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5 Reasons Why Women Love Cannabis

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It’s a question that has perplexed government officials and authorities all over the world for over a century… Why do women love cannabis?! What’s not to love? Cannabis has taken the world by storm, especially in the last 3-5 years as more and more jurisdictions are legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis in its many forms. What used to be a stigmatized, illicit drug that people only shared with those they truly trusted is now a part of our everyday lives. The age of cannabis is in full-swing, and whether you like it or not it’s here to stay.

Women and weed have always had a very special relationship because stone culture has been dominated by the Cheech, Chongs, Snoop Doggs and Willie Nelsons of the world. The benefits of weed for women are much the same as they are for men – pain reduction, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, nausea remedy, chill inducer, etc. Where cannabis became uniquely special for many women has to do with the sense of control one has over one’s body with cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Women have suffered immeasurable injustices throughout the span of human history, and although it might seem small beyond comparison, a woman’s ability to manage her own wellbeing, improve her physical fitness or treat some health problems with cannabis bears a lot of weight with the stoner women of today.

Cannabis has been – and continues to be in some places – a restricted commodity & medicine. For many women, this secret power they tapped into whenever they lit a joint, dined on edibles with friends, or relied on cannabis to heal serious ailments is a part of their identity. Women are often the only ones strong enough to stand up and fight for their rights & the rights of their loved ones. This is equally true in the realm of cannabis rights that we’re fortunate enough to be living in today.

It’s a woman’s world – finally – and it’s also a world full of weed. Let’s explore some of the benefits of weed for women and try to determine why women love cannabis while appreciating the reasons why weed loves women, and rightly so.


Cannabis has many benefits that aren’t necessarily tied to one gender or another, but there’s no denying that men & women have certain problems that are more common to the sexes. Some cannabis is for menopause relief, while others are aimed at easing anxiety or improving sleep quality/consistency. Certain cannabis products contain mostly THC while others have only isolated CBD to avoid the issue of psychoactivity. The point is that there are hundreds of benefits of weed to be experienced from thousands of unique and versatile cannabis products.

If we had to choose amongst the dozens of reasons that millions of people all over the world are turning to cannabis, the following list would make for the ultimate “why women love cannabis”. These aren’t the only reasons, of course, but they are some of the most popular and highly touted benefits of weed as voted by Haute’s sexy, smart collective of stoner chicks.

Soothing Aches & Pains With Weed

Why do women love weed? Why does anyone? Because it’s one of the best pain relievers on the planet with little-to-no side effects to worry about. Unlike with many over-the-counter pain medications, long-term cannabis treatment for immediate or chronic pain doesn’t bear the risk of damaging your liver, kidneys or other major organs. Pain is a symptom of numerous conditions and it can strike in varying degrees at almost any moment, so pain remedies need to be safe to take on-demand and frequently.

Cannabis fits the bill for almost all of your pain, soreness, swelling, inflammation, cramps or spasms. There are so many ways to ingest or absorb cannabis as well, which is probably one of the reasons many women are turning to Mary J for when pain happens (as it often does). Cannabis oils are great for dosing, THC creams can soothe aching skin or muscles, CBD sprays can provide quick relief, and cannabis capsules or gummies can be taken every day to fend off pain before it takes hold.

When you get an itch you scratch it, so from now on remember: when you feel pain, you soothe it with cannabis.

Cannabis For Menopause Relief

Cannabis for menopause relief is an obvious reason why many women love weed, but it might surprise you to learn how they’re using cannabis to counteract those persistent symptoms of PMS. Women who are experiencing the hot flashes, constant cramping, mood swings, skin flushes or bouts of extreme fatigue need not suffer in silence thanks to cannabis. ‘Aunt Flo’ and her after-effects are no match for Mary J’s potent cannabinoids & terpenes: CBD, THC, CBN, CBG and others have been studied as having profound influences on human hormones.

CBD in particular is responsible for increasing the popularity of cannabis for menopause relief because it is non-psychoactive (it doesn’t cause you to feel high or alter your state of mind). Cannabidiol (CBD) is great because it can be taken discreetly for on-demand relief from symptoms of menopause, and it also is very effective as a supplement to prevent hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings or restlessness.

