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      There’s nothing more powerful than Phoenix Tears! When you need to revitalize your mind & body, you’re fighting a long-term health condition or you have an incredibly high tolerance, nothing is quite like the super potent Phoenix Tears from Haute Health.

      Available in multiple flavors, cannabinoids formulations and dosage strengths Phoenix Tears from are sure to exceed your needs for potency and quality.

      Phoenix Tears Distillate


      Phoenix Tears – Coffee Crisp




      People Also Ask:

      What are Phoenix Tears famous for?
      Phoenix Tears are an intensely potent cannabis concentrate that are best known as a treatment for the symptoms of cancer and other serious, life threatening illnesses.

      What is another name for Phoenix Tears?
      Phoenix Tears are also referred to as "Rick Simpson Oil" as the famous grower is thought to be the first one to bring this kind of ultra-potent concentrate to the public.

      Are Phoenix Tears dangerous?
      Phoenix Tears, like many other potent concentrates, can be an overwhelming and potentially dangerous experience for anyone who isn't prepared. You have to work your way up to using high-potency products like Phoenix Tears, so always follow the golden rule of dosing (start low, go slow).