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Bubbler Pipe – How To Pick The Best One

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The way people smoke weed has remained relatively consistent over the decades, many still roll up their weed in a joint, stuff their bong or pack their pipe. It has only been the last few years where we have seen a shift in the way users consume cannabis with technology and invocation playing a huge role in the creation of new smoking mechanisms. This has brought forth a movement of unique and exotic ways to consume cannabis, the bubbler pipe is the perfect example of the future of lighting up herb in a more efficient and enjoyable way. Bubblers allow for a smooth hit with a variety of different bubblers available, unique to other smoking devices, bubblers offer a blend of a pipe with the smoothness of a bong, allowing for the best of both worlds in one tool.

Bubbler Pipe – How To Pick The Best One

What is a Bubbler Pipe

What is a Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler pipes can be viewed as a hybrid between both a bong and a pipe, smaller in size but the same punch a bong can provide. Bubblers aren’t that much different then a bong, they contain a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem and a chamber which holds the water to allow the smoke to travel through, cooling down the hit providing a smooth silky hit. Various bubbler pipes have percolators which is another water chamber that contributes further to cooling and creating a smoother hit, similar to a bong. The biggest difference between a bubble pipe and bong is the size, bubbler pipes mirror the image of a pipe more then a bong and are usually one solid unit instead of other bongs or pipes that can be taken apart into multiple pieces. When smoking a bubbler pipe, they are cleared in two ways, either through a carb hole like a bong or by removing a hitter piece from the top of the pipe to create airflow. Bubbler pipes are great because they meet both your bong and pipe needs in one cohesive unit. They offer great portability and discreetness which a bong cannot, they also offer a smooth and easy tasting smoke which is rarely found when smoking out of a pipe. Bubblers are also crafted with care and aesthetics in mind, most bubbler pipes are created to look visually appealing, almost like an ornament that you could place on your coffee table to be admired.

Types of Bubbler Pipes

Types of Bubbler Pipes

​There are a variety of different bubblers available, each has a bowl where herb can be stored, size may differ but they always have a bowl. Every bubbler has a water chamber, this is what makes a bubbler a bubbler and provides the easy tasting smooth finish. Last but not least, the stem. Every bubbler pipe has a sturdy stem which is where all the smoke travels after it has been filtered through the water chamber. These three features will always be found in any bubbler, after that there are a variety of different types of bubblers that can meet specific needs. Many bubblers are known to be artistic and made with a visual appealing element in mind, some are crafted into the shape of an animal or abstract shapes, some may even mistake a weed bubbler pipe as a ornament or artwork you have in your home.

Bubbler pipes come in six basic designs, each with its own unique function, advantage and style.

Hammer Bubbler Pipe

One of the most commonly found weed bubbler pipe is the Hammer Bubbler. Shaped like a small hammer instead of a glass bowl, the long handle provides ample space for more smoke to pass through the stem. Hammer Bubblers are designed with the idea that it can rest on a flat surface without rolling around or falling over.

Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

The Sherlock Bubbler Pipe is inspired by the fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes. Everything in this weed bubbler is the same as the Hammer, but the only different is the stem contains a branded curved “S”

Sidecar Bubbler Pipe

The biggest feature found on the Sidecar Bubbler Pipe is that the stem and mouthpiece are built to the side of the water chamber, opposed to the traditional Hammer pipe which commonly comes straight out of the water chamber. The Sidecar was created in response to water back splashing from the water chamber which is a common issue in both the hammer and sidecar.


Designed for ultimate convenience the Pendant weed bubbler pipe was created for portability and discreetness. Many are designed to a string attachment allowing for it to be stored around your neck or wrist.

Concentrate Bubbler

Unlike other bubbler pipes, the concentrate bubbler is for smoking cannabis concentrates and not dried flower cannabis. The process is the same as a regular bubbler but contain a direct inject. When using a concentrate bubbler it comes with additional accessories like a glass nail and oil dome which are specific tools used to dab.

Double Bubbler

The description is in the name. The Double Bubbler Pipe comes equipped with two chambers (duel percolator). This allows for a double filtration system which filters the smoke twice, resulting in the cleanest and smoothest hit possible through a weed bubbler.

What to Look for When Buying a Bubbler

What to Look for When Buying a Bubbler Pipe

When shopping for a good bubbler you can be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Deciding on a bubbler all comes down to personal preference, from design to consumption methods, but there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your bubbler pipe.

