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      The only thing better than $50 Terp Sauce from Haute Health? $60 Terp Sauce in Syringes! The price is right for these high quality terpene concentrations. You’re getting the absolute top tier in terpene sauces in a variety of delicious & whopping strains. Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids you name it we’ve got a terp sauce for it.

      Terp Sauce Syringe – Papaya


      Terp Sauce Syringe – LSD – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Terp Sauce Syringe – Frankenstein


      Terp Sauce Syringe – Death Bubba


      Terp Sauce Syringe – Lemon Lime Kush


      People Also Ask:

      What can you do with a terp sauce syringe?
      Terp sauce syringes are an easy way to dose your terp sauce, enhance a joint with terp sauce by evenly spreading it over the roll, or infuse edibles with terp sauce using the slow-pour from the syringe. Terp sauce can be a very potent cannabis concentrate, so use it carefully.

      What is a terp sauce syringe?
      Terp sauce is a liquid cannabis concentrate that is produced through distillation. Terp sauce syringes contain the full-spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids and phytocompounds for an intensely potent, aromatic and flavorful cannabis experience.

      Can you put terp sauce in/on a joint?
      Yes, with a terp sauce syringe it is easy to infuse your joints & blunts with terp sauce. The syringe makes is easy to evenly distribute the terp sauce inside with the flowers or coat the exterior of the joint with terp sauce.