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Cannabis Massage Oil For Muscle Pain Relief

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Medical cannabis products have been making big waves in the health and wellness communities across Canada as more and more people discover the health benefits of using CBD and THC infused cannabis products in a wide array of methods including smoking, eating and the use of extractions like shatter, wax or topical oils. When it comes to relief from muscle pain and soothing aches and soreness especially after a hard workout or a long day of hard work it is hard to beat the potency and power of a well made cannabis infused massage oil especially when used in combination with any of the other fun methods available for enjoying cannabis products like smoking a joint or eating a cannabis infused edible candy.

Cannabis massage oil can take the relaxing and invigorating experience of a massage to new heights of euphoria and spiritual fulfilment while the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD and THC take effect. Pair your thc massage oil topical cream with an edible or a pre-rolled joint to take yourself right out into the cosmos for an experience that is truly out of this world. Highly recommended for romantic partners to help deepen and strengthen physical and emotional bonds!

CBD & Pain Management

Did you know that more people struggle with daily pain and discomfort than patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined? Bodily aches and pains are a serious issue negatively affecting the lives of people from all walks of life, professions and social statuses. Of those people who report they struggle daily with pain a full 1/3rd of them describe their pain as completely debilitating rendering them unable to function normally at home, work or in their day to day lives.

When you struggle daily with this kind of overpowering physical discomfort the discovery of a safe and effective method of treatment can quite literally function as a lifeline allowing the patient to regain control over and find enjoyment in the minutia of their daily lives again. Without a constant focus on the displeasure and pain they are enduring the simple pleasures of life can be appreciated again and participation in the responsibilities of daily life becomes much less of a chore.

Many of the traditional medications prescribed to people who find themselves in this situation come with a host of unpleasant and unwanted side effects and in the case of opioids which are utilized in the most extreme cases the potential for developing a crippling physical addiction can be very high. By turning to CBD and THC based products instead people with pain management issues can reclaim some control over their lives without risking a dependency on a drug that has wreaked havoc in cities all over North America and beyond.

How Does CBD Help With Pain?

CBD or cannabidiol is an essential ingredient in the vast majority of most of the best known cannabis derived medicines on the marketplace today. The reason it has enjoyed some recent time in the limelight as an exciting new treatment for a wide range of health concerns including chronic pain is because of the natural interaction between the cannabinoids in marijuana and the endocannabinoid system found within every living person. The endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for the regulation of moods, the retention of memories and the way pain is experienced by the human body.

When you pair the effects of cannabis products on the endocannabinoid system all human beings posses with the natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cannabis plant you end up with a powerful and potent pain reliever, mood booster and muscle relaxant ideal for the treatment of annoying physical aches and pains as well as psychological concerns like stress, anxiety, paranoia or general discomfort.

Knowing these facts it is no wonder that thc massage oil or cannabis massage treatments are taking the medical and health and wellness communities by storm. Weed massage oil is ideal for relieving bodily aches and pains, ridding the body of stress and anxieties while providing an overwhelming sense of well being and reinvigoration.

Cannabis Infused Massage Oil

If you are curious about using some weed massage oil yourself there are a few methods you can use to set yourself up correctly. The first and most simple method would be to purchase some tincture or another form of CBD and THC infused cannabis extract and add it to a simple massage oil. You will only need a small amount to add the beneficial effects of CBD and THC to your oil so a small bottle of tincture will last some time if you use this method! You can make a simple and easy to use cannabis massage oil at home with just these simple ingredients at any time by simply mixing them together in a bowl or bottle before use.

If you would like to have full control over every aspect of the production process you could look into the various methods for how to make cannabis oil for pain relief. Let’s take a brief and broad overview of the methods used to do this – if you’d like to learn more in greater detail the web is full of in depth resources for you to utilize!

First you will need to gather some essential oils – any variety you like is fine this is completely up to personal preference. There are a seemingly endless array of options available to you but as we are interested primarily in making a cannabis infused massage oil with relaxing and pain relieving properties eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense and black pepper are great essential oils to start with.
Eucalyptus is well known for its potent cooling and soothing effect on sore muscles and natural pain relieving qualities. An excellent choice for reducing inflammation, pain and swelling. Rosemary also works well to reduce pain and inflammation giving your mixture an added boost. Frankincense improves moisture retention in your skin enhancing the oil’s ability to work and black pepper provides a warming counterbalance to the soothing cool eucalyptus which helps loosen up the body and reduces pain and swelling.

Simply add these essential oils in small amounts – 5 drops of each give or take should be about enough for a small batch – to an oil based cannabis concentrate that is rich in THC and CBD. Then you can use your new cannabis massage oil for your next massage session for yourself or your partner! A small jar or bottle should work great for storing any of the remaining weed massage oil but don’t worry about making a lot at a time. You can easily make more quickly and any cannabis you leave stored for long periods will begin to lose its potency gradually over time. Better to just mix up a quick fresh batch the next time it is needed!

Cannabis Massage Oil Effects

Why should you consider making your next massage a cannabis enhanced experience? The beneficial effects are many and when coupled with the already relaxing and rejuvenating experience of a great massage you set yourself up for a sensory experience that is out of this world! But this is not to be confused with the psychoactive euphoria produced by cannabis products when they are smoked or ingested. No matter how potent with THC your cannabis extract is it is not possible to absorb enough of it through the skin and into the bloodstream to produce the “high” mental and physical state cannabis is most famous for.

Depending on your personal outlook this news about cannabis massage oil effects is either a great relief or a disappointment! Regardless of your ideal goals with a thc and cbd oil massage treatment there are fantastic reasons to add it into your health and wellness routine. If you are not comfortable with the psychoactive euphoria cannabis can produce and are prone to paranoia or anxiety when it comes to cannabis use a massage oil treatment might just be the best point of entry into the world of medical cannabis. You can experience the deep healing and rejuvenation that THC and CBD products can provide without concern for losing control over your state of mind.

If you are a veteran psychonaut let down by the news that you can’t just slather on a bottle full of high powered THC concentrate and have your mind and body ascend to higher planes then the good news for you is that a CBD and THC enriched massage oil can help to catapult your next smoke out session or mid-trip massage into a hyperspace of new sensual and satisfying physical experiences while also providing your body with a powerful restorative.

This is because even though the THC and CBD do not cross into the bloodstream through the skin, human skin also contains the same CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the nervous system, brain and internal organs which act as binding locations for THC and CBD. Although the activation of these receptors does not result in the same euphoric mind and body state you may be familiar with, they are perfectly suited to compliment the practice of massage as they act in this case as muscle relaxants, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. When added to a mixture with other soothing and invigorating essential oils you are in for cannabis massage oil effects that add up to a sensual, soothing, healing experience that will penetrate deep into your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

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