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Top 10 Powerful & Effective Marijuana Edibles

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Today is a golden age for cannabis. Canada became the first G7 country to federally legalize cannabis, the industry is flourishing as the chains come off, and there’s so many Canadians experiencing the benefits of marijuana for the first time. One of the fastest growing sectors of the pot craze is cannabis edibles. What are “edibles” you might ask? Well, what do you get when you take your favorite foods – be it candies, cookies, pizza or smoothies – and combine them with the health benefits & downright fun of cannabis? We’ll tell you what you get… A happier, healthier, tastier life!

In the modern world of cannabis, there are so many ways to experience all that this one of a kind plant has to offer. You can stick to the traditional joints, pipes, and bongs but nowadays many more people are choosing alternatives to smoking. Concentrates, extracts, vaporizers, distillates, topicals, edibles and supplements; you name it, there’s probably a cannabis product version. With so much to choose from, how does anyone figure out what’s best for them? Well that’s easy… you try them all! Experimentation has always been a fundamental practice for cannabis users. Trying new strains, testing what works better for you (CBD or THC), or tasting the thousands of cannabis-edible combinations makes consuming cannabis fun. If variety truly is the spice of life, then cannabis is the spiciest king of all spices – or herbs, in this case.

So, what if you’re intrigued by all this talk of cannabis in its many forms… How do you get started? What kinds of cannabis should you try first? Where do you even get the stuff?! These questions can seem overwhelming for most people when they are new to cannabis, but there’s one thing that you need to remember anytime you feel like there’s too much to learn: Hey, it’s legal now! There’s no rush, no pressure, and definitely no reason to stress over one of the most effective anti-stress remedies on the planet. So please, kickback, relax, and follow us on a short journey down “chill lane” while we learn about one of the best ways to consume cannabis: edibles.

What Is An Edible & What Kind of Edibles Are There?

As we previously mentioned, when it comes to cannabis in edible form there really are no limitations. The only thing that determines what you can pair cannabis with is your imagination and creativity. Many people choose to create their own cannabinoid confections, but to get started you should experiment with different kinds of food and cannabis combinations. Most of us have heard of the usual suspects: weed candies, pot brownies, lollipots, cannachocolate, and the good ol’ “grandma Mary J’s cookies; beyond these popular choices there are hundreds if not thousands of delicious ways to ingest cannabis. If you had to summarize the many types of cannabis edibles, the major categories would fall under Cannabis Food, Cannabis Beverages, Cannabis Treats, Cannabis Concentrates, and Cannabis Supplements.

Edibles come in multiple different forms including brownies, gummies, chocolate, baked goods and pills. When consuming cannabis THC and CBD enters the bloodstream after being broken down in the stomach and is absorbed into the intestines. Eating marijuana edibles is a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, eliminating the exposure to carbon, tar and carcinogens. Edibles are a widely preferred method of consumption because they are easier and a more discreet way to consume cannabis, they also are known to have more longevity when it comes to the length of the high and usually takes 45 minutes to an hour for the effects to kick in.

Consuming edibles cannabis affects every individual differently and can be a widely different experience than smoking cannabis. There are several factors that will determine your experience when consuming marijuana edibles:

  • Potency, edibles can range from 2 mg of THC to 200 mg
  • Tolerance, even a seasoned smoker can be blindsided by the strength of edibles. Taking a low dosage is always the best way to start.
  • Body chemistry, everyone knows how their body reacts to certain drugs and food. Be mindful when using edibles.

Again, eating an edible is vastly different from the effects of smoking. First time users have been known to over-do-it and get caught off guard by how much stronger the potency can be versus smoking cannabis. When consuming marijuana by smoking, you typically only get a small amount of the cannabinoids from each hit, with an almost instant sensation after smoking. Edibles are known to take effect at a much slower rate, compared to smoking. With the average time to kick in around 1 hour, due to the digestion process the effects tend to come in waves lasting anywhere from 2-6 hours.

CANNABIS FOOD is the primary, and most popular type of edible/digestible cannabis. This category covers a lot of products sold in-store and online, but it does not include popular items like gummies, candies and chocolate (those will be covered under Cannabis Treats). When we say ‘Cannabis Food’, we mean something that can check off two major boxes: does it have some kind nutritional value? & can infusing it with cannabis enhance someone’s quality of life or add value to their lifestyle? If the answer to both of these questions is “YES”, like with cannabis pancakes (what a way to start your day!), then you can consider it Cannabis Food. Cannabis-garnished pizza, cannabis-infused icing on a cake, pot cookies, weed brownies, cannabis oil pasta, just about anything involving multiple ingredients and cannabis can be labelled Cannabis Food.

