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  • Our THC infused Fruity Sours are guaranteed to make you all fuzzy inside, these delicious treats will make you feel nostalgic and medicated all at the same time
  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • 40 mg per candy

May Cause: Happiness, Relaxation, Euphoria, Enhanced Creativity, Sleepiness and more..
May Relieve: Headache, Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain and more..

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Jolly Rancher THC Gummies are one of the best ways to get your daily dose of deliciously sweet & sour THC. Tangy, tantalizing flavors like Grape, Raspberry, Cherry, Apple and everyone’s favorite Watermelon will satisfy your sweet tooth – not to mention your hankering for a smooth high. With 40 mg of THC, these Jolly Rancher gummies won’t take you into space but they can calm your anxieties, quell nausea or soreness and help you rest & relax after a busy day.

Who says your medicine has to taste like medicine? Try some 40 mg Jolly Ranchers THC Gummies from Haute Health today.

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55 reviews for 40mg THC Gummies – Jolly Ranchers

  1. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    Love these flavours!

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Happy to hear you enjoyed our products!

  2. formesetcouleurs (verified owner)

    Ils sont tellement identiques que les originaux et pas seulement l’apparence mais le goût également

    A acheter sans faute !!!!

    Par contre pour un traitement pour un enfant ou une personne âgée c’est

    • Matt Blanc

      No sure I would recommend a child taking these but they are fantastic and are my favorite flavor of gummy we have! Thanks for letting us know you loved them so much!

  3. justin.fawcett94 (verified owner)

    very delicious flavour i will definitely be buying again. 2 thumbs up !

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for letting us know you are liking our 40mg Jolly Ranchers! We appreciate the support.

  4. ogrunningback506 (verified owner)

    Nice buzz and taste pretty good

  5. samhansen57 (verified owner)

    Great taste good high

  6. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    New favourite flavour here!

  7. Reidco27 (verified owner)

    Got ‘em on sale very yummy

  8. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    Amazing flavours

  9. CW_259 (verified owner)

    Very good

  10. cre8glassworks

    Nice daytime dose and delicious flavour.

  11. ilovegrowinginalberta1


  12. leposuction (verified owner)

    These taste great

  13. ilovedogs

    ordered these at 75 mg they were good

  14. shadowgameur2003 (verified owner)

    Gets High for 40 mg but needed 3-4

  15. savagelacroix91

    Ate a hand full and couldn’t go to work sheeesh !!

  16. lightening20 (verified owner)

    Tastes just like the candy and my sleep was perfect!

  17. simonneperron (verified owner)

    Really tasty, just like the real thing!

  18. rogerclout (verified owner)

    Works good taste better

  19. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Verry nice taste

  20. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Love the price

  21. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    The green is the best

  22. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Vraiment bon au goût wow

  23. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    A++++ Always great tasting and does the trick!

  24. idontgettired035 (verified owner)

    Really taste like jolly fo real

  25. Mirandaborialis (verified owner)

    Haute health has the best quality gummies, best tr

    Tastng, best price!

  26. Donny (verified owner)

    Yummy taste. Works as directed, thanks .

  27. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    they tasted like real jolly ranchers

  28. 69jthedon

    Comment ma blonde dit encore et encore haha

  29. 69jthedon

    Parfait pour apprendre a ce doser. En special, c est fou.

  30. dream-big12 (verified owner)

    Did the trick

  31. E.L. (verified owner)


  32. JamieJean420 (verified owner)

    Take 2 or 3 before your flight and enjoy the ride. TY.

  33. alyssamtomblin (verified owner)

    These hit perfectly!

  34. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    These are delicious and functional, all the candies on this site are great these are my #2 (mmmm bananas)

  35. BillNTedsWeed (verified owner)

    They last a long time

  36. sandy (verified owner)

    Great taste and effective!

  37. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    Most wonderful rainbow collection of gummies! A sweeter taste than others (like grape) so might be appealing for those who want a mild candy taste without tasting the THC. A 40g candy can last me 2-3 days taking bites and I carry some in my purse. Great value!

  38. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Amazing very on point with jolly rancher taste

  39. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Tastes like jolly ranchers

  40. fprecourt (verified owner)


  41. formosatrevor (verified owner)

    Ate 10 of these and slept the day away.

  42. jennhubbs (verified owner)

    Loved these, great taste and helps me sleep all night

  43. bjdobson (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Great value when on sale

  44. kurtisslikker (verified owner)

    Great price and good high

  45. rab1 (verified owner)

    A treat for the MJ enthusiast who enjoyed Jolly Rancher candies as a kid. I’d recommend doing half (20 mg) the first time just to gauge your response. (For some, the full dose could be close to psychedelic). Otherwise, it’s worth the (discounted) price.

  46. gwhite9934 (verified owner)

    Different than expected but great flavour and value

  47. bin20 (verified owner)

    Je trouve que, pour moi, 40mg c’est parfait.
    For me, 40mg is perfect.

  48. borisk_123 (verified owner)

    The last ones i ordered were half and half color ones these ones a whole color ones Def diff but still delicious

  49. kaya1999 (verified owner)

    These tasted great and worked really well. Much better than the peaches did!

  50. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Apple ones are so yummy

  51. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Love the taste, real good.

  52. john-sm (verified owner)

    great tasting , worked fast , I liked them .

  53. john-sm (verified owner)

    They worked quite well and great tasting.

  54. Simo (verified owner)

    As good as the others

  55. kelvinmarley96 (verified owner)

    Had so many good comment about it can wait to receive them

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