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Phoenix Tears are high-potency oil made using cannabis buds. For oral/edible use only. This is the best Phoenix Tears extract you can find. Phoenix Tears comes in a easy dispense oral tube.Consume by applying to fingertip or a cracker and putting into mouth. Best for medical users. These Phoenix Tears are coffee crisp flavored.

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Known for it’s medical properties our Phoenix Tears contain the finest extracted cannabis oil in Canada. Phoenix Tears provide an off the charts experience with its extremely potent pure distillate extracted indica cannabis. Phoniex Tears are crafted to provide the highest level of pain relief out of any product offered on Haute.Health. It is best to start with one to two drops under your tongue, waiting an hour or two for it to kick in.  Phoenix Tears are known for their medicinal purposes, helping manage pain for serious ailments.


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24 reviews for Phoenix Tears – Coffee Crisp

  1. reagan.evangeline (verified owner)

    Favorite concentrate to keep on hand for pain in your area my medicinal product choice

    • Matt Blanc

      We love all the applications of the phoenix tears! Perfect for managing pain/sleeping and also great for making strong edibles! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. bexbear08 (verified owner)

    I don’t if my tolerance is just to high but it didn’t do nothing for me going to try another one other wise always happy with my product from haute health

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for your honest review of the Phoenix Tears! I hope your next try works better 🙂

  3. Eastcoast1971 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love Haute’s products. Phoenix Tears are legit!!

    • Matt Blanc

      Love to hear you are enjoying the Coffee Crisp Phoenix Tears!

  4. formesetcouleurs (verified owner)

    tasty and potent

  5. seansigur (verified owner)

    Good Rick Simpson oil. It doesn’t taste as bad as the panzy reviews here though.

  6. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Was decent stuff

  7. anrobi848 (verified owner)

    Super potent, bought 2

  8. leafir

    Hai! I’m ‘Myk/Leafyr.’ I’m a pretty frequent user of phoenix tears, since my friend ordered me some at least 4 or 5 months ago. The ammount I got of each kind matters little. To the point, with normal thc distillate, I’ve had some really trippy and scary experiences, but with Haute Health’s Phoenix Tears, every experience is quite positive! From buzzin to baked to blasted, I’m enjoying my time, or sleeping deep. A tiny smear, a drop, 2 drops.. Oh baby it feels good! Imo, flavoured or not, it tastes nnnasty! You get the same kinda cannabis flavor in their EXCELLENT thc candies, to a lesser, nicer extent. Bout to start feeling a dose of the tears right now.. May take a bit more. May I suggest, in food? Keep somethin sweet, or a drink handy in case you taste it.. Great stuff!!!

  9. nipscurrie (verified owner)

    I planned on getting this to mix in with my brownies however, I never got around to making them. So now when I roll a joint I just put a thin line with the syringe across the joint and I’m flying high for quite a bit afterwards.

  10. tealight333 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing does what RSO is supposed to .. Cheers to RSO❣️

  11. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    Love this stuff A++++ Product.

  12. sofía_uwu (verified owner)

    Very potent stuff. Recommended

  13. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Taste is great and packs a punch

  14. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Super potent with great taste take in moderation

  15. casandrakiss (verified owner)

    Best I’ve ever had, a must try!

  16. irishboondocksaint (verified owner)

    So good and great high

  17. levidonley (verified owner)

    Phoenix Tears from Haute are unreal. Start low and slow (I did the opposite and was melted into the couch” levelled off beautifully to.

  18. superusers420 (verified owner)

    First time ordering this RSO and not sure why, should have been buying it all the time. Definitely order again!!

  19. bwmcc53 (verified owner)

    Amazing everything I heard about it is true ,

  20. caya116 (verified owner)

    will be ordering again!

  21. peg.learn (verified owner)

    Very nice. Worked great. Will definitely buy again.

  22. raj_swamy (verified owner)

    I love the Phoenix tears on this site, awesome product and will order many times.

  23. gwhite9934 (verified owner)

    Very relaxing. Will order again

  24. reneedawe (verified owner)

    This will be a daily edible for me going forward; nothing else even compares!

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