Girl Scout Cookies Pre-Rolls – Indica Dominant Hybrid – 1.4 grams


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Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it’s one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy. Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy, and it smells much the same. It’s most effective at treating anxiety, stress, and depression, though it’s also good for appetite.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC: 28%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Relaxing
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea
Flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Mint, Sweet, Woody
Aromas: Earthy, Nutty, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet, Vanilla


Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it’s one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy. Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy, and it smells much the same. It’s most effective at treating anxiety, stress, and depression, though it’s also good for appetite. Dry mouth is the only likely adverse effect, though others are possible. This strain began as a crossbreed of OG Kush and a near-even hybrid; (Durban Poison X F1). Girl Scout Cookies first appeared in California and is now one of the most popular strains in North America, where sells best on the West Coast and in Michigan. The high lasts for hours, making Girl Scout Cookies a good deal in most places. It can be difficult to grow, but it’s fast becoming a staple among home cultivators.

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258 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies Pre-Rolls – Indica Dominant Hybrid – 1.4 grams

  1. education4all (verified owner)

    I haven’t ordered this in awhile because I couldn’t get the joint to stay lit. The product was too powdery I guess. Hesitant to order more.

    • Jacob Sykes

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the Girl Scout Cookies pre-rolls that you received. Please email us at so that we can sort this out for you.

  2. swatawatata (verified owner)

    Amazing product will absolutely buy again!

  3. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Bon pré roll pour le prix

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Merci pour la critique

  4. cannaseur (verified owner)

    Fire it up! These be grand!!

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the products!

  5. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Je trouve que Ceux-ci sont sec que d’habitude.. bon buzz, merci HH

  6. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    best pre rolls on the site, you should get it

  7. leave_my_nameout (verified owner)

    I Couldn’t have been happier with this one. The plastic pre-roll case that they came in (and I still use with all my pre-rolls) was a nice unexpected touch. The Joints were nicely packed with no dead spots. The case also protected the joints during shipping so they didn’t get bent out of shape at all. They are great for sharing as it slow burns and lasts a while. The flavor was nice not as earthy or harsh like some other strains. As they burned they didn’t get overly oily and saturate the tip. Which was nice since I would rather laugh my ass off without joint rez on my lips and teeth lol. Girl scout Cookies are great for an every evening smoke. The High was pretty chill but not too chill that I couldn’t stay awake and get stuff done around the house or yard. The munchies hit hard though.

    Quality product from Haute Health as usual. I would definitely recommend this one.

    Just a tip for people like my wife that have troubles with joints running when they smoke them is to get the end fully lit and have a nice cherry on it like a cigar before you start really hauling on them and there shouldn’t be any issues.

    • Jonah Fiddes

      THanks for the indepth review!

  8. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    For a pre roll it was surprisingly better than expected

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. chealey40 (verified owner)

    I don’t usually bother with pre-rolls as I prefer fresh sticky bud over dry dust, but this was actually a decent smoke with a good high.

  10. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Woww ça ma frappé en taaa. Lol. Merci HH pour ce cadeau..

  11. francisgareau88 (verified owner)

    Bon au gout mais je les achèterais selement en Special

  12. thivi2_7 (verified owner)

    Avec c’est pre roll tu est toujours prêt quand c’est nécessaire

  13. kellycmac99 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains

  14. c.sabyan.hca (verified owner)

    Okay this was a nice burn and tasted pretty good, one will get the job done 👍

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Glad you enjoyed!

  15. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    I always get them when they are on sale

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Awesome, thank you for your support!

  16. polarmj (verified owner)

    I liked this and it was one of my freebies! I slept so well. I enjoy sativa during the day. But in the evening when I’m going to bed, I prefer Indica.

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Nice to see the free products doing their job!

  17. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Très bien pour pour après le souper. Bon buzz Relaxe , mais méchant trip de bouffe lol .Merci HH .

  18. fprecourt (verified owner)

    Big nice splif

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Thanks for the review, However these don’t contain any tobacco!

  19. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I really like these free join and a admit that this last one have amazing tast and a smell skunky.

  20. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    So with the amount they cost

  21. bigaloduce9 (verified owner)

    Super deal ..! Ça déchire en tabarnack !👌

  22. haroldpreston83 (verified owner)

    Tastes great, nice high! I love the convenience of these prerolls!