Sleeping Like A Rock By Getting Stoned

We’re not entirely sure why women have trouble sleeping more than men do – maybe it’s because many women are full-time mothers to a bunch of rambunctious kids?! – but the facts are that the majority of women today struggle to achieve consistent, quality sleep. Sleep isn’t just elusive some nights, it can be impossible to feel rested, stay asleep or sleep deep enough – let alone repeat the entire process the next night. One of the most popular reasons why women love weed has to do with how sleepy it can make them feel. Sure, some dope can make you a little dopey but once your head hits the pillow after smoking a joint or taking some cannabis oil you’ll be snoozing in no time.

Cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN can help to relax your mind or amp up your dream activity – it’ll depend on the strain and the potency of the cannabis product in question. Terpenes like myrcene, linalool and caryophyllene have also been known to lull the most tired minds into slumber with ease. Cannabis doesn’t just help you sleep longer, fall asleep faster or stay asleep in deep REM’s because it gets you high – it has a number of sleep-supportive compounds in it that not only work just like melatonin, but better.

Be A Social Butterfly With Mary J

Whether you struggle with social settings or you’re already a social butterfly, cannabis is an excellent way to put you in the mood for good times with friends, family and colleagues. Even if you’re taking cannabis for medical reasons, it has profound recreational proclivities that can turn your anxiety, bad moods or lack of energy into fun & fancy free. Think of your inability or lack of interest in socializing as rust and cannabis as a fresh can of plant-powered WD-40 (Weed-420, more like it).

Smoking weed, dropping edibles, rubbing on canna-cream, taking oils, vaping shatter or however you like to get your weed fix is an awesome way to unwind or wind up for a night of fun. Of course, whenever you’re in social settings you have to be extra careful to dose properly to avoid greening out in front of everyone. If you’re getting stoned alone don’t let that stop you – be the brave, powerful, independent woman you are and set the trend with a toke. Whether you’re partying, relaxing, vibing or going on a date cannabis makes for effective social lubricant (no pun intended, but also pun intended).

Weed for Winding Down & Finding Her Center

When the parties are over and you want to relax & chill, cannabis is also very good for bringing you down as much as it can boost you up. If you can believe it, cannabis is even more popular as a remedy for anxiety than it is for things like energy, creativity or socialization boosts. THC has been known to cause bouts of paranoia if you consume too much. Thankfully CBD not only doesn’t cause your nerves to fray, it actually works to counteract the psychoactivity and mind-altering effects of THC.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to have a vial, joint or edible with high-CBD contents handy in case you take too much THC and start to feel the fear rumble in your mind/stomach. THC can certainly help you to relax as well, you just have to know your tolerance and dosage a lot more than CBD. If getting stoned sounds appealing – and why wouldn’t sinking into the calm, serenity of a rock sound nice and relaxing? – then cannabis can be a very powerful calm-inducing agent in your life.

Upping Her Game In Fitness & Athletics

Putting all of the previous benefits of weed together, women often take cannabis products because it helps them to stay fit, stay motivated and maintain their goddess-like physiques & mindsets. Injuries from muscle tears or soreness from pushing yourself past your limits can lead to lost time and progress, not to mention diminished performance. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a soccer or hockey player or just a gym junkie cannabis can help to keep you at your peak.

Easing muscle soreness or spasms: check, cannabis. Helping you to rest & recover: check, cannabis. Balancing hormone levels, gastrointestinal health and even stabilizing appetite: check, check and check, cannabis.


So why do women love cannabis? We gave you six reasons, not five, even though we said top 5 in the title. This is because like most mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, cousins, friends and colleagues the women in our lives deserve more than the world gives them. Women are everything and everyone in our social groups, and whether that’s your coworker, your aunt, your grandmother, your girlfriend or your daughter SHE is a powerful, smart, hard-working and loyal pillar in your life.

She deserves a life well lived and a healthy lifestyle that she can enjoy. That is why women love cannabis: it helps them to be the woman they want to be, to achieve what they aim to achieve, and to live long and healthy lives. Haute Health has all the cannabis products you need to support the women in your lives, so check out the incredible selection of life-changing weed that meets all your needs.

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