Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid


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This medical marijuana, which is often confused with ‘Cherry Kush’, was created by ‘Emerald Triangle Seeds’. This strain was obtained by hybridizing ‘Cherry Thai’ and ‘an old Afghan’ strain at first and then by crossing this with the ‘Lost Coast OG’. Primarily, this hybridization was done for the purpose of increasing the yield of the Cherry Thai parent.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Stress
Flavors: Berry, Cherry, Herbal, Pine, Spicy, Sweet
Aromas: Cherry, Dank, Earthy, Sweet



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This indica-sativa combination strain is having the indica/sativa ratio 50:50. Thus, this strain is well balanced between indica and sativa. The buds of this plant are found to be smaller, darker and round-shaped appearing more or less like the ripened cherries. The flowers of Cherry OG appear dark, lush green colored and are covered by a layer of orange colored hairs. Most typically, this strain is recognized by its diesel aroma with the traces of cherry combined with it. The flavor will be exotic and fruity in nature and is capable of producing a euphoric feeling to the users. This strain is found to be effective in relieving anxiety and can be able to provide the uplift and whole body relaxation. This would also act well with pains and nausea.


Haute Health

Choose Shatter Amount

Gram, 1/8th Oz (3.5 grams), 1/4 Oz (7 grams), 1/2 Oz (14 grams), 1 Oz (28 grams), 1/4 pound (4 oz – 112 g), 1/2 pound (8 Oz – 224 g), 1 pound (16 Oz – 448 g)

436 reviews for Cherry OG Shatter – Hybrid

  1. KABOOM (verified owner)

    OG indeed. Nice balanced Hybrid.

  2. jimmyapex3 (verified owner)

    pas tres belle couleur, mais pour le prix c’est tres legit quand meme tres bonne

    • Jonah Fiddes

      heureux de voir que vous avez apprécié la cerise og c’est un de mes favoris personnels

  3. formesetcouleurs (verified owner)

    clean stuff

  4. jeff121bennett (verified owner)

    Sticky and powerful

  5. finndbogart (verified owner)

    A bit dark, sticky and hard to handle.

    That said, tastes nice – sweet and tangy. Potent, balanced high. Definitely feels ikea a true hybrid.

  6. etiennechiasson7 (verified owner)

    super bon stuff,taste amazing,thx!!HTHL!!

  7. susieque__1982 (verified owner)

    Good consistency

  8. abergbusch93 (verified owner)

    Not my top choice, but for the price you cannot complain whatsoever!

  9. tayyh (verified owner)

    Great texture and flavour

  10. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)

    Good flavour, nice high

  11. thomasrhodge (verified owner)

    Love this product
    Excellent taste and a great high

  12. lmn.8723 (verified owner)

    good flavor. great high, but texture not like shatter

  13. ravens649 (verified owner)

    Caught this well on sale love the high couldn’t get enough of it for the price it was worth it
    Very smooth tasting and not too hard to take a dab

  14. breau_jean_patrick (verified owner)

    Cherry OG is good just a bit dark but good for the price

  15. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)

    Quality shatter. Definitely recommended

  16. keenankrysko (verified owner)


  17. kaleb1245 (verified owner)

    Good and cheep!

  18. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    Iy was okay

  19. electricyogi365 (verified owner)

    very clear and shattery. the only reason i give it a 4 star is cause i dont like when it shatters into super small pieces like sand. I usually use a more sticky wax or shatter to pick it up but its annoying to me.

  20. Buffaloman42 (verified owner)

    Ordered before had this nice cherry texture, reminded me of the cherry oil I used to smoke, second batch was different but still great, overall great stuff.

  21. holly_woods85 (verified owner)

    This is the best shatter I’ve had in a while

  22. laiddragon

    Love to add this shatter when on sale. Smooth taste nice buzz.

  23. annie.loewen24 (verified owner)

    bought on oz, took a while to turn from shatter texture to budder texture. tasted like chemicals (probably the cherry aspect) amazing prices!!

  24. ambermariesavoie1 (verified owner)

    Got a gram while it was on sale and loved the texture and the high

  25. lpatterson19 (verified owner)

    Great taste and helll of a deal

  26. chadlowley (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff perfect price

  27. holly_woods85 (verified owner)

    Great texture n smoke

  28. vapevapy2 (verified owner)

    Wrf epic

  29. theuhph (verified owner)

    Great buzz

  30. holly_woods85 (verified owner)

    Great taste ..easy to handle already made another order

  31. michellegreene1978 (verified owner)

    soft texture , nice smoke

  32. holly_woods85 (verified owner)

    Great taste .nice and smooth

  33. velvetvonblack (verified owner)

    Great batch of shatter, two big hits and im out for the night LOL, loved it, will order again

  34. zaynesmom04 (verified owner)

    Cherry taste was really strong absolutely love it and very long lasting in comparison to most I have tried

  35. (verified owner)

    Pour le prix c’est ben correct

  36. keenankrysko (verified owner)

    Decent. Good high

  37. gre_gross-6033 (verified owner)


  38. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    great deal, super smooth and gets you nice and toasted

  39. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    Sweet like cherries. Loved it

  40. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    Super potent

  41. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    nice shatter, I keep it nice and cold and it breaks up easy to add to a joint

  42. jamiegallant123 (verified owner)

    Taste is great!