CANNABIS BEVERAGES are another popular way to get your cannabis fix. You might have seen products like CBD water, THC-infused teas, or even cannabis smoothies online or at your local dispensary. One of the wonders of cannabis consumables is that it pairs well, and maintains its potency in a variety of forms. Whether you’re brewing it as an herbal tea, or adding some extra “punch” to a bowl of fruit punch, cannabis can turn any hot or cold beverage into a healthy power drink. Many liquor companies around the world are exploring the capabilities of cannabis in wine, craft beer, and even some spirits like whiskey and vodka. There’s definitely risks inherent in mixing cannabis with alcohol, so until these products are properly tested and reach the public markets, it’s best to stick to the staple cannabis beverages like infused water, teas, juices and smoothies.

CANNABIS TREATS: the goodies, the sweets, the after-hours treat, the pre-work chillaxer. Cannabis Treats make up 75% of the current cannabis edibles market, and for good reason; they’re usually cheap, can fit in your pocket, are convenient and easy to take on-the-go, and most importantly they are delicious. Anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy power-packed pot candies – they’re easy to dose, just eat one, two or a handful, whatever your tolerance permits. This category of edible doesn’t just cover junk food; many ‘functional edibles’ are hitting the shelves of late, like cannabis mints, cannabis gum, and cannabis lozenges. These types of edibles are moreso on the Cannabis Supplements side (they have a particular effect or purpose in mind), but they’re still sweet and savory so they still fit the bill for Treats.

CANNABIS CONCENTRATES are not as fun, flashy or as tasty to the average person, but they’re hands down one of the most important forms of cannabis consumables. Concentrates are exactly as their name suggests: concentrated forms of cannabinoids, usually THC or CBD, that are one of the most potent ways to use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Shatter, oil, rosin, distillate, “budder” (cannabis butter), dry sift (kief) and crystals are all concentrated extractions of the cannabis plant. Many of these concentrates exist as their own products (shatter, distillates and rosins for vaping) but they’re also an integral part of cannabis edibles. Concentrates are typically the “active ingredient” in many edibles; cannabis oil or canna-budder can replace their boring counterparts in any recipe to really add some extra flavor (and fun). Dry sifts, usually referred to as “kief” is another popular ingredient, often sprinkled on top of baking or even included in a batch of muffins or cookies. Cannabis Concentrates are often consumed on their own by many people who use cannabis for medical reasons, as their potency is almost unmatched in the world of edibles.

CANNABIS SUPPLEMENTS are the last kind of cannabis edible, but certainly not least. Products like cannabis-infused protein powders, pre-workout or post-workout CBD capsules, cannabis oil caps or even cannabis vitamin supplements have really exploded in recent years. As researchers find new and exciting health benefits associated with cannabis consumption, people are gradually replacing a lot of their medicine/vitamin cabinets with cannabis supplements. Cannabis already has a strong resume as an effective remedy for many of life’s ailments: pain & inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, seizures and even gastrointestinal issues (just to name a few). More interest in the cannabis plant is taking the scientific community by storm, and with more research will come even more new and exciting ways to supplement our health with cannabis.

The reason why you consume cannabis edibles is up to you, and which type of edible you prefer is also determined by personal preference moreso than any specific product advantages. Some people prefer to cook with cannabis oil because they don’t like eating “junk foods” like cannabis candies or gummies, whereas many other love the convenience of taking a consistent dose of cannabis with just a few weed gummy bears. How you take your cannabis is like how you take your coffee: there’s many places to choose from, you can customize it to suit your taste buds, or you can choose to not drink it at all and have tea instead. The point is: cannabis effects people differently, and it can be used variably from person to person. That’s one of the reasons many people prefer cannabis, it can be such a personal experience, but it also happens to be very effective for just about anyone.

When choosing an edible, make sure to factor your needs. If you want a psychoactive experience, most edibles are full of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive element in cannabis. Factoring in what strains have worked for you in your previous experiences is also important. Choosing Indica, sativa or hybrid can influence what type of high you experience. Factor in the type of strain within the edibles to have more control over your experience.

Another option if you’re not looking for psychoactive effects are edibles rich in cannabidiol (CBD). CBD infused edibles offer great healing benefits that the THC edibles do but provide a clear-headed effect and the ability to function normally without feeling high.