  23. wiillllyyyy9517 (verified owner)

    Burner nicely and pleasant high

  24. phatbody2020 (verified owner)

    One of the best to wake up n smoke

  25. shaelafosse (verified owner)

    Jonah Fiddes, my friend finds it makes her sleepy, I guess it affects everyone differently. I think for me I’m able to get more accomplished because it helps with pain.

    • Jonah Fiddes

      There can be many reasons it affects other people differently. I’m glad you were able to find relief from your pain and get more done!

  26. shaelafosse (verified owner)

    I am in love with gsc, the strain is everything that I look for when I am getting ready for a night out. Nice buzz, blissful mind, sociable!

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Never heard this use case before, I’ll have to give this a try this weekend!

  27. cbd (verified owner)

    5/5 très apprécié

    • Matt Blanc

      Great feedback! Happy to hear you liked the Girl Scout Cookies Pre Rolls!

  28. susanebrownrigg (verified owner)

    One of my favs. Good buzz!

    • Matt Blanc

      Thanks for your feedback! Love to hear you enjoyed them!

  29. raj_swamy (verified owner)

    My all time fave strain, and amazing price! Will get again for sure

  30. paigebdonauer (verified owner)

    Great prerolls especially at the sale price

  31. sarah.2278 (verified owner)

    Rolled nicely but a bit coughy for me

  32. breau_jean_patrick (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookie is nice

  33. Simo (verified owner)

    Good rolls

  34. cmec (verified owner)

    Can’t complain with this product. And on sale.

  35. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    good one

  36. jmd9027 (verified owner)

    Girl scouts cookies prerolls is pretty good, however it’s a little lose at the end.. besides that it’s pretty damn good. Even better when’s it’s on sale.

  37. jafowler (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the pre rolls at this price

  38. b_marty (verified owner)

    Unreal price when on sale!

  39. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Nice big joints. Not disappointed!

  40. paigebdonauer (verified owner)

    Awesome preroll at a great price

  41. jared6495 (verified owner)

    great deal for price

  42. GreenAcres1017 (verified owner)

    can’t beat it on sale-will order again!

  43. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    Really convenient and good quality!

  44. sarabella1296 (verified owner)

    Trop gros et fort

  45. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  46. superroofer2448 (verified owner)

    Good as always

  47. rte66 (verified owner)

    These are a great deal , I am just about to go order another batch for the 5th time

  48. rte66 (verified owner)

    Very nice joints .

  49. sarah.2278 (verified owner)

    Super smooth… will buy this every time!!

  50. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Love the smell of this one

  51. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Love Love LOVE !!!!

  52. etiennechiasson7 (verified owner)

    bon petit gout,like it,thx!!HTHL!!

  53. chefg.g700 (verified owner)

    Price matches product

  54. jaymewisner (verified owner)

    Good weed

  55. redhancker (verified owner)

    They’re alright when on sale

  56. redhancker (verified owner)

    It’s an Okay high, only buy when on sale

  57. kev8909 (verified owner)

    Dur sur la gorge

  58. carawilliams5 (verified owner)

    Wonderful deal and nice strain! I got it on sale and I would buy it again

  59. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    Great Smoke ,wife asks me to order when in stock, she love the taste and the buzz.

  60. hendersoncayden (verified owner)

    Classic Cookies! Fan favorite 10/10 must get for on the go

  61. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    GREAT pre-rolls. Happy with them as they’re bigger than the last ones. I had ordered 1.4G but may have gotten the 1G joints but they are still very good.

  62. douglasives1 (verified owner)

    Great price
    Smooth smoke

  63. anyadawn420-0600 (verified owner)

    Nice price

  64. Simon154 (verified owner)

    Great Price, Smokes Good

  65. miken (verified owner)

    Got a nice high from this one.

  66. phatbody2020 (verified owner)

    Didn’t realize these were pre rolls, but they get me ripped so no complaints here! Gotta try them!

  67. brandonhoskins1993 (verified owner)

    Nice stuff mine was a little dry

  68. heidiann (verified owner)


  69. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    Great Buzz and love the smell!!

  70. (verified owner)

    I love the pre rolls so much.

  71. jhwelder4life (verified owner)

    Good deal on sale

  72. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Amazing, as per usual. And I’ll be buying more!

  73. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Amazing, as per usual. I’ll be ordering again very soon!

  74. anstey_r (verified owner)

    Nice smoke!

