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The Best Weed Strains for Creativity

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One of the most requested tidbits of information amongst our awesome customers has to do with specific effects from particular strains of cannabis. What is the best strain for productivity? Which strain will give me the best high for sleeping? What is the best weed strain for creativity? We’re all after different kinds of high for a multitude of reasons, so every cannabis customer can have unique needs with varying levels of complexity. With many of us working from home these days, and with the impacts of Covid-19 seeming to reach far into our futures, there are a lot more people who have taken to getting stoned for creative purposes.

Whether you’re a writer – like yours truly – or an artist, a musician, a marketer or even just a regular working stiff who’s looking to boost their brainpower with the help of cannabis, there are millions of people who could use a creativity boost. Weed is an excellent enhancer for creativity, productivity, efficiency and more. Your brain on cannabis can be chaotic, of course, but it can also become more focused, full of ideas and more capable of bringing imaginative concepts to life if you can find the right kind of cannabis.

Haute is happy to put together this list of updated best strains for creativity in 2022. In this short but insightful blog we’ll identify the best weed strains for creativity and point you in the direction of these game-changing ganjas.

Which Is Better: Indica or Sativa For Creativity?

Before we list some of the best strains for creativity in 2022, we thought it’d be prudent to answer another common question that our customers have about weed: which is better, indica or sativa for creativity? Simply put, most of the best weed strains for creativity are sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t many indicas that can also boost your brainpower, but a consistent theme seems to be that sativas have the right balance of calm, focus, energy and increased creativity.

So, which is better: indica or sativa for creativity? Sativa seems to be winning the landrace at this stage, but don’t count indicas out just yet. Cannabis species aren’t as important as terpenes when it comes to influencing your mind & body. The more we discover about these fascinating phytocompounds the more we realize that the old models for Indicas-Sativas-Hybrids don’t even scratch the surface of cannabis’ potential.

We’ll discuss some of the associated terpenes for each of the top strains for creativity and highlight their positive impacts on your brainpower.

Best Strains For Creativity In 2022

Cannabis is well known for its ability to stimulate blood flow throughout the brain and body. This increased blood flow can have immensely powerful effects on your mind in particular, as your brain’s frontal lobes will fire more neurons as blood flow increases. Your frontal lobes are thought to be one of the primary engines for creativity, creative thinking, problem solving and divergent thinking – i.e. thinking outside the box or being innovative.

Not only does cannabis boost activity in these areas of the brain, but it can also reduce or deactivate those parts of the mind that inhibit creative thinking & processing. This portion of the brain is referred to as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. This segment of the mind is linked to judgment, planning and cognitive control of your emotions. Although it certainly serves its purpose for helping us make complex decisions, this cortex can also lead us to self-censor or inhibit your propensity for ingenuity, creativity or productivity.

Now that we understand the basics for how cannabis can enhance your creativity, what are the best weed strains for creativity? As we currently understand it, the following strains have garnered a lot of attention for their creativity-boosting effects:

Alaska Thunder Grape

Alaska Thunder Grape and its cousin Alaska Thunder Fuck are both renowned for their creativity boosting powers. This hybrid strain is the product of crossbreeding Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Grape Ape. From this hybridization you can expect a burst of lavender, hibiscus and fruitiness complimented by a floral bouquet of lingering scents and tastes. ATG’s decent THC + CBG potencies are mid-level, but it’s the high Myrcene contents that seems to drive the creative ship for this strain.

Alaska Thunder Grape made the list of best strains for creativity in 2022 because of its well-documented euphoric, energetic, and creative influences. Most stoners note that it tingles, chills and calms your entire body but doesn’t make your mind sluggish. In fact, ATG actually wakes your mind up without making you feel too buzzed. Expect a strong sense of wanting to create, to explore, and to imbibe yourself in the warmth of memories as you journey through your consciousness in a controlled, calm manner.


Forget the creepy banjo-plucking tunes from Deliverance, because this strain will calm your tired body while waking your mind. Banjo was created from a hybrid of Boost and Tangelo strains. Known as a stimulating strain that enhances the mind, Banjo is very zesty, cheesy and semi-sweet to taste/smell. Banjo has less of a direct “creative jumpstart” and manages to improve your creativity in a more roundabout way.