Finding the right cannabis edibles can be tricky, it takes time and some sampling to find exactly what you need. To help in the search of the perfect edible we’ve put together a few articles that can help guide you on your journey.

nes, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Edibles currently on the market.

Top 10 Most Effective Cannabis Edibles

EAT THE PLANTS?! We know, it might sounds bizarre at first, but once you’ve read the benefits of eating cannabis leaves and flowers you’ll realize it’s one of the best kept cannabis edible secrets. When you consume cannabis in its unprocessed, raw form you are automatically avoiding a lot of the potent psychoactive effects associated with THC. THCA & CBDA (cannabinoid forms of THC & CBD that are present in the cannabis plant when it is in its natural state) have been shown to have very similar anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting features. Cannabis, like many leafy greens, is also full-to-the-brim with fiber, iron, folates, calcium, magnesium, and a host of vitamins like B, C and K. If you’re on the “anti-oxidant hype train”, then you’ll be happy to know that cannabinoids are well-documented as having anti-oxidant properties, providing a boost to immune systems, fitness and brain health.


What are some ways to eat Raw Cannabis Edibles? Salads including cannabis leaves and/or cannabis flowers as garnish or a source of protein is a very fresh, popular way to boost your health with raw cannabis. Juicing cannabis plants has also gained a significant following in the best decade, but if you don’t own an expensive juicer just replace spinach or kale with cannabis leaves in your favorite smoothie. As always, it’s best to experiment and start low, and start slow when trying out a new form of cannabis – some people have experienced stomach cramping or have still felt the effects of THC when consuming raw cannabis. Remember: cannabis effects everyone differently, so what has worked for some might not for you, and vice versa.



They say “a good breakfast is the most important way to start your day”, so waking up and having a cup of CBD coffee or potent weed tea definitely sounds like a good way to begin the day’s activities. Most beverages, especially hot drinks, usually contain only CBD or at least low amounts of THC because Tetrahydrocannabinol is not known for being very water soluble. Nonetheless, there are many products to buy that have both CBD and THC, or a hundred more varieties you can brew from the comforts of your own home. CBD is often paired with potent herbal teas, or robust coffee beans because it naturally reduces the “jitters” brought on by caffeine consumption (just like CBD helps to lessen the psychoactive effects of THC). If you usually start your day like most of us do – groggy, stiff and sore, maybe a little reluctant to get to work – then cannabis-infused tea or coffee is a must for taking the edge off and providing a little energy boost.

So you want to sip a mug of Mary Joe (that’s cannabis coffee for you non-stoners)? It’s easy to find online in Canada – there are many marijuana edibles dispensaries and online edibles stores that carry CBD coffee and a full-spectrum of weed tea blends. To make some of your own, you need to get your hands on dry flower or cannabis oil (canna-budder works good too). Next, add your cannabis of choice to whatever concoction you’ve brewed up, being careful to start with a few buds or drops of oil and seeing how you feel. Don’t like it hot? Iced tea, iced coffee or any “perk me up” beverage you like can accommodate cannabis being added to it.

It’s usually true what they say: “the way to a woman’s heart… is through chocolate“. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the popular way to better health is actually through the sensual infusion of cannabis and chocolate. Marijuana has long been paired with the dark, chocolaty goodness of chocolate bars, brownies, cake and pastries. For many people, the only way they can handle the musky, earthy flavors of cannabis is when its drenched in rich, velvety chocolate. Chocolate, like cannabis, has been shown to have many therapeutic and positive effects on your body, brain and obviously, your soul. Chocolate’s benefits cover the scope of assisting healthy blood sugar & pressure levels, has a natural relaxing effect, is full of anti-oxidants, and is often linked to supporting healthy skin. Combine these pluses with the boatload of cannabis’ benefits and you’ve got yourself a very potent mix of flavor and phytocannabinoids.


There’s already a million ways to keep chocolate in your life, so it’s no surprise that cannabis chocolate is one of the more popular products on the market. Decadent, artisinal canna-chocolates are a favorite, double-chocolate weed brownies, cannabis-chocolate drizzle on top of other desserts… if you can dream it, you can probably taste it too in today’s marijuana edibles era.

Have you read our 6 Things You Need To Know About Eating Marijuana Edibles? It covers a number of helpful tips before you start your journey of eating edibles. We’ve put together an Edibles Vs Smoking Whats The Difference that will help prepare for your transition from smoke to edibles. Edibles are also popular around the world, take a read of our Cannabis Culture Around The World and amerce yourself in the vast culture of weed.


