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You read that right: the “caviar” of cannabis is found only at for those high-society stoners looking for something truly exquisite. Cannabis Caviar is a potent concoction of all the terpenes, cannabinoids and trichome goodness we’re after – in a convenient jar/tin for you to enjoy anytime.

Available in a variety of top quality strains, Caviar Cannabis will change how you enjoy your THC. Get high in the most debonair fashion with some high-class cannabis caviar from Haute Health.

Green Crack God Caviar – Indica Dominant Hybrid


Blueberry Kush Caviar – Indica


Strawberry Caviar


Death Bubba Caviar


People Also Ask:

How potent is caviar cannabis?
Caviar cannabis is a particularly potent cannabis concentrate that consists of high-potency cannabis flowers with high-quality hash oils or extracts. THC, CBD and other cannabinoids' concentrations can exceed 80% (or hundreds of milligrams) and are considered to have a higher average potency range than many other forms of cannabis concentrates.

Is caviar the same as hash?
Caviar and hash are not the same, but they do share some similarities. Cannabis caviar consists of buds combined in a hash oil solution, whereas hash is made up of cannabis extracts isolated and processed using organic solvents.

Is caviar the same as moon rocks?
Cannabis caviar is sometimes referred to as moon rocks as both consist of cannabis flowers infused with hash oil or extracts. Moon rocks are typically sold as larger nugs and are on the chunkier side, whereas cananbis caviar is more moist and sold in small, caviar-like globules.