Many stoners have remarked that Banjo improves their mood drastically, which leads to a more open mind, enhanced thinking processes and a boost of energy/productivity. Banjo is another strain that is higher in Myrcene than others, so we’re noticing a pattern here for this particular terpene and its creativity


C-dog, or Chemdawg, is another hybrid strain that has accrued a cult-like following in the cannabis world. Although the parentage for this hybrid is a little mysterious even to this day, we know that there are elements of Sour Diesel and OG Kush somewhere in its lineage. When you light up this legendary strain you’ll instantly become aware of its strong diesel aromas and pungent odors that probably led to its chemical-oriented name.

Chemdawg gained traction as a creativity enhancer because its effects are long-lasting and can be very heavy on the body/mind. For some, this strain is too overwhelming, but if you have a decent tolerance then you’ll reap the rewards of heightened energy, focus, calm, control and a need to get things done. C-dog doesn’t couch-lock or make you want to snooze – quite the opposite in fact. Thanks to the higher than average Caryophyllene contents of this strain, you can expect a good deal of happiness, focus, relaxation and creativity.


The famous “Larry Bird” of cannabis strains is another great creative booster. A cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato (sometimes called Gelato #42) is a straight indica-sativa balance. First impressions of sweetness, creaminess, fruitiness and a crisp finish make this strain a refreshing treat for many stoners. Not only does it taste/smell great, but Gelato has a large fan base because of its deep purple tones, fiery-orange hairs and consistent glazing of trichomes.

In terms of effects, Gelato has a cerebral calm to it with soothing effects all over your body. Many people smoke it for aches & pains, but it’s also well-known for its euphoric effects and penchant for happy-relaxation. Gelato enhances your creativity in a more supportive way by removing inhibitors to free-thinking. A Gelato high will include comfort, weightlessness and a calm lucidity that sets the stage for a creative & productive afternoon.

Jack Herer

Jack is back again, and it’s no wonder when you consider the complex effects of this very popular strain. Jack Herer, “JH”, “Jacko” or “The Jack” is renowned and beloved among many cannabis connoisseurs. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Jack is a combination of Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. There are a lot of subtle variations of Jack Herer cannabis, so the flavor/aroma profiles might shift between skunky-herbal and floral-fruity, but you can always expect similar blissful effects when you toke on this legendary strain.

Jack Herer is very cerebral and leads to profound clear-headedness. Expect to be uplifted out of your mental fog and imbued with new powers of thought that seem obvious to you in your heightened state. Most stoners recount their experiences on JH as being blissful, awakened and very creative. Concepts, ideas and emotions seem to come on easier than usual, so be ready to realize a lot and get a lot done as well.

Lemon Cake

What do you know, ANOTHER Myrcene-dominant cannabis strain?! Lemon Cake is another sativa-dominant strain that does its name justice. Crossbred from Lemon Pound Cake and Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Cake is cheesy, zesty, musky and perfectly sweet – just like a bite from any one of these tasty desserts. It also looks like a cake topper with its sharp citrus smells matching its lemon/lime/orange coloration.

Lemon Cake has gained a solid following in the creativity department because it uplifts without scrambling your brain. You will feel joyous, brimming with energy, focused and satisfied – just like you would eating a piece of lemon cake/cheesecake. Lemon Cake can be quite strong and heady at first, but instead of feeling drowsy you’ll enjoy the stir it causes in your mind. Some stoners say that Lemon Cake is a “brainstorm” bud that makes them want to accomplish tasks in new, creative ways.

Purple Haze

The strain named after Jimi Hendrix’s penultimate hit song… what else do you need to know?! Just like the world’s most creative guitarist, this sativa strain is one of the most potent creativity inducers on the planet. Believed to descend from Purple Thai and Haze strains, “The Purp” is grassy, sweet and spicy with notes of berries and an earthy boldness. On top of this sensory overload of aromas & flavors, Purple Haze is gorgeous to behold. Obviously, many purplish hues dominate its exterior but you can also enjoy its sublime crystalline coverage and fiery highlights.

Purple Haze might’ve been what Jimi was smoking when he railed on his guitars, because this strain has a plethora of lasting creativity effects. Expect to have your mind expanded as you feel centered, content and nostalgic but with eyes for something new & exciting. Lots of energy & motivation often follow the initial bursts of euphoria and energy that go straight to your head. There’s a popular saying that Purple Haze is a true “inspiration rush” – you’ll feel relaxed at first, but all of the sudden you’ll be overcome by a driving need to create. This is definitely one of the best weed strains for productivity, but also one of the best strains for productivity – just like the music-machine that was Jimi Hendrix.

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