  43. bbartonyang (verified owner)

    Great shatter. awesome smell and taste and quite smooth.

  44. dayton1231 (verified owner)

    Great shatter for the price! Tastes good too!

  45. morelli047 (verified owner)

    Great quality shatter. More of a softer wax texture so is great for wrapping around joints. Also great for dabbing!

  46. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  47. kellycmac99 (verified owner)

    It’s really good taste nice and hits strong I highly recommend this strain

  48. tysonbullock911 (verified owner)

    Beautiful shatter

  49. Faithless (verified owner)

    mild but very great smell and taste, bought 4g, gunna last a lil while 🙂

  50. bret.t23 (verified owner)

    Love the energy it gives u

  51. volkmath (verified owner)


  52. ogrunningback506 (verified owner)

    Really good for price

  53. pascalpelletier1594 (verified owner)

    Nice shatter buzz great

  54. volkmath


  55. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    really good product

  56. kirkfbennett (verified owner)

    Love ya

  57. gbuz420 (verified owner)

    Very dark, and easy smokin. Will order again

  58. chadlowley (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  59. s.lavender (verified owner)

    great flavor

  60. lhurrell13 (verified owner)

    Great high. Great taste. Very smooth and clean. Nice amber color

  61. Marc Ginale (verified owner)

    Great buzz!

  62. joshbuckler519 (verified owner)

    Very nice stuff for the price!

  63. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    Great flavour and consistency, love to get it on sale.

  64. seansigur (verified owner)

    Thus stuff is really good . Does what it’s supposed to do

  65. stretten.ash (verified owner)

    Good for the sale price

  66. alexis.d.dickson (verified owner)

    Very smooth! Definitely order again! Little sugary!

  67. s.lavender (verified owner)

    I really liked the cherry flavor

  68. Tremblant1358 (verified owner)

    tres bon. tres claire! un bon prix.

  69. Tremblant1358 (verified owner)

    Got it on sale and I was really impressed with the buzz. great value.

  70. Tremblant1358 (verified owner)

    nice and smooth smoke, intense buzz

  71. Harry (verified owner)

    Was pretty good. Will be getting again for sure

  72. maddiewalton00295 (verified owner)

    Great love it

  73. rokusan.sangen (verified owner)

    It was ok but eventually turned “sugary”

  74. dustinjohnjoe (verified owner)

    Decent but not the best

  75. etienne.cheff (verified owner)

    Very nice

  76. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    Not very clear but it tastes good

  77. jason_fable (verified owner)

    Quality is there, was skeptical of the price. They do not sacrifice quality. Lots of terps with a good thc levels

  78. stevegates4201 (verified owner)

    Great stuff can’t beat the price ever this website has all of it competitors beat

  79. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    For the price you cant go wrong!! I like it alot.

  80. galoche36 (verified owner)

    Strong as I like it!!!

  81. Edwaldo23 (verified owner)

    Rly enjoyed this stuff. Will buy again.

  82. chadlowley (verified owner)

    Great price and amazing product

  83. dave11976 (verified owner)

    Wow Amazing

  84. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Its always different shatter

  85. fraserstewart3 (verified owner)


  86. fraserstewart3 (verified owner)


  87. ashleydavidp (verified owner)

    Very nice,well worth the cost.

  88. waycott_259 (verified owner)

    Potent and tasty.

  89. (verified owner)

    Really nice shatter

  90. (verified owner)

    Very flavourful shatter

  91. (verified owner)

    Super nice smoke!

  92. (verified owner)

    One of my favourite shatters!

  93. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    Nice stuff good price

  94. doucette.gregory.r (verified owner)

    Super tasty

  95. climb_or_die (verified owner)

    Got this with the Obama Kush Toffee when they were $10 a pop on the Deals. Nice, long lasting high on this guy. Got some cherry on the exhale for sure. For $10 a gram, can’t go wrong. Degraded into more of a sugar wax quite quickly though. Doesn’t bother me a whole lot.

  96. qc.jean.3 (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff like always

  97. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    quite a bit darker than the first time I ordered however it was still good for the price

  98. francois.chatagnier (verified owner)

    Enjoy it a lot perfect for the price

  99. borisk_123 (verified owner)

    Not very clear at all but good high

  100. joelcook9 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this as well, tasty indeed

  101. fournier_simon (verified owner)

    Vraiment bon gout

  102. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    One of my favs, would def buy more.

  103. yngcapo856 (verified owner)


  104. justincooper405 (verified owner)

    great quality. The packaging is parchment paper- i’d pay a titch more for a jar … or a jar option as I’m buying big chunks of this gooey yummers

  105. Donny (verified owner)

    I like to add some of this shatter to my orders…it’s becoming fast becoming my go to …very reasonably priced and gets you where you want to go…thanks again. Huate .

  106. lustistoxic (verified owner)


  107. brittyd.kd2317 (verified owner)

    Got this and another fruity and sweet

  108. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    It was darker shatter this time

  109. gerry.labelle (verified owner)

    Good texture good buzz .

