Ewok Flower – Hybrid


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A cross between Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker, Ewok won the Hybrid of the year at the Seattle High times Cannabis Cup in 2013. It is a fast-growing plant that is bred by Alien Genetics and comprises of a short vegetative cycle. However, it yields large harvests of buds covered in frost that are as hairy as the Star Wars Woks. Essentially, it is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite
Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Lemon, Pine
Aromas: Earthy, Fruity, Lemon, Pungent

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Ewok is a mixture of Kush, citrus, nuts, hash and mint. Woks are furry and short with red hairs and a smell similar to a mix of Kush and tangerines. Ewok induces some powerful, cerebrally-focused effects and these are caused by the bitterness of lemon and tangerines. These effects relieve people of stress and bring about a feeling of relaxation. This strain is a feasible option for the treatment of insomnia and pain as well. Users of Ewok can expect to be surprised by the energetic and calming high that it induces. Many users feel that it triggers creativity. It is ideal for dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. Ewok tends to leave users with a sedated feeling. It is considered a good option for people suffering from insomnia and is also believed to increase appetite.


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106 reviews for Ewok Flower – Hybrid

  1. kirkfbennett (verified owner)


  2. sean.labbe80 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t that good, but do the job! 😉

  3. annieduplain (verified owner)

    Perfect for day and night! Super buzz!

  4. samromaniuk (verified owner)

    Good taste nice little buzz

  5. donmccallum (verified owner)

    nice a lighter buzz

  6. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Quite nice, i wasnt expecting much

  7. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites way better than the pic

  8. seb_tremblay (verified owner)

    Super comme toujours avec HH

  9. tessab.b (verified owner)

    Not bad good taste

  10. thebboone (verified owner)

    awesome taste, good stone

  11. windekate1 (verified owner)

    First time trying Ewok happy I chose it .

  12. aelechko (verified owner)

    Really nice taste and high

  13. 780skippy (verified owner)

    Not bad good smoke

  14. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    The buds are dense and deliver a very uphoric high, I will buy again for sure

  15. nicole.nicholas (verified owner)

    Really good! I gave it a 4.8/5 but rounded up for this review. I really enjoyed it.

  16. betweenthenarrows (verified owner)


  17. Cindy (verified owner)

    Had never heard of this strain before so I ‘had’ to try it! LOL A very enjoyable Hybrid. Highly recommend Ewok.

  18. colinosborne85 (verified owner)

    Good stuff.

  19. cameron (verified owner)

    I will definitely but this again. A really nice buzz.

  20. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Highly recommended

  21. tylertorch29 (verified owner)

    Pleased with the description and effects actually matching. I have horrible adhd and no one wants to help, not that i really want to be on medical meth anyway, but i was able to focus on one task at a time and had the energy to do it. Repaired my pressure washer cleared and cleaned off the deck then went inside to work on renos. Ill be buying this again forsure

  22. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    It wasnt bad, I did get bored of it pretty quickly, but I would order it again.

  23. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    Good taste I loved it! Really good high

  24. betweenthenarrows (verified owner)


  25. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  26. Chillygrill420 (verified owner)

    Happy with this !

  27. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect much, but Ewok turned out to be a sweet smoke

  28. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    good daytime strain

  29. gloriapeckford1984 (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing high. Smooth taste, good aroma. Always on our list when we order.

  30. joshstevens9817 (verified owner)

    Flavours good

  31. erin_hanifen (verified owner)

    Liked this, I have been having a hard time finding a strain that gave me some energy, but this one worked fairly well

  32. amandaverge (verified owner)

    Boyfriend likes it, happy hubs;happy chubs✌️

  33. debra27manning (verified owner)

    👌 👌 👌

  34. Chillygrill420 (verified owner)

    Nice hybrid !

  35. candace.hills (verified owner)

    great tasting and good quality for the price! reccomend

  36. jeffgflynn (verified owner)

    was great

  37. Simo (verified owner)

    Burn Nice good deal on spécial

  38. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    Nice stuff when on sale would buy again, dense sticky nugs, clean burn

  39. alexcarpentier420 (verified owner)

    Nice bud , good taste

  40. betweenthenarrows (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  41. Prince of Dankness (verified owner)

    Citrus notes in the taste. Good smoke for sure. Would order again.

  42. reaper.son (verified owner)

    Good taste, great for bongs

  43. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    One of my favourites tastes pretty good too I just wish I could get it in shatter

  44. sean.labbe80 (verified owner)

    Could be stronger, but nice taste tho… Great
    buzz too

  45. andrew_graham58 (verified owner)

    Good bud, satisfying smoke, taste and buzz

  46. heute89 (verified owner)

    Gets the job done

  47. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 grams it came as one nug. Biggest bud iv gotten from hautehealth. Overall impressive smoke

  48. ant_monkey (verified owner)

    Good potency

  49. bellemoren (verified owner)

    It’s not bad it looks extremely good

  50. layla_mcj (verified owner)

    I had no idea what I was buying when I bought this, but it’s definitely one of my fave strains now definitely will be buying again.

  51. brandidziaduck (verified owner)

    Happy I tried this one. Tastes good and a nice buzz!!

