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10 Reasons Cannabis Dispensaries Are Better Than Dealers

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There are a lot of people who are still buying weed from their friendly neighborhood dealer. Sure, some of us are lucky enough to have a great relationship with Mr. or Mrs. Pot, but others struggle to find the consistency, quality and convenience they need when they’re shopping for weed. If there’s one thing that we can all agree on it’s that no matter your reasons for consuming cannabis, we’re all after the best quality for the best possible price. Cannabis isn’t just something that enhances our daily lives, it can actually save many of us from pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety or insomnia.

So why would we limit ourselves to one source of pot when there’s a whole world of products & services out there?! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons that cannabis dispensaries are superior to weed dealers. Even if you and your dealer get along great and he/she provides some top-notch buds, there are so many kinds of exciting new products with every potency imaginable. So, you owe it to yourself to know the pros/cons of buying weed from a local dealer, compared to the advantages of getting your weed from online cannabis dispensaries.

Let’s make a deal with each other: have an open mind, hear us out, and try shopping at cannabis dispensaries vs dealers the next time you have a hankering for some dank dro.[/et_pb_text]

10. Medical Weed vs Street Weed

First of all, the best reason for shopping online or in-store with cannabis dispensaries has to do with the quality/consistency of their weed. Some dealers are great for maintaining a high-quality of cannabis buds over a long period of time, but nobody offers more selection, higher quality or more consistent stock of thousands of types of weed quite like cannabis dispensaries.

Are you a recreational smoker? Or do you need cannabis for a particular medical reason? Even if you’re not aware of any medical benefits of your weed habits, this incredible plant in all its variations can have profoundly positive impacts on your mental, physical and even spiritual health. Reduced pain, lower inflammation, better sleep, less nausea, quelled nerves, soothed depressed moods and so much more can result from consistent cannabis use.

So, even if you don’t consider yourself a medical marijuana user – even if you’re just toking one to have a good time – there’s thousands of benefits to your health every time you consume cannabis. For these reasons, you might begin to lean towards medical weed vs street weed, which can lead you to seek to buy more from cannabis dispensaries vs dealers.

All cannabis products found at cannabis dispensaries and weed dealers online are quality checked, tested for safety and often come with guarantees, warrantees or refunds. Can your average street dealer offer this kind of product quality, consistency and transparency? We doubt it.

9. What’s The Deal With Weed Dealers Online?

The deal is this: free shipping, best prices, best selection, best quality, and an ever-expanding offering of the latest & greatest cannabis products that money can buy. Simply put, online cannabis dispensaries and weed dealers online have the top buds, oils, edibles, topicals, concentrates and extracts. When you’re looking where to find weed dealers online, just search for phrases like “best cannabis online” or “quality weed online in Canada” and you’ll be brought to online cannabis dispensaries.

These virtual libraries of cannabis goods have literally thousands upon thousands of different strains, flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid & terpene potencies. It’s almost overwhelming to see how many products are available – and at very affordable prices when compared to street weed.

8. Cannabis Dispensaries vs Dealers: Trust & Consistency

Another major factor in the favor of cannabis dispensaries has to do with trust. Weed dealers online and cannabis dispensary stores have a steady, stable supply of cannabis that is tested for quality and produced through a set of industry standards. Sure, your dealer might provide high-quality buds that always taste great, smoke good and make you feel amazing… but what’s in them?!

Having assurances for what kinds of chemicals are used in the production of your weed – such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any extraction/processing agents – is essential. For many of us, cannabis is our medicine so it is counter intuitive to trust in some mysterious weed just because the price is right. It’s important that there is established trust, transparency and consistency with the cannabis you smoke, eat, drink, dab, vape or rub on.

Make sure you know what’s in your dro before you choose to buy from a certain source. Having trust with your cannabis providers can profoundly impact your experiences with medical weed vs street weed. If you need weed for quality of life reasons or to treat a serious condition, then there’s no question that cannabis dispensaries are the way to go. Wondering where to find weed dealers online? Check out Haute Health as your one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs.

Speaking of where to find weed dealers online, how do you know if an online cannabis dispensary is reputable, safe and fair? Determining the validity of cannabis dispensaries vs dealers doesn’t have to be a complicated process – simply trust in your fellow cannabis community!

Peer reviews on their websites, independent reviewers, reddit and other social media platforms are a great place to get some insight into a particular online weed dealer. Keep in mind that some cannabis dispensaries have been known to pay for positive reviews, but these kinds of paid services are typically easy to spot. If a site only has positive reviews listed on their products then chances are they’re censoring the negative ones. Any online weed dealer worth their Sativa knows that negative reviews are just a part of business – it’s not IF bad experiences happen that matters, it’s HOW you deal with it that’s important.

There a number of independent review sites that grade cannabis dispensaries on their selection of medical weed vs street weed, prices, discounts, customer service and much more. Before you buy, do some research on the cannabis dispensaries in your area. If you’re looking where to find weed dealers online, trust in your fellow cannaseurs’ feedback.

The best of both worlds might mean “lots of THC AND CBD” to you, but we’re talking about the merits of selling both medical and recreational grade products. You might not think there’s much to think about in the debate between medical weed vs street weed; why not just invest in the best price?

Cost control is important for many cannabis users, but we advocate choosing your buds based on quality first, then price second. First of all, ask yourself these critical questions:

● Why do I consume cannabis? Do I NEED it for something, or is it just something I enjoy?
● How do I consume cannabis? Am I smoking lots when I should be taking tinctures? Etc
● What kinds of cannabis do I get the most out of? Do I know what cannabinoids/terpenes have the strongest effects on me?

