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How to Shop for Cannabis This Holiday Season

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Ho, ho, ho! Mary J Christmas! It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas outside, but even if you’re not covered in snow where you live, you can’t deny that the most festive of seasons is upon us.  With Covid firmly in the rearview mirror, most of us are back to normal when it comes to the holidaze – big family dinners, lots of festive cheer at Xmas parties, and enough weed to choke a moose.

In Canada, it’s not uncommon for a bowl of nugs or holiday edibles to grace the dining table next to the cranberry sauce. Cannabis and Christmas go together like eggnog and rum – sure, together they might wreck you the next day, but for good times and memories galore there’s nothing better.

If you’ve got some stoners on your Xmas gift list this year, you might be wondering: what are the best new weed strains for the holiday season? Haute Health has put together the comprehensive list for the best Christmas strains of weed: classic, new age and something in-between.  Let’s sing carols all the while as we countdown the best weed for this holiday season.

Classic Christmas Weed Strains

Christmas strains of weed come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, aromas and naming conventions, but is there something they all have in common? Some might say that it’s all about the pinene terpenes for that ‘essence of Christmas tree’; others might argue that as long as the buds are “covered in terpene snow”, then they’re well suited for any holiday smoke sesh.

There aren’t a lot of holiday strains named after Christmas-y things, so we have to get creative with this list of the top choice Christmas strains of weed. Take for example Banana OG.  This popular strain is a staple all year long, but around Xmas time a ton of stoners buy it up because of its ‘piney, herbaceous flavors & aromas’.  A name like “Banana OG” doesn’t exactly conjure up imagery of ol’ St. Nick, but this particular Christmas weed strain is an absolute must-have for the weed-lovers on your shopping list.

If you’re looking to ‘wow’ the stoners in your life, you’ll have to reach further into Santa’s sack – great name for a strain btw, “Santa’s Sack” – to dig out those hidden gems of the ganja world.  Here are some classic Christmas weed strains to make your loved ones’ cheeks red like a bowlful of cherries:


This one is almost too obvious for a list of the best weed for the holidays list.  Northern Lights dazzles the minds & bodies of so many festive stoners, existing as one of the most popular strains, year-in and year-out.  NL is very sedative and mesmerizing, much like the lights for which it is named.  Sired by the legendary Afghani and Thai landraces, Northern Lights will open you up to a whole new world of perspectives, positive moods and holiday magic.

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Pine, spicy-sweet, woody


Get rid of those holidaze jitters with a bite of this sweet & savory strain – except in this case, you don’t bite it, it takes a bite out of you! On the serious side, AF is very balanced at 50% sativa and indica.  Crossbred from Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter has delightfully sweet and pungent aromas of… you guessed it… Apples! Apple Fritter offers a balanced high that rises like the crust of an apple pie, and comes back down way slower than the one that bonked Sir Isaac Newton on the head.  We hope you or your giftees have a sweet tooth, because Apple Fritter tastes just like the donut – seriously, it’s wild

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Apples (duh), earthy, herbaceous, vanilla-sweetness


It’s rare, it’s delectable, and its name evokes shudders of sugary pleasure in anyone with a sweet tooth.  Creme Brulee is an aptly named rare indica-dominant strain that was created from merging Platinum Kush, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.  As delicious as each of those are, CB is touted as one of the most creamy, sweet and satisfactory strains of the year.  Caramel undertones, notes of vanilla and a buttery, nutty finish make this one of the absolute must tries of all holiday strains.  If you want to impress someone with your strain choices, Creme Brulee is a great selection because it’s typically quite rare to find, and it will leave you & yours feeling chill-to-the-max as the flavors & aromas delight all your senses.

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Vanilla, creamy butter, chestnuts, spice


Oreo cookies, oreo ice cream, oreo pudding and oreo milkshakes… What do they all have in common? All their flavors are combined in one of the tastiest Christmas weed strains of all time: Oreoz.  This indica-dominant hybrid is the child of two favorites: Cookies N’ Cream and Secret Weapon.  With parents like these, you know these Oreoz nugs are going to wow your tastebuds and leave you feeling supremely satisfied.  Famous for its chocolatey-creamy and sweet & spicy flavors, Oreoz dazzles your senses with visions of sugarplums dancing around your head.  Expect to munch on some actual oreo cookies after smoking this dessert of a strain, because it brings on the munchies strong while relaxing your mind.  This Christmas strain of weed is counted among the very best for smoking on Xmas morning – bonus points for toking up at night when the Christmas tree lights are absolutely spectacular.