  110. qc.jean.3 (verified owner)

    Great price great stuff as always never disapointed of this site

  111. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Good shatter for the price!

  112. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    A little waxy

  113. rivercity101 (verified owner)

    Not nearly as dark as I expected a good robust flavour not the tast of coffee but the way a good coffee hits your mouth. A very full bodied and aromatic shatter.

  114. ogrunningback506 (verified owner)

    Good stuff especially on sale

  115. 420DabRip710 (verified owner)

    Not bad got it on sale. More like wax kinda sugary but is fire 🔥 gets ya lit af so can’t complain

  116. maisiewarnica9 (verified owner)

    Love it good price

  117. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    Great buy on special to mix with your daily blunt

  118. ogrunningback506 (verified owner)

    Really good shatter a li’l more orange than expected tho

  119. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Not very shatterlike consistently but its cheap its stinky it dabs and it gets you pinned. Great buy

  120. rafety58 (verified owner)

    nice shatter

  121. amandaverge (verified owner)

    Whoah this got me litt! What a taste and buzzzzzz

  122. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Had this stuff before and it’s good as usual

  123. andrew.desruisseau (verified owner)

    Nice product. Was more gummy than shatter, which made it very easy to deal with. Would purchase again.

  124. THCis4Me (verified owner)

    I enjoy the cherry og very much.
    Nice pull and snap consistency.
    Alittle on dark side, but taste is excellent 👌 especially at under $10 gram.

  125. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    These $10 shatters are an amazing deal! It’s crazy!

  126. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    great shatter!!!!!

  127. crystal-dawn5474 (verified owner)

    More waxy but still for the price no complaints it was just easier to work with

  128. maacodog (verified owner)

    Definitely best smoke of this price range, and up there with some higher $ shatter.

  129. Donny (verified owner)

    I like to include some in my orders..good flavour and high. Different condia

    Good flavour and high..different consistencies with different batch’s.. will by again

  130. j.h.yetman (verified owner)

    Good price

  131. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Really good!!

  132. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    I surprisingly enjoyed this one very much.

  133. NBCANAMAN (verified owner)

    The best shatter I ever got! Will order again 100%

  134. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Great af

  135. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    great flavour not too hard on the throat

  136. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Texture was okay.. a bit goopy but still good high

  137. snowmann111 (verified owner)

    Shatter is so nice and smooth to smoke love this stuff

  138. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    My favourite shatter on this site

  139. doum_100 (verified owner)

    O e of my favorite so far, love the high and the price!

  140. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Really nice buzz. Texture was a bit wax like but still a good product.

  141. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Great highhh

  142. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Well thats strong

  143. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Nice tasting, buzz on the milder side I found with this order, but excellent before going out.

  144. Donny (verified owner)

    I really !Ike this can get crumbly when left out..but I like it like that..really nice flavour..will by again for sure

  145. ecs.1980 (verified owner)


  146. Tasha (verified owner)

    Got sugary pretty quick. Buy in smaller amounts next time. Very good high

  147. jamieleeparker16 (verified owner)

    Tastes great! Can’t beat the price.

  148. doucette.gregory.r (verified owner)

    Decent, buttered on me tho

  149. felixproulx25 (verified owner)

    Très bien

  150. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Love this shatter. Soft texture but not sticky. Dark color, great taste.

  151. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff !

  152. aelechko (verified owner)

    Damn good for the price. Good option when the one you want isn’t on sale!

  153. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    Your review *j aime se petit goût super affaire recommande

  154. ketdzybrouillette1 (verified owner)

    Your review *j aime beaucoup comment encore

  155. 1flinteastwood (verified owner)

    pour le prix tres bon

  156. Donny (verified owner)

    Really great for the price…I will always have some on hand for day to day vape.

  157. teritlc35 (verified owner)

    Great for the price but it was a bit sticky

  158. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    Great stuff, would definitely buy again

  159. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    The best shatter they sell, was pretty sticky tho

  160. smalebrun (verified owner)

    I had to leave a second review for this one. I’ve tried a few of the top shelf shatters here (Blueberry Pie, death Star OG, Obama and a couple of the waxes), And this Cherry OG is by far the best one. The others were good, but this one is the best you can get for a lower grade shatter. The only downfall is the color (people have to stop focusing so much on clear concentrates. Clear is not necessarily better for concentrates lol. Maybe I don’t know shatter well enough, but I’ve been making RSO for over a decade and a well made dark oil only means you got all of the essential oils in it and you get the full entourage effect. Why people want clear pure THC only is like drinking a Coors light over a Stella). The slight harshness on the exhale only mimics the effects of the actual strain.

  161. phatbody2020 (verified owner)

    Stuffs the bomb! Definitely a great day time smoke, no burn out at all!!

  162. smalebrun (verified owner)

    The best shatter for your buck on this entire site. Especially on sale. The taste and effects are awesome. The only downfall, the exhale can be pretty harsh, so take small hits.