  75. Donny (verified owner)

    Good pre roll ..1 1/4 grams gets ya there…

  76. GreenAcres1017 (verified owner)

    Bit loose but easily fixed. Great price on sale, really like the strain. Will buy again

  77. jmd9027 (verified owner)

    The high from these prerolls are pretty great, however I’ve noticed with the darker papers they do canoe sometimes. Despite that I would 100% suggest these, for the price I paid I differently feel like I got my money worth

  78. craigmichaelkelly (verified owner)

    Love these. 1.4 grams already rolled. Sweet

  79. mumma4040 (verified owner)

    These were awesome and great price. Nice and fat joints, great high and nice smell

  80. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Vraiment bien pour le prix

  81. seacar42 (verified owner)

    Milled but enjoyable.

  82. CW_259 (verified owner)

    Good deal on sale

  83. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    this was the best thing in my order

  84. pennyblogs (verified owner)

    great smoke and good price, will order again

  85. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    awesome preroll

  86. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Excellent would order again

  87. zaynesmom04 (verified owner)

    They were all 1g not 1.4 but they fixed the issue and gave a credit

  88. christineschroetter9 (verified owner)

    Bought a few..rolled super loose but packed it down..burned nice and nice buzz fabulous price so I bought lots more lol…

  89. chelseymcconnell (verified owner)

    Good strain definitely enjoyed

  90. dragonheartjoe (verified owner)

    The flavor was spot on, great GSC preroll. Nice and fluffy as I broke them up and rerolled them. Great on sale but all 10 prerolls were 1 G not 1.4 G
    Still a great purchase.

  91. dysonball911 (verified owner)

    fire for the price

  92. jaymewisner (verified owner)

    G re at prerolls

  93. samantha-proulx (verified owner)

    I always buy these when in stock and on sale. Great value for a decent buzz

  94. jela0990 (verified owner)

    Pretty good, there’s a high chance it will canoe on you, so you have to play around with it a bit an pack the dope down besides that the filter isn’t the best but works and the high was great

  95. philippec46 (verified owner)

    reallybwork on discount, dont miss out

  96. shadowgameur2003 (verified owner)


  97. (verified owner)

    I love the on sale pre rolls. This stuff was good.

  98. sabee-electro (verified owner)

    Tres fort pour un joint

  99. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Papiers percés par les morceaux de branches. J’ai été obligé de les défaire et rouler de nouveau mais bon produit

  100. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    Great deal

  101. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    I was impressed, super deal

  102. joeblais09 (verified owner)

    Beautiful strain! I always enjoy this one

  103. shirleymorgan751 (verified owner)

    Great stuff ordered one to try got two awesome!

  104. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Really fantastic strain and always love having pre-rolls around for convenience

  105. keenankrysko (verified owner)

    Good 4 sure

  106. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Bon pour relaxer mais me fait tousser

  107. ryan.lawrence0990 (verified owner)

    love the pre-rolls!

  108. Dylan Edward

    Very good stuff and convenient to have on hand

  109. sparky2120 (verified owner)

    Great pre roll forsure buying again

  110. evelynhutchinson (verified owner)

    Always enjoy this. Helps with migraines and sleep.

  111. eagleman181 (verified owner)

    Good buzz and great price. Makes me cough alot.

  112. jafowler (verified owner)

    Excellent for the price.

  113. iceman18420 (verified owner)

    got the 1g instead it was a stocking issue no prob;em still great product for the price. Can’t go wrong really!

  114. grahamupshaw (verified owner)

    Bought on sale, would not recommend even for the price.

  115. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Very much enjoyed

  116. atombomb7 (verified owner)

    Very smooth, great when on sale

  117. kwight2 (verified owner)

    Smooth. Perfect size and rolled perfect

  118. rayewilson1 (verified owner)

    Great preroll, good price

  119. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Great preroll.. Love this strain

  120. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    Only way this weed could be better is with a box of actual girl scout cookies to eat after you smoke it.

  121. max_bbolduc (verified owner)

    Love it

  122. donmccallum (verified owner)

    great price on sale nice strong weed

  123. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Excellent in sale

  124. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Perfecto in sales

  125. Ronjon420 (verified owner)

    Tasty treat!

  126. heidiann (verified owner)

    Burn great. Well worth $5!!

