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      Everything fresh, new & exciting in the world of weed can be found at Haute Health’s Fresh New Products section. The highest quality, hot-new strains… The most potent, flavorful edibles creations… Shatter and concentrates that will take you for a rip… Flower, cookies, vapes and everything in between!

      There’s nothing wrong with always smoking your favorite, reliable strains but sometimes it’s good to change things up from time-to-time. Haute Health continually improves on their inventory by providing the newest, most exciting products in the cannabiz. Keep your eyes on the Fresh New Products page for all the latest & greatest in ganja.

      Purple Kush – THC Distillate


      Unicorn Piss – THC Distillate


      Sour Tangie – THC Distillate


      Pink Kush – THC Distillate


      1200mg THC Christmas Advent Calendar


      People Also Ask:

      What is the newest cannabinoid?
      Delta-8 THC - a less psychoactive but still potent form of THC - and HHC - a newly discovered hemp-derived cannabinoid that shows similarities to Delta-8 THC - are two of the newest compounds that have garnered a lot of attention on the cannabis markets lately.

      What are 'Cannabis 2.0' products?
      In Canada, Cannabis 2.0 refers to cannabis edibles, topicals beverages and more that were instituted into law by the amended Cannabis Act released in 2019.

      What is the strongest psychoactive cannabinoid?
      The most potent cannabinoid to-date is THCP - tetrahydrocannabiphorol - a phytocompound that has more carbon atoms than Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC and has been known to cause psychoactive episodes that last for significant periods of time.