White Cookies Strain – Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Where does White Cookies come from?

White Cookies strain of weed is a hybrid of intense potency.  Crossed between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, two legendary strains in their own rights, White Cookies brings the best of its cerebral highs along with the ultimate relaxation to create a truly memorable cannabis experience. White Cookies seeds can be difficult to find, so your best bet is to buy White Cookies online.

What does White Cookies smell like?

Buttery, creamy, vanilla scents will draw you in with every inhale, and once you light White Cookie weed strains up, the magic starts for the rest of your senses. Imagine the smell of freshly baked vanilla cookies, and you’ll have just experienced what it’s like to smell White Cookies.

What does White Cookies taste like?

With hints of citrus from its limonene contents, White Cookies is both rich, savory and refreshing all at once to inhale.  Notes of vanilla, butter, cream, lemon and more await your taste buds when you smoke or vape this favorite, tasty strain of hundreds of White Cookies reviews.

What effects does White Cookies have?

Most stoners report feeling moved by White Cookies - as in emotionally or mentally calm.  There isn’t much actual movement going on when you smoke White Cookies weed strains, because of its incredible relaxative qualities.  You might experience some sleepiness, but the delicious flavors & aromas of White Cookies will keep you salivating for more.

Is White Cookies indica or sativa?

White Cookies reviews state it is one of those strains that doesn’t show dominant characteristics of either indicas or sativas - White Cookies strains are perfectly balanced hybrids.  

How does White Cookies strain make you feel?

White Cookies definitely help people to feel looser, more free and relaxed.  On top of chilling you out, White Cookies strains often improve your mood, or at least balance your feelings to match the current situation.  Some stoners report White Cookies seeds and weed strains instill focus & motivation, so it can be a great strain to grow as well as enjoy the fruits/flowers of your labor.


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