  127. archtop (verified owner)

    best value high end weed

  128. paaigesinclaair (verified owner)

    Not too bad when in sale

  129. Sookdeo (verified owner)

    Excellent high and taste for a preroll 🙂

  130. matthew_markham1989 (verified owner)

    my fav!! i bought these – but not into joints- so split into bong hits…my fav- ! gsc are awesome! il be back when i can afford too > <!

  131. mumma4040 (verified owner)

    These were an awesome price and great high. But they were kinda harsh but would buy again

  132. fournier_simon (verified owner)

    Parfait pour le prix

  133. fournier_simon (verified owner)

    Perfect for the price

  134. andrew.desruisseau (verified owner)

    Little bit harsh. Nice buzz tho. Would buy again.

  135. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    Not very strong but price was killer

  136. Willow river (verified owner)

    One of my favorites! Amazing price whether on sale or not. Love haute health!

  137. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Good day time stuff

  138. susancinbc (verified owner)

    Perfect size for sharing, everyone loved it!!!!

  139. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Conveniently prerolled massive blunts with some stanky potent nugs rolled up inside!

  140. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    Great pre rolls!!!!!!!!

  141. thomasrhodge (verified owner)

    Not bad but too dry. Harsh. Prefer their bud and roll it myself. Lowest rating of any HH product. So it wasn’t bad but most of their products are much better.

  142. Mirandaborialis (verified owner)

    Please bring back more of these, they are amazing! Fantastic price, great high, flavor is not great.

  143. amandaverge (verified owner)

    Wicket Indica pre roll, I’d like to get the buds next to try

  144. dallaslandriault (verified owner)

    Nice roll. Great tasting strain.

  145. Sunflower1234 (verified owner)

    It was ok.

  146. mbgstorage01 (verified owner)

    Nice size nice roll great buzz

  147. Chillygrill420 (verified owner)

    Nice pré Roll !

  148. malberts630 (verified owner)

    Cant wait for a restock

  149. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    Bon pour le prix

  150. samhansen57 (verified owner)

    Great taste nice high tight rolls

  151. atombomb7 (verified owner)

    Good sized joints, mild smoke.

  152. mimieuxboheme (verified owner)

    these pre rolls are a really good size, and super convenient, great for on the go, also the bud inside is quality and not just shake

  153. patricia.smiles22 (verified owner)

    MASSIVE pre-rolls, lasted a long time. Rolled well, and tasted great 🙂

  154. Marc Ginale (verified owner)

    I really liked it! 1.4g?!? Amazing.

  155. kristenkp (verified owner)

    Four stars right off for being 1.4 g each, coupled with the sale price. Incredible deal. Not bad for potency, very convenient, and once more, they’re huge. I ordered pre-rolls from a different dispensary I was trying, and was disappointed. I tried one more time, this time from Haute, and their pre-rolls are much better, to the point that I regret not originally trying pre-rolls from Haute.

  156. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Good bud but the roll didn’t burn very well

  157. johnbreau987 (verified owner)

    Why the cone shape?

  158. Simo (verified owner)

    Decent buzz hate the flavor

  159. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Great price

  160. samromaniuk (verified owner)

    Great price good buzz not the best flavour

  161. larissameunier (verified owner)

    Taste is 5 star

  162. jhonnyt99 (verified owner)

    Not bad, smoked well. Great deal

  163. 45wizzy (verified owner)

    Wicked high off these joints. Worth the purchase

  164. pl.girouardbergeron (verified owner)

    Wow mais j ai dus reroullé le joint il etais trop lousse dut au fait qui etait ecrasé apres la livraison

  165. raj_swamy (verified owner)

    Got these on sale, great smoke and great value.

  166. car_nut_420 (verified owner)

    Always great even better when they’re on sale

  167. debra27manning (verified owner)

    love this pre roll wish could buy in oz

  168. DC1982 (verified owner)

    can’t beat the price !!

  169. nicklandry3 (verified owner)

    Great price. Not sure about the quality and the smell of the bud

  170. shanebell1993 (verified owner)

    nice rolls!!

  171. bellemoren (verified owner)

    It’s pretty good for the price The joints got damaged during the shipping process but can’t beat the price for 1.5

  172. ryan_horner (verified owner)

    Wow! I remember when 5$ joints seemed like a good deal. These are fat and smoke great. Will be buying again… and again…

  173. ericmcgraw1984 (verified owner)

    A joint for 2!!!