  52. Fb13 (verified owner)

    8/10 for the price dense sticky buds

  53. maciek_raczka (verified owner)

    great taste for price, relaxing !

  54. dark_men11 (verified owner)

    beau bon, mais je m’attendais a un peu plus pour le prix, malgré tout tres bon weed!

  55. biffedit (verified owner)

    was upgraded to Williams wonder so cant comment on ewok, williams wonder was great

  56. brown_shayne (verified owner)

    Nice taste

  57. 780skippy (verified owner)

    was upgraded to formula 1 which was a great upgrade.

  58. E.L. (verified owner)

    Not bad… was expecting a bit more for the price.

  59. darthpotzy27 (verified owner)

    I missed the bubble, and ordered too late ! Was sent an excellent upgrade to Holy grail! I’ll be sure to grab a bag of the new batch!!

  60. ashley-mair (verified owner)

    Great buy, good quality! Definitely will be buying again

  61. lmae.williams (verified owner)

    good smooth smoke, in the spirit of its name, we watched star wars

  62. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Good to help sleeping.

  63. yan_champ (verified owner)

    great fruit taste !

  64. daleyadada (verified owner)

    Ewok! Nice smooth smoke, nice relaxing not too heavy high! Smells and Taste great! For the price it’s a no brainer!

  65. saint_red2005 (verified owner)

    Burn nice … smells nice …
    Will buy again

  66. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)


  67. oofunkdoctaoo (verified owner)

    Oh that smell… .thank you

  68. stevetotheb (verified owner)

    very nice pleasant, can use it and still get things done/socialize. feels good, makes me feel better

  69. mikiestone (verified owner)

    Really nice looking,dense buds!

  70. brittanys2714 (verified owner)


  71. sethmcjarvis (verified owner)

    This one was spectacular. I have a high tolerance and this was great.

  72. kweznil (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect and I usually go for a higher thc count, but this stuff was amazing and I’m sad to see it sold out now. Although that tells you others found it good too!

  73. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    loved this strain mostly because of its name. who doesn’t love ewok s!

  74. jv001r (verified owner)

    awesome!!! nice buzz!!

  75. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)

    definately a star wars strain

  76. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    Really kiefy but has lots of stems, it had a really good high

  77. zephen7 (verified owner)

    Will order again! Super satisfied

  78. lisas.catering (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the buds….doesn’t last as long as I thought, but took away my headache

  79. mcfarland.jf (verified owner)

    Great buzz like the taste

  80. brownchild4 (verified owner)

    The high is ok rather harsh tho

  81. dakoma420 (verified owner)

    Bought a small amount to try and it did not disappoint. Hit me hard with a wave of happy relaxation. Dense goey nugs with a strong nose. lots of vapour in the EQ.

  82. Cock Magic (verified owner)

    wasn’t the best, should be a cpl grams cheaper not very potent for a high tolerance

  83. An0nym0us (verified owner)

    Pretty mild. Have to smoke quite a bit of it. At least it doesn’t smell too bad.

  84. brendonw0902 (verified owner)

    Smooth bud

  85. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    Wow amazing and beautiful

  86. Yoko (verified owner)

    One of my favourites for taste….delicious. Buzz kicks in with the first hit. Will Definitely order again

  87. brendalcapes (verified owner)

    Excellent choice

  88. harrabek88 (verified owner)

    Great looking bugs. Wicked taste. Definitely getting it again. The look and smell is amazing.

  89. hploszay93 (verified owner)

    Another great strain

  90. dave.martin2929 (verified owner)

    Great smell and great taste ! A must order !

  91. eliot.w.poire (verified owner)

    excellent bud! Super dank

  92. sekel2fast (verified owner)


  93. topdime1 (verified owner)

    Great taste large dense buds with great squish yields 35%

  94. daunais (verified owner)

    Nice bud great smell!!

  95. kristykoeneman (verified owner)

    So much crystal. Great buzz

  96. jdshields25 (verified owner)

    Nice bud. Great flavour

  97. steph89desj (verified owner)

    Love the Ewok! Awesome during the day, excellent hybrid with both the energy effect and the headbuzz. Will order again!

  98. zwickc (verified owner)

    Really nice budz. Great taste. No complaints, just not quite as good as others.

  99. bethechange16 (verified owner)

    Dark bushy nuggets with clusters of dark hairs. Earthy and slightly piney taste with a uphoric high. A beautiful calm followed by tsunami of munchies. It wasn’t too dry or too moist and busted up perfectly to the consistency needed for rolling a nice, evenly burning j.

  100. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Very nice! Will definitely order again!

  101. muzicb66 (verified owner)

    Good strain

  102. War73 (verified owner)

    1 of my new favorites , killer buzz will order often

  103. archie_maclean_2003 (verified owner)

    Great taste and high quality thick smoke

  104. robyn.bodanis (verified owner)

    Very fruit, uplifting and a great head buzz. You feel it right away and lasts for a few hours. Tastes delicious in a joint, I can’t wait to try it other methods. And for the price you can’t go wrong!

  105. Dr Olikush (verified owner)

    fruity notes of tangerine and lemon Very happy of this strain ;p

  106. archi-cat (verified owner)

    Good taste nice buzz

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