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Why You Should Use A Bong

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Canadians now have access to more consistently high quality cannabis then they ever have before and many newbies are coming to this new and exciting world without the right tools in their toolkit! Forget the old fashioned and outdated idea that a bong is a dirty and unpleasant object that will only be found in frat houses and filthy apartments full of stinky strange odours! Just as the cannabis on the marketplace today is of higher quality than ever before so too are the newly designed tools and toys available to smokers everywhere!

No matter your style or use needs there is likely a bong that is the perfect match for you and your home. Whether you prefer something flashy and cool or simple and functional or if you hold aesthetics and design above all else in your search criteria there are such a wide range of exciting pieces made from a diverse array of materials. You might think you’ve seen every kind of bong and you may be picturing a dirty glass monstrosity caked with thick black resin and full of murky brown water,

It’s time to toss out that idea once and for all.

Why You Should Use A Bong

Why Use A Bong

What is the purpose of a bong? There are many good reasons to own one and a few real downsides to choosing to go without one in your collection of cannabis accessories. There are plenty of old fashioned cheap acrylic and glass models available at the nearest local head shop or online but if your personal standards are a bit higher than that of a teenager it may be time to take the plunge and invest in a real display piece worthy of its own shelf space in your home.

You wouldn’t buy an expensive scotch and drink it straight from the bottle or sip it from a red party cup unless you were doing so to make some sort of statement. Otherwise when enjoying the finer things in life you will want to have the right accessories and tools at your disposal so that the entire experience resonates with the positive feelings and associations of a high class, and curated affair.

There is no denying the taste of a fine liquor is improved by the experience of drinking it using the proper method and in the right environment. The same is true of high quality craft grown cannabis and apart from a perfectly rolled blunt or expensive vaporizer there is no better way to fully experience and enjoy the bouquet, effects and flavour of a particular strain than when smoking with a well designed and aesthetically pleasant bong.

What is a bong used for apart from completing the whole experience of cannabis smoking in an aesthetically pleasing way? No informative article about bong ownership would be sincere or considered complete without the requisite mention that smoking from a bong is also still the fastest, most consistent and efficient method available to get extremely ripped extremely quickly.

Why Use A Bong

Rather Ripped

Gotta get out the door in a rush but you want to get your mind and body right first? Try using a bong and you’ll soon understand very well what are bongs used for. Convenience, efficiency and efficacy are the rules at play and the added bonus of having a water filtering system for your smoke sessions is an undeniably beneficial one.

Even if you prefer smoking joints or using a pipe or vaporizer if you haven’t gotten to know a good bong yet you may be missing out on a crucial experience of cannabis smoking and enjoyment. Many users report the effects of smoking cannabis using a water filtering bong is not only easier on the lungs and throat but also hits you harder and faster, improving the efficacy of all the beneficial effects of the cannabis you are smoking.

This means that not only are you getting higher when you hit the bong you are also enhancing the medicinal and beneficial effects on your body as you are able to take in larger doses faster. As your tolerance level increases you will enjoy more and more of the residual beneficial effects from using larger amounts of THC and CBD.

This also works in the opposite direction if you prefer to keep your tolerance low and only smoke very small hits using a smaller bowl on a smaller bong. Using this method you can conserve your cannabis and make sure what little you are using hits you in the most potent and immediate method possible.

Rather Ripped

Using A Bong

Being able to load up a small or large amount exactly to your needs and preferences and being able to spark it up and inhale it in one large blast is a practiced skill that comes fairly easily after repeated uses and a few failed attempts marked by coughing fits. Every beginner struggles a little bit to get the method down correctly and to not cough their lungs out afterwards but as with anything practice always makes perfect and with persistence it will not take anyone very long to learn and master.

So how do you use a bong properly and what are some tips and tricks for first timers who want to avoid coughing and hacking their lungs out? The trick to learn how to take a bong hit is essentially repetition and practice which helps to build up both your lung capacity and tolerance.

Using a bong can be fun and easy for anybody so long as they know a little bit about what they are getting into beforehand. For starters let’s look at the basics of how a bong actually works. These cool devices come in all shapes and sizes and there is seemingly no limit to the variations available but all of them have a few basic principles in common.

Bongs typically feature a bowl for packing your dried weed and setting it alight which can be customized to user preference to be as large or small as desired. The bowl typically is a separate piece that slides into a downstem which is typically made of glass and holds the bowl while descending into the water. The water is contained in the bulbous and typically round shape at the base of the bong and should be only as full as is needed to completely submerge all the openings at the end of your downstem.

The last remaining portion of most typical bongs is the mouthpiece which can be either tall long and fat or short and stubby depending on the design. A user lights the dried cannabis material in the bowl while inhaling deeply on the mouthpiece. When the bong fills up with smoke – and you will know it is working by the unmistakable trademark bubbling sound familiar to most everyone who has ever seen one in action – you typically pull the bowl out of the downstem to allow all of the smoke to rush up out of the mouthpiece and into your lungs – some bongs may vary on this last part but typically not.

When done properly you will recieve a massive inrush of smoke into the lungs in a very short period of time. There is no need to force yourself to hold it in or try to hold it in any longer than you naturally can. All of the good stuff gets absorbed into your bloodstream almost instantly so allow yourself a deep and satisfying exhale and watch the smoke billow from your lungs to fill the room!

This is a fun experience that every marijuana smoker should enjoy especially when it comes to smoking high quality craft cannabis such as the kinds available from your friends at Haute Health!

Using A Bong

Picking The Perfect Bong

It’s important to keep in mind that when you are selecting a bong for your home living space there is more to consider than simply how well it might work. For the most part one bong will function almost exactly as well as any other and no amount of gimmicky new doodads or addons will really change that too much.

However apart from functionality there are a lot of things you might want to consider. Do you want a large and beautiful showpiece? An accent piece that perfectly matches the aesthetics already present in your living room? Something elegant and dignified that looks just as at home in the crystal cabinet as it does on the coffee table?

Colour, size and design might be the most important elements you have to decide between. Don’t be afraid to shop online or try another local store if the place you look at first doesn’t seem to have something that suits your taste. A lot of the old fashioned rock and roll style head shops have started to close up and are becoming more of anomaly these days as with legal recreational use people are starting to look for more aesthetically pleasing or interesting accessories to add to their home instead of something with unnecessary bells and whistles.

That said one great feature you may want to be certain your new bong has if you are a first timer is what is called an “ice catcher”. This is a simple mechanism typically found in higher end glass bongs where the bottom of the mouthpiece shaft is tapered or has small nubs to block the passage of ice cubes. This allows you to fill the long tube up with freshly frozen cubes of ice which then cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs making your hits smoother and more enjoyable overall. Smoking high quality weed without this bong feature is even frowned upon in some of the more particular circles of cannabis aficionados. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get a nice bong of your own and you want some high quality Canadian grown craft AAAA cannabis to load it up with you can find everything you desire at Haute Health! Currently in store we are featuring some powerful West Coast Hash, some 5mg THC grapefruit gummies for the lightweights, Delta 8 THC distillate for those who want to try something cutting edge and also Golden Teacher mushrooms – ideal for microdosing!



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