  163. lhurrell13 (verified owner)

    Clean and a good balanced high will purchase again

  164. bradenbell07 (verified owner)

    Very good

  165. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Amazing 👏

  166. boardgame306 (verified owner)

    Very economical

  167. laturne12 (verified owner)

    Recommend for the price !! Very good taste and smell . Love the cherry so I was trying it and will order again in the futur for sure !

  168. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Great taste and real good high. Highly recommended for the price.

  169. leanne.dobbie (verified owner)

    Great for the price! Was a little harsh but not in a bad way

  170. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Amazing, will be buying again!

  171. c.89paul (verified owner)

    Very great

  172. jensenhay2020 (verified owner)


  173. zakbabson0 (verified owner)


  174. danmacd777 (verified owner)

    Great stuff great price

  175. (verified owner)

    Great taste and texture..not sticky

  176. mrutahh06 (verified owner)

    nice smooth taste ,sticky but a nice high

  177. harrabek88 (verified owner)

    Loved it

  178. rightandwrongproductions (verified owner)

    Sticky but good… Great color , great price

  179. elizabethdelaronde27 (verified owner)

    Love it

  180. elizabethdelaronde27 (verified owner)

    Good stuff nice high

  181. anthonymoniz (verified owner)

    Great shatter great price

  182. owen (verified owner)

    Always good shatter,ordered a few time always great sevice and fast delivery ,i live in nova scotia here within 4 working days

  183. marcdagesse (verified owner)

    Good shit

  184. steve-st-onge (verified owner)

    Bon fumage

  185. eti.lang (verified owner)

    woin je trouve vraiment un bon gout en bouche vraiment sucré cerise pi yé vraiment shatter cristal quand tu le case ,pareille comme la photo en tout cas bien proche ,vous haite hot H.H. plein d’amour.

  186. chelseymcconnell (verified owner)

    Love the taste strong high

  187. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    buy it all the time hahha good price

  188. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    got way better from the first time i ordered. still a little sticky but not crumbly anymore. also has a nice sweet taste. good buzz. color looks great.

  189. MaryJane (verified owner)

    Awesome shatter especially for the price!! A must try!

  190. hawk3878 (verified owner)

    nice night time super buzz

  191. patrick5555 (verified owner)

    Super A1

  192. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    great stuff

  193. espino_arvee (verified owner)

    Tried it on sale, smooth with light cherry notes! Will buy again

  194. thomasrhodge (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Will buy more.

  195. owen (verified owner)

    always good shatter,picknur favorite strain ,u wont be matter what u pay

  196. erzaeg6 (verified owner)

    One of my favs, haute never let’s ya down, 5/5

  197. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my new favs

  198. Gdakidd (verified owner)

    Super smooth, cherry notes !!

  199. madesigns1410 (verified owner)

    Great taste. Definitely recomend it. was a bit waxy when I got it. but it happens. Still great strong high.

  200. madesigns1410 (verified owner)

    Love it great taste definitely recomend. Packs a punch as well.

  201. Shelly (verified owner)

    nice shatter nice price….

  202. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    cant complain for the price. got me high

  203. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    Would buy again

  204. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    Great price, got me baked

  205. JaySeuss (verified owner)

    Good taste,decent buzz, little bit sticky. Got on sale no complaints 👌

  206. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Yummy 😋

  207. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    I have already ordered this once but now im getting it again it taste so 👍

  208. manu.chaurasia (verified owner)

    Best 20$ shatter i have ever bought, great consistency even at high temp. Its legit shatter. 100% will buy again.

    Great taste, aroma. Usual brainy high. Love it.

  209. beatrice.sabourin (verified owner)

    pretty good

  210. stevencrowell4 (verified owner)

    Tastes good and gets me high cant complain

  211. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    I loved the taste and the high it’s so good

  212. nojohns47 (verified owner)

    Very even hybrid buzz, good flavor!

  213. thomasrhodge (verified owner)

    My favorite and the price is fantastic when on sale. Highly recommend. I will be back again and again.

  214. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Melted this into my homemade gummies today!

  215. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Exceptional! Great price!

  216. missmary (verified owner)

    Loved the flavor. It was so easy to break apart and do perfect sized dabs. Long lasting high.

  217. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Its a little Buttery but wasn’t bad , Flavourful and a nice high thats for sure

  218. youngkingkwan (verified owner)

    Good flavour, really happy with this cause I got it on sale

  219. tw3427640 (verified owner)

    4 star great shit

  220. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 3 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    Ao I am leaving 3 Reviews
    I have to take about 4 good hits, nice relation only doesn’t last as long as the Gorilla Shatter.

  221. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 3 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    A very nice relaxing buzz, fingers got sticky a bit when trying to break apart.

  222. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 3 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    Nice golden color, a bit bendable.

  223. terry.roberts (verified owner)

    Best shatter; regardless of price.
    Great daytime dab.

  224. adskadjob (verified owner)

    It is good not the best but far from the worst, nice texture, nice buzz

  225. sbecki833 (verified owner)

    love it

  226. shanesaunders2 (verified owner)

    So much flavour. Great price too!

  227. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Love the taste!

