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      Pretty basic stuff here! Your standard universal vape pen battery that can be used with most widely available threaded tips used for rechargeable vape devices. If your battery is starting to or has totally failed or you’d like to stock up on a few extra just in case it does this is the ticket for you! Grab a couple extra and always be sure you have a charged and working one available!

      C.R.E.A.M Vape Pen Battery


      C.R.E.A.M Live Resin All In One Kit (500mg)


      C.R.E.A.M HTFSE Terp Sauce All In One Kit (500mg)


      People Also Ask:

      What is a vape pen battery called?
      Most vape pen batteries are made up of lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion power sources are known to be one of the longest-lasting and high-performance batteries on the planet, used in machinery, equipment, tools and even electric cars.

      How long do vape pen batteries last?
      Unfortunately, many vape pen batteries don't last very long compared to other power sources - some can last well past a year while others retain full-charges for only 6-9 months.

      How much are vape batteries?
      The average price ranges for vape pen batteries is between $10 to $50 or more. Like with any technology, prices are dependent on quality, availability, materials costing and a variety of market-induced factors. Premium vape batteries can sell for well over $50, whereas many cheaply made power sources can be had for under $20.