner)

    Nice, all day smoke.

  2. Fb13 (verified owner)

    First sativa that put me to sleep

  3. cagclose2 (verified owner)

    Not bad

  4. dieuxdieux (verified owner)


  5. tragic101 (verified owner)

    very tense and frosty buds. Smells amazing.

  6. johnathan.hovinga (verified owner)


  7. samromaniuk (verified owner)

    Smooth with a nice subtle taste

  8. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    so good

  9. tyronechamps (verified owner)

    Excellent for me , especially during the day

  10. ta2z68 (verified owner)

    Kills it!

  11. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    I’ve got to give credit, they are the best MOM I’ve ordered from, and prices can’t be beaten. Happy with this bud and smooth delivery like always

  12. encans123 (verified owner)

    Excellent sativa .. i buy more

  13. ta2z68 (verified owner)

    This one murders!

  14. mickmerastysutton9 (verified owner)


  15. csleeva (verified owner)

    They must call it Jack the Ripper because it gets you ripped! Good Sativa buzz, it lasts a while. It has a nice candy taste to it as well.

  16. shaelafosse (verified owner)

    Great day time smoke, nice energizing high. Would definitely recommend

  17. monsieur_lavoie (verified owner)

    Great sativa, great for work and daily activities

  18. kellycmac99 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  19. ragetool (verified owner)

    Awesome strain, almost ripped the jack of hearts out of my chest

  20. nicolasr1597 (verified owner)

    Il est super bon mais il y en a des meilleurs

  21. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff, maybe not my favorite but worth it

  22. rdyer29 (verified owner)

    This is a nice strain comes on slow than hits ya

  23. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)

    Potent, wicked buzz

  24. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Pretty neat stuff.

  25. pascalpelletier1594 (verified owner)

    I love this stuff

  26. creativemillworks-9937 (verified owner)

    This strain is top shelf! One of my favorites!

  27. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Super resin sticky NUGS and it definitely shows its true flavour when you throw in one of those boveda bags. Nothing better.

  28. dewie-69 (verified owner)

    Nice look bud got taste nice high

  29. rdyer29 (verified owner)

    It gets ya ripped like jack the ripper

  30. syl20parento (verified owner)

    Très belles cocottes qui sentent très bon. Il est un excellent weed de matin. Un bon sativa stimulant.

  31. spear885 (verified owner)

    Smokimg it now really good nice fat nugs great smell and taste good buzz

  32. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    slow burn nice buzz

  33. gx4fin (verified owner)

    Wicked looking nugs, wicked taste. Very stoney for a sativa, and you can definately feel this enter your lungs. 10/10

  34. cluckshoefisher (verified owner)

    Smells great, good bag appeal with a nice buzz

  35. nickallen230 (verified owner)

    Great taste great buzz great price

  36. zaynesmom04 (verified owner)

    Not bad, got it on sale and would buy again on sale

  37. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    Pretty decent for the price!

  38. posum70 (verified owner)

    Great for vaping. I would buy this again

  39. nickallen230 (verified owner)

    Buds were a good size and looked and smelled great and tasted even better. I got this on sale and would buy again for sure.

  40. pascalpelletier1594 (verified owner)

    Very nice taste and buzz very good

  41. rogerclout (verified owner)

    Pretty nugs taste good

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