#7 and #6 are such a close tie in popularity that we thought it best to keep them together in the list of Top 10. Cannabis Capsules and Cannabis Oil are some of the most widely used of the edible variety. Capsules usually consists of cannabis oil within gel caps, or cannabis extract powder, crystals or even the cannabis flower itself. Cannabis oils typically come in tinctures and come in a variety of potencies. The only real definition between capsules or oil is the capsule itself. Some people can’t stand the taste of cannabis oil, so they swallow capsules, while others don’t mind the taste or choose to apply cannabis oil topically in addition to ingesting it.

Cannabis capsules are a popular choice due to the ease with which you can control your dose and therefore the desired effects more efficiently than eating cannabis-infused goods. Taking a capsule or two can lead to more consistent effects or benefits, similar to measuring drops or vials from an oil tincture. While there’s nothing wrong with consuming cannabis as an additive to more flavorful edibles, cannabis oil and capsules is almost a must for anyone suffering from a serious illness. The volume of cannabis consumption of cancer patients, people suffering from epilepsy, or those treating their schizophrenia or PTSD with cannabis would have to eat plate-fulls of edibles to get the same effects from high-potency capsules or oils. Capsules, and oils, are basically the most direct route to get high amounts (no pun intended) into your body.


As we’ve said before, cannabinoids do not always play ball when it comes to being water soluble – some cannabis-infused drinks can be grainy, leave residues of CBD or THC crystals behind. That being said, technology is advancing quickly for most cannabis beverages. Innovations like nanotechnology (broken down particles to increase absorption, activity) and the continued advancements in the realm of cannabis extraction are making it easier to include CBD or THC in your bevvy of choice. There is a surge of interest from many wineries in North America & Europe, and the quest to create ‘cannabis wines, champagnes and cannabis-spirits’ has already produced some intriguing prototypes (Canna-chardonnay anyone?).

What are the popular cannabis drinks already out there? CBD water, CBD vitamin beverages, and some full-spectrum (THC + CBD) sports drinks have proliferated the last few years. A lot of natural health product manufacturers are interested in the benefits of cannabis, so many types of cannabis elixirs, tonics and “full body & mind” products have begun to stock the shelves at your local health store. These products, like most cannabis edibles, are focusing on the plant’s wide array of benefits to the skin, cardiovascular system, major organs and especially to the brain. Name another plant that basically benefits all parts of the body, and can help in some way, shape or form whenever you get sick or injured? We’re always being reminded by medical professionals to drink more water, stay hydrated with essential minerals and electrolytes… so what they’ve been trying to say is “Cannabis beverages do all the above… so get some!”.

Ever had a pot cookie or brownie? If you did, you might not even remember the experience. Baked goods containing cannabis are notorious for causing “freak outs” and trips to the doctor. This is because most people don’t realize that digesting cannabinoids can be much more potent and long lasting than the typical puff of a joint. For this reason, cannabis baked goods have an infamous stigma, and are often avoided by the everyday cannabis user. On the other hand, pot cookies, weed brownies, canna-muffins and the wide world of marijuana pastries are also one of the most popular edibles. Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh batch of cookies? Who wouldn’t like to sit back, and really relax with a tasty double-fudge, caramel walnut, cannabis brownie? We rest our case.


What are the popular cannabis drinks already out there? CBD water, CBD vitamin beverages, and some full-spectrum (THC + CBD) sports drinks have proliferated the last few years. A lot of natural health product manufacturers are interested in the benefits of cannabis, so many types of cannabis elixirs, tonics and “full body & mind” products have begun to stock the shelves at your local health store. These products, like most cannabis edibles, are focusing on the plant’s wide array of benefits to the skin, cardiovascular system, major organs and especially to the brain. Name another plant that basically benefits all parts of the body, and can help in some way, shape or form whenever you get sick or injured? We’re always being reminded by medical professionals to drink more water, stay hydrated with essential minerals and electrolytes… so what they’ve been trying to say is “Cannabis beverages do all the above… so get some!”.


Cannabis butter, or budder, or cannabudder, is one of the most commonly used edible forms of cannabis even in today’s world of colorful, flavorful and exciting cannabis treats. Cannabudder is quite simply put THE essence of edibles. It is one of the easiest forms of consumables to make at home, it’s what most edible connoisseurs start with, and it’s just so effective that many people don’t feel the need to complicate their cannabis use with sweets or decoration. You don’t need extraction tools – almost every budder batch is made with simple household tools like crockpots, rice cookers, vegetable steamers and the like – and you can make it to your specific strain or potency needs.