  174. jbuck85 (verified owner)

    Nice strain…….. smokes nice

  175. jessasparx9 (verified owner)

    These pre rolls are my favourite. Smoke so well and hit so hard

  176. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Wish they were packaged better so they wouldn’t get crumpled in transport, but these hit HARD and its the best for a 5$ pre-roll, enjoyed the high and could instantly feel it. hella recommend.

  177. tylerpawlyshyn (verified owner)

    Fantastic PRD for the sale price. Even full price you can’t really go wrong.

  178. debra27manning (verified owner)


  179. debra27manning (verified owner)

    wish I could but by the oz love it

  180. kelvinmarley96 (verified owner)

    Really tasty and effective buzz wow

  181. anne.dambremont (verified owner)

    My favorite by far. Smokes perfectly and great high

  182. tygardiner4 (verified owner)

    Great price when on the smoking deals. Nice roll, good high

  183. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    Not to bad to smoke

  184. sethmcjarvis (verified owner)

    good preroll and the price is good toooo

  185. rte66 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite Haute products .

  186. rte66 (verified owner)

    Beautiful Smoke

  187. superusers420 (verified owner)

    2nd time getting this pre-roll and still amazing for the price. Great bang for your buck!

  188. joeybeth (verified owner)

    Great price for quality..always a nice afternoon smoke

  189. matt1982.lg (verified owner)

    Well rolled and nice size, but really didn’t give me buzzing. Was a decent price.

  190. proudestmikey (verified owner)

    Not a fan of the herb or the roll.

  191. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    I got it on sale so no complaints, made with shake

  192. jj.boudreau (verified owner)

    Potent preroll, awesome and big

  193. atawilliams (verified owner)


  194. tynew240 (verified owner)

    Second time ordering these, first time was great got me nice and stoned smoked awesome but the second time there was something strange, I ordered 10 of them and all of them lit nice but you could take the biggest drag possible, and blow out almost no smoke, almost like air leaks in the paper. Didn’t get me stoned, wasted 10, should’ve just rerolled. Still will buy again

  195. canishadewar (verified owner)

    PROPER PRE-ROLLS THAT ACTUALLY GET YOU STONED! I have gotten ripped from many dispensaries that say they have good pre-rolls but they never do anything. When I cracked the seal on this stuff and got that pungent aroma in the air I knew these where well worth the price! Especially when they are on sale.

  196. darthpotzy27 (verified owner)

    These worked really well on my dog-walks ! You gotta love the price!!

  197. tragic101 (verified owner)

    decent product when on sale.

  198. marcjoly33 (verified owner)

    Awesome pre roll. Will be getting more

  199. aleesaoleman (verified owner)

    got us a good buzz but paper was too thick.

  200. DC1982 (verified owner)

    good price for these on sale

  201. davidjohn80 (verified owner)

    Got it on sale was decent.

  202. coop84.rc (verified owner)

    Got 2 on sale. Shared them with a buddy.

  203. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)

    Nice little treat! I ordered 2 and they came in a great little reusable tube! Now if only you could start selling this by the oz!

  204. (verified owner)

    amazing REAL girl scout cookies so glad it has that extra 0.4 makes it a fat doobie! love it! just ordering more now

  205. kristykoeneman (verified owner)

    One of my fav strains. So yummyyy

  206. MistyDN (verified owner)


  207. rachelmnutford (verified owner)

    love this strain.

  208. Count Zacula (verified owner)

    nice strain and it comes in a handy protective case

  209. brittanys2714 (verified owner)


  210. tynew240 (verified owner)

    Awesome size, tastes great, smells great, they even threw in one extra. Definitely will order again

  211. dustinfagnan88 (verified owner)

    very nice smoke, was a bit squished coming in a regular baggie instead of a tube.

  212. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    Smoke one of these at night and it will not disappoint, and considering the price when it is on smokin daily’s it’s amazing

  213. rachel -is-amazing (verified owner)

    Very nice taste! We’ll worth the price 🙂

  214. emilygoss (verified owner)

    Ok buzz. Found it a bit harsh in a bong so I’d use it for joints only.