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Chocolate, nuts, pepper, sweet & spicy

The Best New Weed For This Holiday Season


What kid wouldn’t want a giant Pink Gorilla in their living room on Xmas morning? Turns out, many adults agree too! PG is an indica dominant strain bred from Gorilla Glue and Pink 2.0.  Gorilla Glue is a very popular strain for a number of stoners, and all the reasons why are copied & pasted in this version – it’s just pink. As its name suggests, Pink Gorilla hits hard and sends you to the couch with animalistic force.  Expect to feel very dopey, but it’s pure bliss with this new age holiday strain.

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Chemical-fruitiness, berries, sour and pungent spice


Straight out of the CIA top-secret files, MK Ultra is a strain that’s been making waves almost as long as the conspiracy theories have been germinating about this U.S. intelligence program.  It’s hybridized from G-13 and OG Kush, so you know it hits ultra-hard with parents like that.  The aptly named MKU is a fantastic Christmas weed strain because of its powerful euphoric and relaxing effects, all under the drags of fresh, sweet pines and woody aromas. Instead of losing yourself to an alter-ego, imbibe yourself of this strain and evolve your senses of wonder about this big, beautiful world during the most festive time of the year.

FLAVORS/AROMAS: Pine, sweetness, woody, earthy, chemical potency


This one obviously isn’t an actual holiday strain, but no Christmas shopping list would be complete with a little gingerbread action.  40mg THC Gingerbread Man Cookies are small in stature but they’re packed with the highest quality THC extracts.  The only thing you’ll need to make yourself is the house to hold all your ginger-ganjabread men in.  The sweet & spicy flavors of gingerbread goes perfectly with the piney, woody terpenes of this THC extract, so expect to taste the best damn gingerbread this side of christmas.  If you’re feeling generous, leave these out for Santa – the jolly man himself deserves to zone out on his big day, besides, the reindeer do most of the ‘driving’ anyway.


Why settle for just one of the best weed strains this holiday season? Thanks to the freaking geniuses at Haute Health product development, there’s a classic Xmas tradition that is sure to top everyone’s wishlists: THC Christmas Advent Calendar. This incredible all-in-one gift offers up a bud for every day in December leading up to the big day – perfect for the perma-fry in your life that has tried a little bit of everything. 24 different holiday strains made into melt-in-your-mouth chocolate edibles. If you’ve got someone on your Christmas shopping list whose spice in life is variety, then look no further than Haute Health’s exclusive THC Christmas Advent Calendar!


What strain of weed is the most fun during winter?

Forget smoking weed, what about doing some gum-drop edibles instead?! 20mg THC Juicy Sour Drops (https://hautehealth.club/shop/cannabis-edibles/20mg-thc-gummies-juicy-sour-drops/) are bursting with fruitiness, they melt in your mouth, and they also double as fantastic gingerbread man buttons, eyes or noses (just make sure you warn people that this gingerbread will have them seeing the Northern Lights inside their living rooms!).

What is the most common weed flavor for Christmas?

This one is a toss up between two classic holiday flavors: chocolate and mint.  Both of these taste incredible together, but during the winter holidays they become fierce combatants, duking it out for festive supremacy.  Peppermint is incredibly refreshing and can even soothe aches, pains or stiffness; chocolate is the delight of all tastebuds, from the bitterness of dark chocolate to the sweet & creamy satisfaction of a mug of hot cocoa.  The winner, by the slimmest of margins, is chocolate.

What is the best weed to feel happy for the holidays?

Look no further than one of the favorite stocking stuffers for stoners: 150mg THC Christmas Chocolate Pot Leaves (https://hautehealth.club/shop/cannabis-edibles/150mg-thc-christmas-chocolate-pot-leaf/).  The chocolate is velvety smooth, creamy and satisfyingly sweet – oh, and did we mention they’re red & green?! With 150mg of high-quality THC, these pot leaf chocolates are as potent in pot as they are in chocolate-y flavor.  

Is indica or sativa better for partying this Xmas?

Both indica and sativa can help you get your jolly on this holiday season, but it appears that sativa-dominant hybrids are making it onto Santa’s lists.  Sativas are known to be very chill-inducing and great for relaxing at social gatherings – right up the alley of most stoners at their company Xmas party.  Indicas can be great too, but their propensity for couch-locking can turn some festive party-goers away from indica dominant hybrids.

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