  228. bret.t23 (verified owner)

    Super tasty this time around . Almost reminds me of Obama

  229. bakerp2017 (verified owner)

    Great stuff alittle sticky
    But worth it

  230. (verified owner)

    A little sticky but tastes great and does the trick

  231. 1flinteastwood (verified owner)

    bon gout bon prix

  232. adamwilliamchabot (verified owner)

    Flavor for days!!! Hit’s like a truck to.

  233. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    Will buy again, loves it

  234. joshstevens9817 (verified owner)

    So tasty

  235. Donny (verified owner)

    Good taste and flavour ..have bought this several times and look forward to buying more. Thanks.

  236. jeffgflynn (verified owner)


  237. dustinjohnjoe (verified owner)

    Very good stuff. Always look for this one to be on sale.

  238. rosswinston03 (verified owner)

    Nice texture and hit

  239. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    This is great stuff. Great price and great for a even buzz

  240. lmn.8723 (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff. a taddddd sticky

  241. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Very nice and potent

  242. sschreyer89 (verified owner)

    Would buy again

  243. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    Bon goût

  244. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    J’aime bien ce shatter !

  245. reliableaustino (verified owner)

    Taste good, great high , great price, nice qaulity

  246. reliableaustino (verified owner)

    Great color, great break, great taste , super high great for price

  247. reliableaustino (verified owner)

    Great color, great break, great taste , super high

  248. lancex (verified owner)

    really great stuff. will buy again

  249. beverly.pettit (verified owner)

    Great price and smooth taste. Its my favourite to smoke in the morning to get myself going.

  250. brettabernethy (verified owner)


  251. kajal_singh93 (verified owner)

    Good for it’s value, little rough and dark but gets you baked

  252. pierreluc1494 (verified owner)

    sticky like sap but gets high very quickly

  253. craigmichaelkelly (verified owner)

    Got this from the smokin daily deals and loved it. Price was great

  254. brettabernethy (verified owner)

    10* Best bang for your buck I’ve ever had. This batch looks exactly like the picture. This was a daily deal purchase and not only that, I decided to weigh it and it’s .5 over. I’m Agnostic and I say bless these people!!

  255. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Good taste

  256. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Great texture, taste good, amazing buzz.

  257. MKUltra (verified owner)

    Second time ordering. Last time was darker, with a very medicine taste. This one is yellow, snaps just like the last one, taste piney, sweet and citrus. Lighter hit but love the functionality im able to maintain with this one if I need to step out 😄 Another great shatter from HH Thank each and everyone one of yous 🙏

  258. burley710 (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price fool you. I’ve been blown away with this every time

  259. Dr lemon (verified owner)

    Amazing high for the price a bit sticky tho.

  260. aleahnama (verified owner)

    Ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints all the way

  261. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Lighter color than last order and much easier to work with. Also thanks for the sample of Blue Widow, very nice

  262. llcgtc (verified owner)

    Nice balanced high at a great price

  263. llcgtc (verified owner)

    Worked great in my Utillian 722 good shatter for a great price!

  264. bball4life1096 (verified owner)

    Great taste and price was amazing. Will definitely order again.

  265. thirdeyechakra11-6593 (verified owner)

    Wow great shatter for an excellent price.Very smooth

  266. lycanartilier (verified owner)

    pretty tasty dabs

  267. guidry.gamer22 (verified owner)

    3.8 because first batch didn’t taste to good but my second time buying cherry og it was better

  268. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    tasty and got me stoned!

  269. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    nice 🙂

  270. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Love the taste n price …try it

  271. Island_Stoner642 (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite shatter from Haute!

  272. leposuction (verified owner)


  273. ShawnP_420 (verified owner)

    I must say its awesome shatter, especially for the price.

  274. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Very nice smell and taste

  275. gage_127 (verified owner)

    Tastes great. Have bought a few times

  276. davebike (verified owner)

    smooth, taste was great

  277. kaleyfischer (verified owner)

    I fw this stuff. Great taste and smell.

  278. francoi.pare (verified owner)

    Very nice texture, can be kept at room temp, the taste is a little harsh but it gets the job done.

  279. davebike (verified owner)

    clean, tasty, great price

  280. brendonw0902 (verified owner)

    can’t beat the price

  281. simeonchalard (verified owner)


  282. (verified owner)

    Great shatter for the price..picked some up on the daily deal and am very happy

  283. cagclose2 (verified owner)

    pretty good for the price

  284. kev8909 (verified owner)

    for the price…. wow :O that stuff is solide

  285. ecs.1980 (verified owner)

    sampling now! wowza

  286. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)


  287. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Potent and enjoyable high. I’ll be ordering again:)

  288. the_uncivilized (verified owner)

    good stuff good prices always

  289. THCis4Me (verified owner)

    Great taste, nice high, good shatter

  290. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    good stuff. have ordered multiple times

  291. maltezocarter (verified owner)

    Very sweet and strong hitting shatter, would definitely buy again. Also was very glassy and was pull and snap which is amazing for it being so cheap. 10/10

  292. MaryJane (verified owner)

    Loved it!!!

  293. brandonmousseau (verified owner)

    Very goodnstuff great tast

  294. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)


  295. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    Your review *was like all the rest on here…

  296. volks31 (verified owner)

    The cherry og shatter taste great don’t need to much to get the job done.

