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What Are The Best Strains For Beginners?

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An awful first experience with cannabis products can be enough to turn anyone off of them for good, causing them to miss out on the bounty of beneficial health and wellness benefits – as well as all the fun – that using cannabis can bring into a person’s life. If you are new to cannabis you should consider some of the best beginner strains 2020 has to offer as it can be very easy for a newcomer to overdo it by smoking a few too many bowls or eating a potent edible before they have built up a proper tolerance. People who accidentally overdose on cannabis are thankfully at no risk of suffering death or serious health effects however the experience of “greening out” is still not a pleasant one.

What Are The Best Strains For Beginners?

If you accidentally take it too far and end up in this state you are likely to feel nauseous, uncomfortable, anxious and paranoid with racing thoughts that might seem to spiral out of your control. If this happens to you the only surefire method to “cure” the symptoms is to wait it out and let the cannabis effects wear off on their own. As Hunter Thompson was fond of saying when discussing his heavy use of psychedelic drugs: “Buy the ticket, take the ride”.

Since this state of being isn’t fatally dangerous or serious in any way – even if it can seem like a life or death moment for the person experiencing it – the best remedy is to distract yourself. Watch some light and fun television, play a video game, spend time with a pet or a close friend or – in the worst scenarios – stay curled up on the floor of the bathroom next to the toilet with the lights out.

If you are a cannabis novice looking to increase your tolerance and enjoy your experiences with this wonderful, natural substance then there is no better place to start than with one of our craft grown beginner strains at Haute Health!

CBD Focused Strains

CBD Focused Strains

Some of the best cannabis strains for beginners are one of the many available CBD focused low THC varieties. These strains put the focus on the non-psychoactive CBD rather than the potent and intoxicating THC that cannabis is best known for. In recent years CBD has taken a lot more prominence in the public sphere as more and more research is done on the calming and healing potential of cannabis flowers. Using a strain focused on CBD which still contains a small amount of THC content as well will allow you to enjoy the feeling of getting stoned while mitigating the notorious and negative effects that can sometimes occur from using cannabis such as anxiety and paranoia.

Harlequin is an ideal CBD focused strain in this regard as it has enough THC to still provide a light and low level psychoactive effect but the high CBD content helps to soothe anxieties and promote a sense of general wellbeing and calm for anyone who uses it. This is one of the best strains for smoking if you’re just starting out as the feeling of getting “high” takes a back seat to the relaxation and pain relief it provides. Not only is Harlequin one of the best beginner strains it is extremely popular with medical marijuana patients all over the world.

Pennywise is another of the best beginner strains 2020 has on offer for you. Another of the great beginner strains for smoking and a very popular option among medical and recreational users alike for its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Don’t let the name give you the wrong idea; this indica focused flower may be named for the spooky clown from the Stephen King novel and recent movie adaptation but there is nothing scary or even off putting about it at all! An ideal choice for getting yourself into a relaxed and carefree state of mind.

Sour Tsunami was one of the first strains of cannabis ever bred for its CBD content rather than its THC. If you’re just starting out and only looking to put a big toe into the waters to see how it feels for you this might be the perfect choice for you. The perfect entry into the world of cannabis for anyone who would like to utilize this wonderful plant to achieve rest, relaxation and freedom from anxiety and paranoia. The THC content is much lower in Sour Tsunami than in the two previously mentioned strains making it one of the ideal beginner strains for smoking for people with extremely low tolerances or no interest in the intoxicating psychoactive effects of the drug. Enjoy the practice of smoking, reap the health benefits, relax and enjoy without concerning yourself at all over the possibility of “greening out”.

THC Focused Options

THC Focused Options

If you’re not concerned with the health benefits of CBD oil or are already supplementing your health and wellness with a CBD product and are curious about trying cannabis for recreational enjoyment you might want to consider a low potency THC focused strain to start out with. Using a strain with a lower THC content can help to acclimatize you to the effects and experience of using marijuana products in this way and ease you into the cannabis culture and practices of a regular user as well without scaring yourself off with an overwhelming experience.

Plushberry is a delightfully named strain with moderate levels of THC making it an ideal candidate for new smokers looking to get high for their first time. A relaxed and calming but uplifting high is the trademark sensation for users of this 50/50 indica and sativa flower making it one of the best beginner strains 2020 has on offer! Experience the full range of potential effects cannabis has to offer you while not overdoing it and ruining the experience for yourself.

If you’re ready for a little bit of a step up on the potency ladder but you aren’t looking to dive headfirst into the depths of potent high THC AAAA craft grown cannabis then the Canadian favourite strain Jack Herer may be just the ticket for you. Named after a beloved and renowned Canadian cannabis activist who recently passed away this particular strain is noted for having a nice moderate THC count which averages between 10-16% with most batches. This allows novice users to try some of the more fun and fantastic effects of cannabis while lessening the potential for anxiety or paranoia.

For those looking for something potent and effective but not overwhelming Hindu Kush makes for a great starter option. Although this pure indica strain packs a wallop averaging at 12-20% THC content the calming relaxation that it promotes work well to counteract any feelings of unease, anxiety or paranoia that could potentially arise.

Best Weed For Beginners To Grow

Best Weed For Beginners To Grow

If you’re looking to cultivate a little cannabis of your own in your own backyard garden or indoor greenhouse there has never been a better or more simple time to jump in! There is an overwhelming wealth of information available out there to anyone looking to take the plunge and become a cannabis greenthumb themselves. But what are the best pot seeds for beginners to try and grow and are any strains better suited to growing for your first time?

Just like any other type of plant the particular species and type you have on hand will determine a lot about how much food, light, water and attention your cannabis plants will require in order to flower and produce large amounts of harvestable cannabis flower. If you want a full breakdown on how to setup and care for a cannabis growing operation there are no shortage of resources all over the web for you to take advantage of. But every garden starts with the selection of the proper seeds and with cannabis the same is true!

THC Bomb is a highly recommended seed for first time and experienced cannabis growers alike as it grows easily and yields lots of potent smokable flower. These buds will be packed with THC levels averaging at about 20% so while this is an ideal strain for a beginner grower it is not recommended for use by inexperienced smokers. The high this strain produces is a happy and mellow one that doesn’t completely knock you out, though you may find yourself enjoying a nap shortly after smoking large amounts of it.

White Widow is a strain loved by smokers and medicinal cannabis users for it’s energetic and euphoric high that promotes creativity and social interaction. This is another high THC content strain with some yields topping out at up to 26% THC! Not a strain to be smoked by novice users or first timers but an incredibly effective one at relieving stress and anxiety, promoting happiness and enhancing your creative output. One of the many reasons this is such a popular strain is that it is hands down one of the best pot seeds for beginners to try and grow.

If you’re seeking relief from stress or pain and also want to cultivate a wholly unique strain of cannabis with an out of this world flavour profile then Caramelicious may be the right choice for you. Typically enjoyed by medical marijuana patients for relief from depression, nausea or exhaustion Caramalicious will make you feel happy and at ease, especially if you’re in the mood to just chill and enjoy the day. The unique flavour profile of this strain – noted by many to be one of the best pot strains for beginners to try to grow for medicinal use – is as decadent and sweet as the name implies and it lingers on the tongue after exhale.

When you’re shopping for cannabis online in Canada there is no better option than the cannabis experts at Haute Health! We have yellow hard candies and 15mg THC capsules currently in stock as well as full spectrum CBD gummy sour keys and the beloved hybrid strain Gosh which is similar in nature to OG Kush. Haute Health is your favourite Canadian online cannabis resource!


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