  • All good bubbler pipes should be able to stand on their own, either through the chamber or mouthpiece. This makes the bubbler easily storable and importantly it doesn’t spill any of the water inside. It’s a good idea to avoid any unstable bubblers.
  • Having a bubbler that has thick glass is also a important aspect to keep in mind. Due to its unique shape, bubblers are prone to falling over, this is why the glass needs to be durable. Having a bubbler that has 3mm glass or thicker is a good starting point, you also want to make sure you choose borosilicate glass if you can.
  • Borosilicate glass is designed in Germany, it is strong, heavy, durable and can withstand high heat. Borosilicate can be found in science labs for things like beakers and tubes. It’s always important to have strong heat resistant glass when buying a bubbler, keep an eye out for both borosilicate glass or “scientific glass” .
  • When picking your bubbler make sure you know where you will be using it mostly, will it be for your on to go smoke sessions or for sitting on your living room table? Bubblers are usually 5-10 inches long and 2-5 inches tall, knowing where you’ll be using it can help decide on the best size for your needs.

Bubbler Pipes For Different Scenarios

Bubbler Pipes For Different Scenarios

Bubbler for Concentrates

When looking for a bubbler pipe for concentrates also known as a dab rig you want to make sure it is it is durable and can withstand the demands of smoking concentrates. Make sure it comes equip with both a nail and glass bowl to execute the dabbing process correctly, you’ll also want to make sure it contains a glass down stem and a built in diffuser, this will separate the smoke into more bubbles and increase the filtration process. Ensure the nail is made of titanium or made from quartz crystal as some rigs come with glass nails that a prone to break when heated.

Bubbler Pipe for Travel

The ideal bubbler when traveling around will be one that can be easily disassembled and comes with a travel case, whether you’re taking It on vacation or just to a friends house, it’s good to have a durable bubbler that you can take apart. You’ll also want to aim towards getting a bubbler that is made of BPA-free polycarbonate and not glass, glass bubbler pipes tend to be very fragile and if you are moving it around on a regular basis you are at a high risk of breaking it. Polycarbonate is much more durable then consumer plastic, it is also BPA free which avoids unwanted carcinogens found in most plastics from entering your lungs.

Bubbler Pipe for Home

If you know you won’t be traveling with your bubbler pipe then the choices are endless, your biggest concern will be how it looks. As we’ve mentioned before bubblers are not only a tool to consume cannabis they are also looked at as art. Many artists all over the world create hand crafted bubblers that are both aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Always make sure the glass your bubbler is made out of is borosilicate glass, this German engineered glass is extremely high tolerant to heat, which is very important if you have a bubbler that can smoke concentrates. The rest is all personal preference, from deep bowls to shallow bowls, long stems to shorter stems, it’s all about what works best for your needs. Some people even buy a cheaper bubbler to start and figure out what works best for them, then they know exactly what they want when it comes time to purchase a more high end bubbler.

Why Buy a Bubbler

Why Buy a Bubbler

Buying a bubbler is simple, you get the both of best worlds. You get the portability and discreteness of a pipe and the smooth strong hit of a bong. Bubbler pipes offer the feeling of smoking a bong but with no hassle or extra size, a bubbler pipe is virtually a fancy pipe with the smoothness of a bong. Bubbler pipes are also often designed to be astatically appealing, this makes them a lot more desirable to those who want to leave it out on display, with many being created by legitimate artists who craft glass into pieces of art. Bubbler pipes are also a lot easier on your body, they leave no taste due to it being glass, they cool down the smoke when you inhale due to the water which is less harsh then a pipe and they don’t create any fumes. Bubblers are also usually more reasonable in price compared to most high-end bongs, saving at least a few hundred dollars for the same experience.

Common Questions

What is a glass bubbler pipe?

A bubbler is a glass pipe with a chamber to hold water, which cools down the smoke on inhale.

How much does a bubbler pipe cost?

Prices for a bubbler pipe vary depending on their quality, the cheap ones can start at $10 with the handcrafted bubblers costing upwards of $200.

Are bubblers better than bongs?

​It all comes down to performance. Bubblers are smaller and lighter while offering the same smooth inhale a bong does, due to its water chamber. They are also easier to hold and more portable.


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