Cannabis dispensaries and online dispensaries have the widest varieties of cannabis products to suit any/all of your needs & wants. Are you seeking some high-dose THC concentrates to treat a serious pain disorder? Cannabis dispensaries got you covered. Do you smoke lots of buds just because it’s better than drinking alcohol when you’re socializing? Online dispensaries have the selection you need, at the prices you want and the quality standards you expect to stay stocked up.

Suffice it say, cannabis dispensaries have products for all shapes, sizes and experiences with cannabis. If you need the top-shelf stuff for serious reasons, you’re covered; if you’re just looking for some good weed for another Tuesday night sesh, you’re still covered.

In terms of customer service, attention to detail and getting friendly support throughout your weed buying experience, there’s no contest between cannabis dispensaries vs dealers. Online dispensaries boast an entire order process from cart-to-finish. If you have questions, concerns, comments or just want to speak with someone about some weed products then cannabis dispensaries are the way to go.

When is the last time you were able to ask your dealer anything other than “how much will that be?” without getting a leery look or a sketchy exit? There are so many questions surrounding cannabis that customer support is not only desired, it’s essential for everybody to get the products they need, when/how they need it.

Live chat, email support, order updates, personalized deals for re-orders, custom discount codes, and a whole bunch of chances to win free items or score bonuses from buying your buds makes cannabis dispensaries way more reliable & informative. Don’t settle for one-side, back-alley deals anymore – demand more from your weed dealers online and get what you’re paying for with their comprehensive customer service!

Simply put, one of the most common reasons people start shopping for their weed online has to do with delivery. Since Covid-19 went and messed up everything we knew before, the ability to have goods/services shipped right to your door has become an essential part of every transaction.

Sure, some savvy dealers will come to you or meet in a place near your home, but how safe are these hand-offs? Even if you trust your dealer or know him/her in some fashion, the convenience and safety involved in getting your cannabis shipped to your door in a discreet package is just way too good to pass on.

Not only is shipping more convenient for modern lifestyles, but most online cannabis dispensaries offer easy-to-obtain FREE shipping on all their orders. Orders range from $50-150 for minimums to secure free shipping, but when it comes to getting your medicine most of us are more than willing to invest in high-quality regardless of the extra cost.

Money talks, especially when the conversation is about the price of pot. How much your buds cost in relation to the reasons why you’re smoking them & what you expect to get out of them can make all the difference in any weed transaction.

If you need a certain potency of THC or CBD, then you’re going to be more willing to spend your hard earned dollars on some top-choice cannabis. On the other hand, if you’re only in the canna-business because you enjoy a good space-out high now & then, you’ll probably be more apt to hunt for the best possible deal on your dro.

Thankfully, cannabis dispensaries and online dispensaries have wide varieties of all pot price-points: A to AAAA+ grade buds, cheap concentrates, premium extracts, fancy connoisseur edibles, low-price candies & gummies, etc. Online cannabis dispensaries are known to price their items according to potency too, so it’s easy/affordable to buy low-mid tier THC/CBD items if you’re just looking for a bit of fun.

Conversely, medical cannabis users will have to spend more on average to acquire the kinds of high-quality weed they need for their conditions, but online dispensaries often provide discounts or BOGO’s so that medical patients can still get a good price.

2. Ditch the Dealer, Get the Deals

Some loyal customers stick with their dealers because they’ve never led them astray. There are many examples of this in Canada where the number of quality growers is almost equal to the number of experienced cannabis customers. We live in a paradise for high-quality weed up here in the True North Strong & Free. That being said, even if you’ve got a great dealer who always works hard for your dollars, in reality they just can’t keep up to the steady supply and revolving-door of discounts that a cannabis dispensary has.

Everyday there are mega sales, huge discounts and blowouts of inventory online and in cannabis dispensary stores. These dispensaries are constantly evolving their inventories, so not only are you guaranteed the best selection money can buy but you’re also going to get the best available discounts on the pot products you want most.

Discounts range from 10% off to a whopping 80% markdowns on any given day. On top of these massive discounts, online cannabis dispensaries offer wholesale buying options, referral coupons, rewards/points systems for frequent buyers, and a whole lot of contests where you can earn buds or bucks. If it’s down to dollars & cents for making a decision where to buy, there’s no better place than cannabis dispensaries for getting the most kush for your cash.

1. Your Weed, Your Way

The final reason you should be shopping at cannabis dispensaries over dealers has to do with personal experiences. Cannabis dispensaries and their hard working staff are constantly trying to one-up their competition in crafting the best cannabis experience possible. Whether it’s ever-expanding inventories of exciting new products or providing a personalized selection of VIP cannabis products, online dispensaries are at the top of their game when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Not only are there personal discounts but cannabis dispensaries often provide referral codes, one-time coupons, wholesale/bulk buying options and VIP programs that cater to your unique needs. These programs and customer service tactics create a novel shopping experience every time you check out their online stores. Who wouldn’t appreciate logging on to find all your favorite strains on sale in a ‘suggested bundle’?! What if your online dispensary could craft orders they think you’d enjoy for your next cannabis experience?

Online cannabis dispensaries but the “very intelligent people” in VIP experiences. Once you’ve browsed the amazing selection, priced out the incredible deals and purchased the top-quality products from a cannabis dispensary, we’re confident that you’ll be telling your dealer that you’ve moved on. Check out all that the wide world of weed has to offer and shop online at Haute Health – you’ll never go back to the old ways of getting your pot. Welcome to the future in cannabis products & services!

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