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How Marijuana Can Help With Weight Loss

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Can you lose weight by smoking weed? A cannabis weight loss routine may seem unlikely to you based on the reputation of weed smokers as constantly hungry snack fiends but as many people have already discovered using cannabis can actually help keep off the pounds! In fact studies have shown that regular users of cannabis are 30-35% less likely to be obese and generally weigh less on average than people who do not toke but otherwise have the same health and lifestyle habits.

The image of a complacent stoner laying slack on the couch with a game controller in hand is a very outdated one. While everyone might engage in this type of relaxation from time to time the overwhelming majority of cannabis users are highly active and engaged professionals who also happen to enjoy a legal recreational substance with many beneficial side effects.

People all over the world have been discovering for themselves the unique benefits of combining cannabis and weight loss routines with their health and wellness routines and the results often speak for themselves!

Marijuana & Metabolism

Does weed boost your metabolism? Everyone knows about the famous “munchie” effect enjoying cannabis products can produce and snacking stoners have been portrayed in all forms of pop culture for ages. But triggering hunger is just one in a wide range of potential side effects cannabis can produce. As expert growers create more and more specialized and hyper-focused strains it is getting easier and easier to fine tune your cannabis experience to better suit your own personal health and lifestyle routines. For many people all over the world marijuana and weight loss are the perfect compliment to one another. It turns out marijuana and metabolism – like many other systems of the human body – are intricately linked.

What’s more there is science to back up the fact that even though you might usually experience a desperate hunger after smoking weed the cannabinoids absorbed by your system also work to send your metabolism into overdrive. This beneficial marijauna and metabolism effect was found to extend well beyond the duration of the psychoactive effects of the THC giving even one time smokers a metabolic boost that lasted them up to four weeks after use!

The exact dosage required to trigger this effect is still not clearly understood but the enhanced metabolic state described was observed in casual and routine smokers alike. When it comes to marijuana and metabolism THC is a must as the effect on the metabolic process is not triggered by CBD which is beneficial in many other ways.

THC also helps to regulate the natural biome of bacteria in the human gut further promoting health and reducing the likelihood of obesity in users. In studies on marijuana and metabolism with laboratory mice on high cholesterol diets, THC helped to rebalance the metabolic system and reduced weight gain overall.

Cannabis & Weight Loss

Does smoking weed make you skinny? As any longtime smoker can probably tell you smoking cannabis alone won’t keep you lean and trim. But combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet the link between marijuana and metabolism means including cannabis in your lifestyle and health routines can optimize your metabolism and gut biome and improve your results overall.

Don’t just take our word for it! One of our favourite examples in pop culture is the success story of Damian Abraham (also known as Father Damian, Pink Eyes and Mr. Damian) the wild and unpredictable punk rock singer and frontman of legendary Canadian punk band Fucked Up. Damian was also the host of Much Music’s The Wedge – an indie and underground music video show and currently hosts his own excellent podcast about punk music where he interviews other legendary punk musicians like himself.

For many years one of the staples of a Fucked Up live show was to watch Damian, typically shirtless and massively obese, smash bottles into his own face and scream into the microphone, whipping himself and his audience into a sweaty frenzy of chaotic action. Their music is loud and unpredictable but with an awareness of multiple genres and styles. Even though they are undeniably hardcore they infuse indie rock and experimental elements into almost all of their music.

During this time Abraham ate poorly, drank soda and used anti-anxiety medication. While on tour performing in Europe and out of his medications Abraham decided to give cannabis another try after not using it for fifteen years while in Amsterdam. The rest is history and after losing over 120 lbs he gained a new perspective on and became an outspoken advocate of cannabis and it’s positive effects on his lifestyle and dietary habits.

Can Weed Help You Lose Weight?

By resisting the urge to eat poorly and utilizing the extra satisfaction for all foods that smoking cannabis can provide during and after the high you can train your mind and body to eat less, resist junk foods and even enjoy exercise more. What could be more enjoyable than combining the euphoric feeling of the psychoactive cannabis high with the physical elation of performing your favourite exercise routine!

By infusing a cannabis weight loss routine into your lifestyle and making generally healthy choices overall with a little bit of routine physical activity seems like a simple way to lose weight, have fun and enjoy the entire experience of improving your physical health and wellness overall.

Does weed make you lose weight all on it’s own? Of course not! Like everything else in life there is no miracle cure and any marijuana weight loss routine will fail if it is not coupled with other generally healthy lifestyle habits and activities. Luckily for us doing things like going for a walk or run, riding a bike, skateboarding, hitting the gym or doing yoga and pilates are all loads of fun when you enjoy some cannabis beforehand.

Some athletes have reported that they enjoy microdosing a small amount of THC in a tincture or edible before workouts or practice as it helps them to relax without reducing their ability to compete. Cannabis topicals can also help with muscle aches and pains and many people who hit the gym also hit the bong afterwards in order to relax and unwind after a satisfying workout.

Cannabis is also well known to reduce inflammation and pain which is ideal for anyone suffering from a sport or work related injury. If you are struggling through a daily workout routine on the road to physical recovery then adding cannabis before, after or even during your workout could help lighten the load and make the experience more enjoyable.

A marijuana weight loss routine with plenty of physical activity gives you an added boost in the difficult battle of weight regulation. This is something almost everyone struggles with on some level and having an extra tool in the toolkit that can boost the metabolism and make exercising more fun is no small thing!

Ideal Strains For Active Lifestyles

If you decide to use cannabis for your weight loss routine it helps to choose your strain wisely and make sure you know exactly what you are getting. For that reason let’s take a look at some of the ideal strains with appetite suppressing side effects which might also provide the added benefits of an energy boost or improved focus or deep relaxation.

Knowing what type of exercise you most enjoy will also help to guide you in deciding what kind of cannabis effects will be most beneficial for your intended purposes. For example if you prefer doing yoga which promotes mindfulness and a deep calm you may want to choose a nice indica strain to help you along. If instead you plan to hit the gym, go for a run or play a contact sport you might prefer a high energy and focus generating sativa.

Once you’ve decided what kind of physical activity best suits your life and overall happiness you should also decide on some simple and healthy foods to base your diet on. Try to cut out processed junk foods and sodas or anything high in sugars or fats. It can’t hurt to avoid bread and other gluten based foods too if you want to increase your chances overall.

Some great sativa dominant strains to use before high impact physical activity include Durban Poison and Harlequin. Both of these strains give you a big upbeat energy boost and improve your mental focus allowing you to zero in on the task at hand and get the job done with pep in your step and smile across your face.

Strains that contain high amounts of THC-V or the terpene Humulene are well known to suppress the appetite and remove the well known urge cannabis might usually give you to constantly check the fridge and pantry for something to munch on. Black Beauty is a strain with a high THC-V count that would be ideal for your switch to a healthier lifestyle. Strains high in Humulene are a little more common making them more accessible to everyone. They include some well known classics like Sour OG, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies and Skywalker OG.

Green Crack is a fantastic strain and it provides the duplicate benefits of a high THC-V count combined with a high amount of Humulene. This high energy sativa strain will keep you going on the field or in the gym without sending you to the snack aisle afterwards.

Cannatonic is a great CBD focused choice that has just enough THC to provoke the metabolism and provide a “tipsy” kind of elated low psychoactive effect. If you want to loosen up just a little bit without becoming overwhelmed by the high during your workout routine this strain would be ideal for you.

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