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      When 10mg just won’t do why not super size it? Our lineup of unique 1000mg giant gummies will vary from time to time but the potent and powerful THC infused effects will always be the same. Be it a giant gummies bear, a giant gummies worm, a giant cannabis leaf or a fun seasonal surprise shape you can always count on Haute Health for the highest quality and potency giant gummy candies on the marketplace!

      150mg THC Infused Gummy Pot Leafs


      1000mg THC Chocolate Party Bar

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      Giant THC Gummies

      Get yours today and share with family and friends! A great gift or stocking stuffer sure to liven up any party or social gathering. Not intended for use by a single person in a single session! Keep stored in a sealed bag in a cool dry place. You don’t have to keep a giant gummy in the fridge but if you keep it in the fridge in a sealed bag it will keep for ages and be ready for your next friends and family event. 

      A fun and hilarious novelty item infused with 1000mg of powerful THC!