Cannabis Concentrates

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Cherry Oil THC


Honey Oil


Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid


AAAA Kief – High Society – Hybrid


CBD Isolate Powder


Gorilla Glue Shatter – Hybrid


OG Kush Shatter – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Wondering what cannabis concentrates you should be taking?

Cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates all fall under the same category, but are offered in various products such as hash, vape oil, tinctures, dabs and CBD oil. Each of these products are derived directly from cannabis flower, which is then extracted into various concentrate products. Many people ask why smoke concentrates when you can just smoke the tried and trusted cannabis flower. Most people choose to use cannabis concentrates for the simple reasons that it takes less product to get high and the potency is extremely accurate. You also don’t need to smoke extracts, it’s very common to vaporize or ingest extracts to avoid inhaling harmful smoke, especially because extracts are refined, they create a clean and smooth intake when vaped. When inhaling concentrates, you get a much stronger flavour due to the extraction process from the cannabis flower, instead of the marijuana taste you usually are treated to various enjoyable flavour tones depending on the strain the concentrate was extracted from.

Smokers everywhere are now buying their weed online in Canada, whether its cannabis concentrates online, edibles online or they are buying cannabis wholesale, the online marketplace is where you find the best selection and quality. Haute offers its loyal customers all their cannabis concentrates needs such as Kief, CBD isolate, tinctures, topicals, live resin, shatter, distillate and phoenix tears, we have best weed online in Canada. Don’t forget you can also buy your vape pens online, we have both vape CBD/THC cartridges and vape pens.

Our CBD extracts are popular with people who buy vapes online in Canada, extracted from our premium flower our CBD cannabis concentrates cartridges takes seconds to attach to your vaporizer pen and offer the perfect quality hit. Once you've inhaled the clean CBD vapor you will begin to feel pain free and level-headed. These odor free cartridges are discreet in design and when attached to your pen you will be able to take it anywhere. Haute is the best online dispensary in Canada for all your vaporizer needs.

Be safe when smoking concentrate. Approach consuming concentrates with cautious optimism, it is the most potent form of cannabis available. Take your first dab and make sure to wait for the full effects to kick in, refrain from taking your next hit for another 20 minutes or so. You may be able to smoke a lot of flower in a short period, but concentrate is a different ball game and taking too much can be an unpleasant to new users. It is possible to overdose on cannabis concentrate, but it sounds a lot worse than it is. When you smoke too much concentrate, a few things can possibly happen, you fall asleep or you ""green out"" which means you get nauseous and possibly vomit. You may also experience a slight headache or a higher level of anxiety when trying concentrates for the first time, don’t worry this is normal and will pass with experience. After trying concentrates for the first few time you will become a coinsurer before you know it.