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Hybrid Cannabis vs Balanced Cannabis

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Smoking, dabbing, eating, rubbing or vaping cannabis is a fantastic way to enhance your senses, improve your health or just relax & unwind. There are so many ways to incorporate weed into your daily routine. There are also so many unique kinds of cannabis out there to suit your needs – the trick is finding the right one that works best for you.

Speaking of tricks, this is where it gets tricky: there are many, many strains of cannabis and unique combinations between those strains that make for seemingly infinite hybrids of one another. You might know what cannabis can do for you – reduce your chronic pain, help you sleep better, etc – but how do you figure out which buds do what you need best?!

Shopping for weed is often a combination of trial-and-error, mad science and a lot of luck. You have to keep trying all the strains until you discover the ones that hit the hardest or make you feel healthy & happy. This guide was written with you – Haute’s shoppers – in mind. In this article we’ll talk about some of the various classifications of cannabis and how each one might be suited for your weed needs.

What is hybrid cannabis? What is balanced cannabis? What are the best hybrid sativa dominant strains? Which types of balanced strains are hot-sellers online? All these questions will be answered and more as we compare hybrid cannabis vs balanced cannabis.

What is Hybrid Cannabis?

Before we provide a definition for what is hybrid cannabis, we need to know what we’re hybridizing in the first place. For many years cannabis was thought to only have two types – indicas and sativas. Ruderalis, or ‘autoflowers’ are another less popular, more obscure kind of cannabis that makes this duo a trio. However, for the purposes of this guide – since we don’t see autoflowers on the market very often – we’ll be focusing on hybrid sativa dominant strains and indica hybrids.


Indicas are known for their potent body highs and associative physical effects – referred to as somatic. The name for Indica nods to its origins in India and the heartland of the Middle Eastern regions, where these kinds of strains have proliferated for many thousands of years. Indicas and indica dominant hybrids are typically short, stout and bushy with dense, thick leaves.

Indicas are thought to be more useful for acute pain conditions or physical ailments like joint stiffness or seizures. This isn’t necessarily the case as many sativas can also provide relief from these kinds of conditions. Nevertheless, indicas have a strong following because of their relaxing, sleep-inducing and tension/pain easing effects. If you’re looking for a body high that will lock you to the couch or force you to chill, indicas might be just what you need.


Sativas are the opposite of indicas in many ways, most notably in their appearances. With wide, fanned out leaves, sativa leaves are the iconic “pot leaf” that most people associate with cannabis. Sativas are also taller, slimmer and hail from Eurasia, North and South Americas.

Sativas produce a more cerebral experience than the somatic ones associated with indicas. Sativas are sometimes called “the social strain” because they can enervate your mind while calming your body. This “mind high” makes sativas popular day time cannabis strains because they typically don’t zonk you out like the couch-locking indicas can.

Now that we know the basics of indicas vs sativas, what is hybrid cannabis? Simply put, hybridizations of indicas and sativas occur when cultivators try to combine the best traits of both species into one super-potent new form of pot. The best hybrid strains might aim to adopt the wide foliage cover of one indica with the tall, spaced out buds of a stalky sativa.

Another example of a hybrid sativa dominant strain or indica dominant strain might focus on mixing the somatic and cerebral effects that the parent strains bring to the table, to create a balanced hybrid. The best hybrid strains typically focus on a few key features, effects or cannabinoid/terpene composition in order to achieve something specific with their new cultivar. Some of the most common reasons why a grower will hybridize two cannabis strains together might include:

– To increase the potency of certain cannabinoids or terpenes (more CBD to counter high THC concentrations; adding myrcene to make a hybrid strain more sedative in its effects)
– To alter/improve the appearance of the hybrid (more purple leaves, fox-haired buds, taller kolas, thicker leaf cover, etc)
– To change the flavors, aromas and textures of the cannabis flowers (mixing-and-matching terpenes to create a bouquet of tastes and smells)
– To create something entirely unique and novel in the cannabis world (new and exciting strain combinations that generate a lot of buzz with their unique flavors, effects or appearance)

Suffice to say, indica dominant or sativa dominant hybrid strains provide a lot of fun, excitement, progress and potential for stoners and medical patients alike. The more cultivators play with genetics, the more we learn about the efficacy of cannabis as we continue to explore this fascinating plant in its infinite varieties.

What is hybrid cannabis? The best hybrid strains of weed can be whatever you need them to be – just ask the growers.

What is Balanced Cannabis?

If you’ve ever been shopping for weed for somebody else, you might have wondered what they might by “I like all types of balanced strains”. What is a balanced cannabis strain, exactly? Balanced buds are a very popular kind of cannabis that has grown in popularity alongside the CBD boom in recent years.

Thanks to hemp’s federal legalization in the United States and Canada’s federal legalization of cannabis and cannabidiol’s popularity as an everyday enhancer, cannabis has risen to new heights in acceptance & understanding. Why is CBD so popular? Quite simply, it’s largely because CBD is non-psychoactive – meaning, it doesn’t make you feel high like THC does.

What does balanced cannabis have to do with CBD? Cannabidiol is not only non-psychoactive, but it can also help to ease the intensity of mind-altering effects of other cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol. Here we find the simplest answer to the question “what is balanced cannabis?”: a cannabis strain that aims to provide a balanced ratio of cannabinoids like CBD and THC – i.e. 1:1 or as close to as possible.

Most types of balanced strains focus on balancing CBD and THC in order to counteract the psychoactive nature of that particular strain, while still benefiting from the full-spectrum of cannabinoids & terpenes found in the plant. Some types of balanced cannabis employ different ratios like 2:1 CBD to THC for even greater reduction of that brain buzz, but it’s still considered a balanced strain because it can provide a more harmonious cannabis experience.

Balance isn’t just important for cannabinoids, they apply to terpenes too. Balance is also very important for many medical patients who don’t use cannabis just for one ailment. A balanced strain can do many things at once, such as ease pain, reduce inflammation, quell nausea while boosting mental alacrity.

The Best Hybrid Strains vs Best Balanced Cannabis

Whether you’re after a hybrid or balanced strain of cannabis, Haute Health has all the latest & greatest in the world of weed. To get you started, here are just a handful of some of the top quality buds you can find at Hautehealth.su:

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