  297. snowhard27 (verified owner)

    Very smooth shatter. Tastes really good. Very effective!

  298. bearsy8 (verified owner)

    Great price, great quality. What else can you ask for?👍🏼

  299. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    I picked this one up on the smoking deals menu and i didn’t expect much but it was an awfully pleasant surprise that its such good quality for great prices. Haute Health is the only place i shop now for cannabis and concentrates.

  300. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Another smoking deals buy from haute and not disappointed

  301. j.ldflynn (verified owner)

    Anything for this price that gets me high gets 5 stars every time but it’s not perfect by any means…sticky and not at all like a shatter’s texture is expected to be. Personally, physical and visual quality lost its value over the years leaving me looking for a better all around high for less money and this is that…in a nutshell

  302. jamie_noname (verified owner)

    This shatter was much nicer looking and harder which is nice for handling.
    Would recommend this one over the Purple Kush.

  303. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    That one i didnt find the taste of fruity but still it was very poten and strong stuff with a light taste of limon…

  304. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Do the job but i prefer the gorilla-glue

  305. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I use to always take a 3.5 of these and i think i will restart agains…taste and buzz are very greats!thanks

  306. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I really like that one cheap, strong yet not too harsh..

  307. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    great stuff. turned to more of a waxy type after a few days but still great

  308. ugo.ouellet.soundman (verified owner)

    Payer 12.50$g, ca vaux la.peine en crisstophe

  309. ugo.ouellet.soundman (verified owner)

    Pas cher pis potent

  310. MKUltra (verified owner)

    Usually skeptical about purchasing shatter. The price was hot, so why not try some online shatter.

    All one can say. Impressive stuff!
    HH has done it again! Thank you for the cloud 9 adventure I was looking for.
    🍒 💣

  311. jackcandy (verified owner)

    Good as usual from Haute. I may have been upgraded on this shatter, either way I’m certain it’s another good shatter from Haute.

  312. bren.keough055 (verified owner)

    Smooth toke, good price, will buy again

  313. danielle.hurley (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price!

  314. 45wizzy (verified owner)

    Wicked stuff, 10/10

  315. matthewkolenko (verified owner)

    Nice smooth high, good after taste. Would buy again

  316. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful. Smooth and flavourful. Not nearly as dark as is advertised.

  317. tynew240 (verified owner)

    I really like this stuff, comparable to the high end shatter easy to work with, good solid rips

  318. amorse18 (verified owner)

    Great shatter but a bit in the softer/sticky side

  319. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    goûteux , doux et bon buzz.

  320. Guapi (verified owner)

    Very Mellow, will be ordering again!

  321. ryan_horner (verified owner)

    Great shatter, love the cherry flavour!

  322. tracypelley (verified owner)

    Good for the price and not too sticky😁

  323. shmeep (verified owner)

    Smooth dab, great buzz, really good deal on this one!

  324. theuhph (verified owner)

    Good stuff, very generous portions, always over, order 7, get 7.75 , luving haute service

  325. fat.thor.204 (verified owner)

    Has a nice mild cherry after taste. Does the job. Will order more for sure.

  326. sethTokes (verified owner)

    Great tasting shatter for 20$ high was good as well

  327. myaleej (verified owner)

    Very smooth, great taste, good high. Good value definitely recommend.

  328. mariannerlewis (verified owner)

    Awesome and at a very good price

  329. boardgame306 (verified owner)

    Lovely tastes, keeps me going.

  330. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Repeat Buyer for a reason !! love it

  331. herns.young (verified owner)

    This shatter is awesome nice and potent to get nice and fried on

  332. MistyDN (verified owner)

    price is right!!!

  333. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    Thanks for upgrading me HH

  334. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    Thank you HH 👌

  335. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    This taste awesome! Thanks HH 👌

  336. bpabla6 (verified owner)

    Wow, very pleasantly surprised!

  337. newfigirl11 (verified owner)

    What a great product for the price ! You could handle it so well ! And it was so smooth and amazing relaxing feeling after wards 🥰 in love !

  338. jessasparx9 (verified owner)

    Such high quality shatter. Better than I get from in my city haha but definitely worth it

  339. jessasparx9 (verified owner)

    Best quality and hits super strong. Definitely worth the deal

  340. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Huge fan of cherry, always enjoy the high and the smoke.

  341. brandidziaduck (verified owner)

    Super happy with this shatter. Great color and tastes great! Good buzz!!

  342. alecleray (verified owner)

    Nice stuff, great buzz

  343. severight.mel (verified owner)

    Definitely satisfied! Will be ordering this soon!!

  344. dustinfagnan88 (verified owner)

    love the taste and the high but was a bit stickier then most other shatters I’ve gotten from haute

  345. jessicah22446 (verified owner)

    Very good and leaves mouth watering

  346. Trini-Ganja (verified owner)

    Love the color of this shatter & for the price you cant go wrong . It taste nice and gets you lifted will definitely reorder × 2 🍁🔥💨😎✌🏿🤲🏽

  347. bracepaul (verified owner)

    A great product for an amazing price. Looks like stain glass. Stays solid! So good I ordered a second half Oz . Thanks HH!

