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      Looking for high quality five star organic buds that are a cut above the rest? We’ve got you covered with a selection of great 12 dollar grams. Stock up to make cannabutter or cannabis cooking oil or just grab a nice fat sack of organic craft grown $12 grams of weed. These are the best nugs at a great price at $12 a gram for weed in Canada here at Haute Health! Get top quality five star craft grown Canadian cannabis delivered right to your door! These $12 grams of weed are so high quality you will be sure to be pleased.

      Peanut Butter Flower – Hybrid


      Panda Face Flower – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Larry OG Flower – Hybrid


      $12 Grams Weed (5 Star)

      At Haute Health we believe everybody should have access to high quality craft grown certified organic Canadian cannabis so we offer $12 gram weed to Canada so everyone can enjoy the benefits of cannabis of a higher quality. $12 grams of weed are a great option for you to stock up or buy in bulk so you never run out of high quality organic cannabis! $12 grams weed is just the ticket for anyone who demands more from their nugs!

      Get a big beautiful bag of sunshine delivered right to your door from Haute Health. Our 12 dollar grams provide you with the high quality craft grown Canadian cannabis you simply cannot get anywhere else. Our $12 gram weed Canada is the perfect purchase when you want pristine and beautiful cannabis that smokes smooth and is highly potent. You can stock up on $12 grams weed and have enough for a rainy day or to make edibles or extractions. $12 grams of weed is a great price for some great Canadian five star certified organic craft grown weed.