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In stock

Introducing Haute Health’s new hand selected sample packs! Our expertly curated Edibles Sample Pack features some of our staff and customer favourite infused edible candies and treats in a wide range of potencies and flavors. Snag all of these potent and delicious goodies at a deep discount in the new Haute Health Edibles Sample Pack – order yours today!

At the moment, this sample pack includes all of the following:

  • Four 10mg THC Coke Bottles
  • Four 20mg THC Sour Fruit Juice Berries
  • Four 40mg THC Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Four 100mg THC Wine Gummies
  • One 150mg THC Chocolate Christmas Pot Leaf
  • Four 50mg THC Chocolates
  • Four 30mg CBD Fruity Sours
  • Four 30mg Pure CBD Fuzzy Peaches

* Due to their incredible popularity, Sample Packs are limited to one each per customer. Also, options and types of 10-40mg candies may vary based on inventory.


17 reviews for Edibles Sample Pack

  1. sarahkettner29 (verified owner)

    Qmqzing loved it all , got to try a bit of everything to see what I loved best

    • Jonah Fiddes

      Hey! Thanks for the in depth review of our products!

  2. stupid.moo (verified owner)

    Loved it. Great buy !

  3. vibester123 (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth it

    • Jonah Fiddes

      One of our best value items!

  4. lasebastien83 (verified owner)


  5. nolanwayne420 (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of all of them especially the bears

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for your review! Love to hear you are enjoying this product!

  6. kejslusarenko (verified owner)

    The mushroom wasn’t good, coukd be better high but the rest was great.

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for the honest review, We appreciate the feedback from our customers.

  7. anyadawn420-0600 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the gummy’s but was not a fan of the chocolate mushroom’s flavour

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for reviewing our Edibles Sample Pack! Great feedback!

  8. maglaineboutin (verified owner)

    Ca déchire …. honnêtement j’attend le prochain deal vip

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for your support! We appreciate your feedback and check the Smokin Daily Deals often for new VIP deals!

  9. camilleguay (verified owner)

    All I can say is that my lungs are clean now ! 🤤🤤

  10. MonarchZ (verified owner)

    This was an awesome option to try, I gifted out some of the favourites to rave reviews! Had to buy another chocolate bar; this time the super strength one, so I didn’t end up eating the whole thing!

  11. mrchippawa (verified owner)

    A really great way to try so many different edibles. Loved the mushroom

  12. jbm (verified owner)

    highly enjoyed this one! really liked the shroom chocolate

  13. JamieJean420 (verified owner)

    I enjoy the edibles, especially when flying.
    However the 3.5g mushroom was insane, split it with the hubby and
    we were both mangled.

  14. posum70 (verified owner)

    Got this on sale. What a deal. Liked the choc. bar the best

  15. fprecourt (verified owner)

    wow !

  16. Buffaloman42 (verified owner)

    They tasted great, only thing is I didn’t feel much of anything as I took over 400 mg, so it felt like abit of a waste, but the chocolate mushroom was great felt it for sure ate the whole 3.5 and didn’t go into a wicked trip felt nice and relaxed as this is my 3rd time doing shrooms. Overall okay edibles

  17. myballs27 (verified owner)

    Yummy yummy 😜
    Thanks HH✌

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