  215. kieytrist (verified owner)

    Was supposed to be 1.4 grams but most joints were 1 gram… won’t be buying again.. BUZZ WAS AMAZING THOUGH

  216. rte66 (verified owner)

    A very smooth smoke . Clean burning , what a treat

  217. aleesaoleman (verified owner)

    Bigger then we thought it was gonna be but the paper overpowers the taste of the joint. Good rolling though was a great high off one joint

  218. davebike (verified owner)

    Just as described great product and great price

  219. smatter.yk (verified owner)

    Very funny strain! Classic for old school stuff lovers.

  220. jocelynqueenofawesome (verified owner)

    Amazing for joint pain and anxiety

  221. catherina.fragnito (verified owner)

    Nice high but you will be better off to open the joints and smoke in a bong or mix with other strains to light properly…worth a try for sure

  222. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)

    two thumbs up

  223. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)


  224. amyhatcher_3 (verified owner)

    Got these on sale and they were very much enjoyed. Nice roll, they smoked great and good buzz for sure

  225. Randy Lahey (verified owner)


  226. jproc101 (verified owner)

    Medium high, for a 1.4 g joint I didn’t think I could finish it in one sitting but it wasn’t that hard. Great price on smoking deals definitely still worth a try.

  227. jennjenn_2006 (verified owner)

    The perfect treat to add to any order

  228. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Good price when it’s on smoking deals. Good bud to smoke when you got stuff to do or you’re just trying to meditate. Adequate roll.

  229. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Kick ass roll. Nice toke session for the price. Definitely will buy again.

  230. jworme (verified owner)

    So good. And pretty big. Definitely for sharing

  231. kingflanagan99 (verified owner)

    Wiz khalifa would be proud of you

  232. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    First time getting any type of pre roll and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these there definitely a group thing because of the size haha

  233. las7676 (verified owner)

    Great thanks

  234. sweetyas7 (verified owner)

    Well rolled and super smooth! Great quality, can’t wait to buy again when it’s on sale!

  235. jocelynqueenofawesome (verified owner)

    Excellent pot.

  236. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Good deal when it’s half price!

  237. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    Good.. big and good price

  238. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    Was very nice would buy again. Rolled very well and smoked perfect

  239. dave.martin2929 (verified owner)

    Great buy , great high , I just ordered 10 more

  240. hmark207 (verified owner)

    Good price

  241. harrabek88 (verified owner)

    Really nicely rolled and awesome flavor tones and a nice buzz. Glad I got 5 of them. Will get again.

  242. rachelmnutford (verified owner)

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this strain. one of my favourites.

  243. steph89desj (verified owner)

    This pre roll for 5$ is a steal. Period. Awesome freaking joint. Will buy more for sure!

  244. ciennacasavantt (verified owner)

    $5 for a gram of amazing weed!!! This pre roll will change your life

  245. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    I order 1 and i receive 2 <3 love you haute best pre roll ever

  246. francis.106 (verified owner)

    bon joint pour moins de 5$

  247. katie.white13 (verified owner)

    Great high! Decent roll. Worth every penny.

  248. csw_axel (verified owner)

    compared to other places this is good value

  249. csw_axel (verified owner)

    Great value

  250. ashley_207 (verified owner)

    Great smoke for $5. Well made and taste good.

  251. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Hit like a train

  252. alicia.vail2010 (verified owner)

    Wish they sold this strand separately, I love it! The prerolls are super nice for travelling !

  253. michee1359 (verified owner)

    Really great day time smoke, gets me motivated for hours. Seems to burn super fast though. I think I’ve finally found, after Two years of buying On line, the Perfect Dispensary! Seriously, I have bought from about 50 sites, so I am Thrilled to not have to spend Hours looking for the best deal anymore 😊.
    Thanks Haute

  254. patmorehouse51 (verified owner)

    Rolled good and it was potent smoke. Awesome for 5$

  255. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Very well worth the price

  256. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Great pre roll. Not to dry like most pre rolls

  257. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Well tailored pre roll. Great smoke

  258. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Excellent pre roll for $5!

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Is Girl Scout Cookies strain strong?
Very much so. GSC has a potential THC content of up to 28% making it one of the strongest strains available.
How do girl scout cookies grow extreme?
Just add mountain dew code red.
How tall does girl scout cookies grow?
Taller than your average girl scout!
Does girl scout cookies strain make you sleepy?
GSC is a powerful and relaxing indica dominant hybrid strain meaning that it wont knock you out completely but it is poweful enough to take the edge off and help you find rest and relaxation.


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