  348. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    Wow. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this. The taste was superb, the smoke was smooth, and the price is unbeatable

  349. myahass (verified owner)

    Love this , great price and taste

  350. Fb13 (verified owner)

    Been update to blue berry pie not disapointed but for a 40$ shatter would not paid for that

  351. envyingbrad420 (verified owner)

    taste is great and price is right. First batch was darker in colour than this most recent batch which was a bit lighter. Could be because the way it was packaged. Didnt sugar up, smooth smoke and very tasty. Perfect consistency my go to shatter when i order as well as the Ogre.

  352. iverson.t (verified owner)

    We usually add a gram of this stuff into our order. Very good for the price

  353. jessasparx9 (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Great value and incredible quality

  354. mariannerlewis (verified owner)

    Really good for stress pain.

  355. mariannerlewis (verified owner)


  356. wertz21 (verified owner)

    Not the cleanest tasting but you cannot beat the price will buy again

  357. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    Good one too good effects n high

  358. april_mchugh (verified owner)

    Really great shatter, love the taste and high

  359. scottyhatcher31 (verified owner)

    Really tasty nice color and taste

  360. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Deuxième fois que j’en commande et cette fois -ci 14g. Vraiment pas déçu ! Meilleure que le Sugar wax à 30$

  361. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    The taste was great , IT came perfectly and Fast , Cant beat the price either . Thank you Haute Health for the great shatter

  362. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    very good!

  363. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    one of the best ive try for the low price…well do the job thank you!!

  364. karriwillick1 (verified owner)

    great deal, great rip. would buy again

  365. bracepaul (verified owner)

    Great for the price. Dark shatter with a sour taste. Keeps its shape in room temperature and is easily dabbed . Will but again

  366. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    thank you very good quality I recommend and thank you for the change for really good pink kush

  367. MistyDN (verified owner)

    Price point is spot on

  368. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Great as always cant beat price

  369. lladaszko (verified owner)

    Pretty good for the price

  370. Trini-Ganja (verified owner)

    I ordered the Cherry OG but i Got an upgrade to the blueberry pie, it dabbed nice and very tasty .Hopefully i get the Cherry OG this order 😉

  371. sarah.polley (verified owner)

    I’m always watching for this one to come back in,such a great stone. Tastes like sour cherry, great for body aches and anxiety.

  372. only1jswift (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome!! unfortunately it’s always sold out.

  373. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Love this shatter. Great taste, nice smoke, great high.

  374. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Not the strongest but still with the discount that makes it a pretty good deal.

  375. darthpotzy27 (verified owner)

    As usual I buy the Shatter, I try the Shatter , I’m impressed with the Shatter ! Tried some Cherry OG in my new concentrate pen !! An amazing pick me up !

  376. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    nice dark shatter just as pictured, smells and tastes sweet/sour, hits great, not too harsh. Good for evening/night.

  377. mr.gas69 (verified owner)

    Looks just like the picture, very pleasant taste and perfect consistency, brittle until warmed in your hand. Great buzz! Couldn’t be happier 🙂

  378. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Really good shatter, great color. Dabs great

  379. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Super awesome as alwayz

  380. brown_shayne (verified owner)

    Very nice taste, dabs very nice

  381. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    Your review *merci vraiment bon de très belle qualité …merci a tout votre équipes

  382. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a problem with any concentrates with haute. Great price once again, good taste, great buzz.

  383. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Awesome shatter for the price, always a good buy

  384. SmokingT (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up for this shatter. It smoked great and worked good in edibles

  385. alex_alexson (verified owner)

    Thumbs up

  386. seansigur (verified owner)

    Good daytime shatter

  387. Randy Lahey (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff great price

  388. justinlachaine (verified owner)

    I love the flavor of this cherry OG strain will order again forsure a bit on the sticky side but well worth it

  389. tylrgrey (verified owner)

    It was alright

  390. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Very good product, nice white smoke with the dabs. Clear buzz and didn’t knock me out. Was still able to function somewhat! Can’t go wrong at this price.

  391. bsmokeyday90 (verified owner)

    Was upgraded to gorilla glue for my first purchase. Thanks haute health

  392. astroud1987z (verified owner)

    Good Smoke Great High real Strong problem is kinda soft Shatter real gummy and tarry other that is great would of gave 5 stars if it was more like pull snap shatter still good smoke and great price especially on sale thanks Haute Health!

  393. stranman5 (verified owner)

    loved it great price strong buzz

  394. hmark207 (verified owner)


  395. hmark207 (verified owner)

    Kool stuff

  396. topdime1 (verified owner)

    Very nice shatter for the money. One of the best 1/4 i have had.

  397. bret.t23 (verified owner)

    Got upgraded to gorilla glue first order thanks haute !

  398. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    Very excellent

  399. Raf42 (verified owner)

    Good sour taste.

  400. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    Excellent .. taste good . I love

  401. lrarkinstall (verified owner)

    ordered half a zip and was upgraded to Gorilla Glue, didn’t expect it but was enjoyed very much, started to butter near the end but no worries, excellent product.

