1000mg CBD Energy Tincture


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You’ve probably tried all the usual energy boosting supplements to get through the day: basil, ginseng, ashwagandha, rhodiola and cordyceps. These can work great, but why not invest in a product that has all of these energy-improving inputs plus high-potency CBD?! 1000 mg CBD Energy Tincture from Haute Health can charge your mind, awaken your body and help you to cut down on stress or fatigue. Trust in the natural energy boosting powers of CBD with this Energy Tincture and you’ll be able to overcome anything the day throws at you.

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Stay alert, active and on the ball while promoting and improving your overall wellbeing and health! This expertly formulated and highly potent CBD tincture from Fresh X-tracts contains a massive 1000 mg of CBD! Enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that this invigorating, immunity boosting and health promoting element of the cannabis plant can provide. Reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis CBD without the overwhelming psychoactive high from the THC which has been excluded from this special mixture. Instead of psychoactive THC the medicinal CBD has been blended with our signature energy boosting formulation of basil, ginseng, ashwagandha, mace, rhodiola, cordyceps and a carrier oil for ease of storage and use. Simply use the dropper to place a small amount directly onto the tongue or add a drop to your favourite food or drink to add the medical and energy boosting benefits of this special CBD mixture!


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8 reviews for 1000mg CBD Energy Tincture

  1. ilovegrowinginalberta1 (verified owner)

    Works like any other CBD product basically except most of the other CBD products I’ve used do not have such a harsh taste. You need to mix it with something that will mellow out the harshness

  2. ilovegrowinginalberta1 (verified owner)

    Works like other cbd. REALLY HARSH taist tho

  3. pameecoool (verified owner)

    Great! Help my pain a lot since I suffer from fibromyalgia! But Dadamn it smells freaking strong! Prepare some honey to mix them together cause man, your hairs will raise over your head lol

  4. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    Very strong taste and definitely needs to be mixed with a smoothie or something but they do work pretty good

  5. britt.hoover (verified owner)

    The flavor is POTENT highly recommend adding it to a smoothie or juice to mask the flavor. Directly in your mouth burns a little, like a too spicy ginger cookie

  6. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Pas aimé le goût. Trop fort

  7. bwitty_or (verified owner)

    Don’t put it straight under your tongue. First time I did and it burns. I put it in my morning smoothie now.

  8. toocool28 (verified owner)

    Does what it says . But tastes harsh. Once you get passed the taste it does work 100%.

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