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Good Weed vs Bad Weed: How To Tell The Difference

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Maybe you are new to the world of cannabis? If you are even if you have done a little research to determine which strain is best for you to start with you might still be wondering how to tell if you have good weed vs bad weed. If you’re worried the most recent bag you scored might not be as dank as it was advertised to you as there are a handful of surefire methods you can use to tell and be certain whether you made a sound investment or stumbled into a bag of bad reggie weed.

The difference between good and bad weed isn’t immediately obvious to everyone and in many cases looks can often be deceiving! But that said there are a few universal rules you can always follow to be certain your weed is dank regardless of the strain or source. The most obvious and potentially most fun way to find out how good your most recent bag of weed is would be to smoke it of course and find out how it burns, how it feels and what effects it produces when it succeeds or fails to get you high.

But that is far from the only method you can use to determine how to tell good weed from bad weed. Your most powerful tools to judge your new bag of sunshine are your eyes and nose. Let’s take a look at all the different methods you can use to be certain the bag you bought is in fact dank before you pack a bowl or roll a joint and light it up!

Colour Is The Key

When it comes to comparing good weed vs bad weed one of the most obvious and immediate signifiers of the quality of your cannabis is the way that it looks. What does good weed look like? Good looking weed should be a bright and vibrant green with additional orange, red or purple colorations on the fine hairs or crystals, Furthermore it should be properly cured which means it will still look vibrant and healthy but also be dry enough to grind, burn and smoke without losing all of the sticky moist softness within.

What does bad weed look like? If your buds are very dark or even brown and dry to the point of dusty you probably have a bag of bad weed on hand. Not only will the taste, potency and burn be unpleasant for anyone who happens to smoke it there is a chance the cannabis could also have harmful molds or pesticides present which could cause undue harm to your health and wellness – exactly the opposite of the desired intent many people turn to cannabis for in the first place!

Be careful with any cannabis you suspect may have been kept in storage too long. If there is any indication of mold or spoilage (mold appears on the nugs as a white powdery mildew or as a coating of fuzzy white nastiness) of any kind toss out your baggie and get some more. The risk to your health is simply not worth the underwhelming experience smoking cannabis in this state is certain to provide you with let alone the potential for negative impacts to your health and wellness. Always avoid moldy weed at all costs!

That Funky Dank Smell

Even if you’ve never smoke cannabis before chances are good that you will recognize the unmistakable skunk-like aroma of a fresh and extremely potent bag of AAAA top shelf cannabis. The smell should be rich, earthy and unmistakably dank. It is true that nothing on earth smells like a bag of fine high quality marijuana and if you smoke and enjoy it it won’t take long at all for you to recognize and come to love the aroma as a sign of quality.

A big difference between good and bad weed is the smell and apart from the look it is one of the most obvious methods you can use to be certain your product is quality. If you take a big whiff of your cannabis and it smells like anything other than a variety of that fresh and unmistakable weed smell then avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it away and get a better sack, especially if it smells like dried hay. Even if you have a bag of otherwise good looking weed but the smell is off somehow and doesn’t seem fresh or right the best policy would be to avoid smoking it altogether and get something quality that you can be certain isn’t spoiled in any way.

Remember: if it smells dank put it in the tank. If it smells like hay, throw that shit away.

Flavour Country

This method is a little more nuanced and definitely more for the advanced smoker but once you grow accustomed to the flavour of clean burning fresh and properly cured cannabis it becomes unmistakable. If you have good looking weed but something just doesn’t taste right when you finally light it up and inhale there is a chance there might be something wrong with it. It is possible the cannabis has mold you didn’t detect when you first inspected it or perhaps a pesticide or other additive chemical has been added to the product when it was grown or treated. Either way the taste of good weed vs bad will seem subtle at first but after a little more experience with smoking cannabis you will be able to tell immediately after the first puff if your bag is dank or dusted.

If the flavour is any way off from what was advertised and especially if it tastes like hay, chemicals or something other than weed entirely avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it out and get yourself a bag of dank nugs from Haute Health instead!

Crystal Magic


Another way to tell the difference between good and bad weed is to note the crystal content on the buds. Good, potent cannabis will be densely layered with THC crystals or trichomes. The bigger and brighter the crystal content the stronger and more satisfying your cannabis is likely to be. If someone tells you they have a bag of strong loud and you have a chance to examine it for yourself chances are good they have been misinformed if there are no visible crystals to be seen anywhere on the bud. The more it sparkles the more magical and potent the high you can expect the plant to provide!

Good bud will have a small amount of visible crystal content so don’t be too discouraged if your nugs are not shining and sparkling like gemstones – as long as there are some visible trichomes the weed should be good enough to smoke and enjoy. But be certain to avoid anything that doesn’t have any crystal content at all. If you get your hands on some AAAA top shelf craft grown cannabis you can usually tell immediately by the overwhelming amount of trichome crystals sometimes appearing in a variety of sizes and hues finely coating the cannabis flowers.

Well Groomed & Green

Apart from the smell, feel, taste, crystals and colour of your bud another surefire way to tell if you’ve been sold some beautiful dank nugs or a bag of disappointing reggie scrap schwag is to observe the quality of the trim. Your nugs should be big and full and dense with very little stem, leaf, seed or shake content. If you see seeds, sticks, untrimmed leaves, shake or big heavy stems in your bag this is an immediate and obvious indication that the weed is less than quality. Not only is it likely to be underweight due to the extra unwanted material in the bag it also likely won’t provide any potent or desirable effects, especially when compared against some properly cured and groomed beautiful nugs.

Seeds are another clear and obvious indication that the cannabis you have purchased is not top quality. There should be no seeds of any kind in your bag of cannabis so if you see them at all you will know the bud was not properly tended to before it found its way into your possession. Your bag of dank sunshine should be full of fat, healthy looking, dry but not dried out, vibrantly coloured and delightfully smelling nugs. Anything less than that means you have a less than top quality product on hand.

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