Another reason Cannabudder is so prominent is that it can be introduced into almost any food or into any lifestyle. Put it on your waffles, bake with it, fry your potatoes in it, and even melt a dollop in your coffee and tea… the options are seemingly limitless. Like cannabis oil, budder is versatile enough to pair with almost anything you eat or drink, but unlike cannabis oil which requires more extraction processes and know-how, you can make cannabudder at home or buy it online.

As we’ve said over and over, many people prefer cannabis butter because it is simply effective and versatile (you could say, it really budders their bread!). Try making your own batch of budder, or buy cannabis butter online at your favorite online edibles store. To get churning your own, here’s a few simplified steps: choose your strain, “decarb” your buds in the oven, combine the baked flowers and your choice of oil or butter (hemp or coconut oil have additional benefits!), pour into a slow cooker or crockpot and place on low heat for 4-5 hours, stirring at least once or twice per hour. Would you look at that? You’re a cannabudder churning machine! For a simpler process, check out magic butter machines (many variations online), or simply buy budder online.

Who doesn’t love sweets? Sure, there’s something to be said for the amounts of sugar we consume nowadays, but when it comes to taking your cannabis medicine there’s nothing quite like savoring your favorite sweet treat. Cannabis candy is the clear leader in terms of variety: lollipots (if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a cannabis-infused lollipop), jawbreakers, sour candies, gum, mints, taffy, caramels, and hundreds more. Cannabis can be introduced to pretty much any kind of candy, but there are some clear leaders in this pack of marijuana sweets. We mentioned lollipots which are extremely popular in the world of edibles. Time-released THC, CBD or both, lollipots have been used by smokers looking to cutback on the amount they puff (lollipops or suckers are often used by cigarette smokers as well, to help with their oral fixation and reduce their need to light up).


Hard candies like lozenges, jawbreakers, and sour candies have really proliferated in the market, and for similar reasons as the ‘lollipopularity’ craze on the edibles market. Convenience, dosing needs, and cheap prices are all considerations for many fans of pot candies. The thing with cannabis candies is, there’s always a new or nostalgic kind hitting the shelves each day. Many edibles companies are taking their customers down memory lane and capitalizing on their fond memories for treats like salt water taffy, caramel drops, candy corn and black licorice cannabis treats. Like with many kinds of edibles, the emphasis on “choice” is paramount to succeeding in this diverse market.


It’s true, the #1 popular choice for cannabis edibles are also the chewiest: cannabis gummies. Since their inception decades ago, marijuana gummies have always been a staple for proponents of edibles. They have all the convenience of candies, all the sweets and fruity goodness of gummies, and lots of cannabis potency (they’re often the highest average THC/CBD values of all the edibles online). Gummies come in many shapes and colors: bears, worms, peaches, coke bottles, watermelons and frogs. Remember going to the local candy shop as a kid and grabbing fistfuls of every kind of gummy? Well that trend continues for adults when it comes to their cannabis; gummies of all kinds fly off the shelves, no matter what they resemble.

There’s just something about chewing that really captures peoples’ admiration. People love to munch on crunchy foods, and there’s some evidence to the psychology involved with chewing on satisfying textures like fruit, nuts or over-the-top chewy foods like taffy or gummies. Satisfaction is definitely guaranteed with cannabis gummies: you get the sweet, you get the burst of fruity or herbal flavor, and most importantly you experience the ooey, gooey, oh-so-chewiness. Gummies will always be a popular choice for edibles users, and for the foreseeable future no one will be supplanting the gummy bear kings & queens from their thrones.


As with most cannabis edibles, the choice of how you get marijuana in your system is up to you. Many people prefer edibles in general over smoking/vaping because of the obvious health risks associated with inhaling smoke, vapor or the chemicals inherent in either. Even more people are finding the convenience of candies is perfect for their “on-the-go” lifestyle. Baking a batch of pot cookies, or creating a culinary cannabis masterpiece for dinner can be very rewarding… and timely, and costly. Need a dose of chill on the train ride home after a long day at the office? Chew on some cannabis gum and work through your stress as easily as you work on your after work treat. Finding it tough to get psyched for a long day of school ahead? Take some CBD candies on your morning commute and notice your focus, energy and mood will improve (and without any “high” to alter your state of mind!). Cannabis edibles truly are a customizable tool as much as they are a tasty treat; any flavor, any shape, any size, any dose.

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