  402. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    The only problem was it was like wax and not anywhere near the same color as pic. It was completely orange

  403. yan_champ (verified owner)

    Second order this time i was upgrade to white rino !

  404. teenerdb (verified owner)

    I can’t leave a review there but I ordered this and was upgraded to Gorilla Glue. Fantastic stuff. Thoroughly impressed. Excellent pricing, great smoke, service was fast and freebies are always welcome. I’ll absolutely be ordering from these guys regularly going forward. Thanks!! Made my whole week during this quarantine covid thing! <3

  405. thandrahan_6 (verified owner)

    I’ve always avoided concentrates but for this price I decided to try some out! I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

  406. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    Good smooth high, the price is adequate and a great buy 🙂

  407. LovingHauteHealth! (verified owner)

    Ordered this received gorilla glue very happy!

  408. LovingHauteHealth! (verified owner)

    Ordered this but recieved Gorilla Glue. Great light colour to it and the taste is very nice followes by a potent high.Smells very spicy. Very happy with upgrade. Tyvm Haute! You go above and beyond I feel!
    Ps. Also love your freebies with orders keep them coming haha!!

  409. shmeep (verified owner)

    Smooth, light taste, nice buzz, great budget shatter!

  410. prevosttrevor (verified owner)

    Great taste great price I will definitely buy it again

  411. yan_champ (verified owner)

    upgrades to gorilla glue ! verry statisfying !

  412. topdime1 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth smoke. Great flavor

  413. alexandrusiek (verified owner)

    Upgraded to gorilla glue from this. Gorilla glue is very good just aged a bit as it is slowly sugaring/nucleating so smoke fast.

  414. angie_i-love-music (verified owner)

    Very smooth and loved the flavour

  415. alexandrusiek (verified owner)

    Was upgraded to the $30 gorilla glue and that stuff tastes right looks good, decent kick and pretty uplifting actually. Only minor issue is the gorilla glue is starting to nucleate, sugar up a bit. So gonna have to smoke fast…

  416. rissa_22_ (verified owner)

    thumbs up

  417. (verified owner)

    Thank you very much

  418. damian.german66 (verified owner)

    Ordered it and got upgraded to Nepalese and the Nepalese is amazing and got and extra 1/2gram on my right

  419. mimieuxboheme (verified owner)

    quality shatter, decent price, great smoke

  420. maxine-xx (verified owner)

    ordered this my first order got upgraded to White rhino then i went to order again and my stoner ass ordered two batches of Orge shatter instead of one of each lmao

  421. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Smoke very great with the enail “g9” and the yocan evolve plus xl will get you amazing taste.not too sticky handle, i smoke a lot of shatter and still 3-4 dabs seem to always do the job!

  422. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    It turn out that my 3.5 have been change for the gorilla-glue strain shatter so i can’t tell you for that one but im very please with the gorilla. One of my favorite ,taste amazing ! Look the same as the picture .thanks for the upgrade guy’s!

  423. patmorehouse51 (verified owner)

    The cherry OG tasted nice through both my pen and my glass rig. It is a bit dark but also very consistent which is nice. Good buzz off of it aswell will be getting more

  424. m (verified owner)

    Really nice shatter for the price got a nice potent smell as soon as I open the bag ☺Pull to snap at room temperature breaks like glass if you threw it in the freezer 1 a minute. Really smooth toke and the look is a nice golden colour. Definitely a nice step up from the $15 shatter if you’re looking to spend a little more.

  425. Akira (verified owner)

    Super smooth, it’s dark but don’t let the looks fool you. The buzz is 9/10

  426. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Very stable with a good high

  427. ella.mitch.redwood (verified owner)

    Very good product and the colour was more of a honey colour, taste was great an high was even better! Thanks

  428. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Excellent product, great colour, very stable and a Hell of a high

  429. keithwilk13 (verified owner)

    I liked the darkness. Well balanced high, nice smooth taste.

  430. mapatry1978 (verified owner)

    J’ai bien aimé ce produit bon goût brûle bien et en plus pas chère merci hautehealth

  431. vanroonk (verified owner)

    this is my new fav shatter. its clear and tasty

  432. luiscaixeiro (verified owner)

    Great stuff and price is just fine.

  433. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    This is a must try. For the price you can’t go wrong

  434. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Very smooth clean shatter

  435. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Bon goût, un bon buzz relaxant mais pas assez fort. J’ai préféré leur Purple Kush shatter 🙂

  436. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    First batch was like a wax/butter texture. Although it was good, wasn’t really shatter like at all or what i was expecting. Took a chance and ordered a second time. This batch was like a nice amber-ish color with a nice shatter texture.

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Is Cherry OG sativa or indica?

Cherry OG shatter is an indica-dominant cannabis concentrate that is a cross between Pakistani Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg.

Are all OG strains indicas?

Many OG strains, such as $20 shatter Cherry OG, are indica-dominant but this does not mean all OG\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s are indicas. OG Kush and several others are hybrids that can exhibit sativa-dominant traits as well.

What does Cherry OG mean?

The name Cherry OG came about thanks to the strain\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s sweet, tart and diesel-like flavors and aromas - tantalizing your senses with cherry-flavored haze.


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