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Best Stoner Snacks: Healthy Snacks for Weed Munchies

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If you know anything at all about smoking weed you know that snack foods and getting stoned go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter. We’ve all seen the cliche portrayals of stoners in pop culture as forgetful, compulsively junk food snacking space cadets but for those of us who use cannabis to manage symptoms of a chronic illness or who are a little more health and body conscious what are some healthy munchie snacks that are easy to make, taste great and tame the overwhelming hunger most people tend to experience when using cannabis products?

Why does weed make you hungry like you are on the verge of starving regardless of how recently you’ve enjoyed a good meal? For a long time we didn’t have an answer to that question until scientists stumbled into a discovery – as they so often do – regarding cannabinoids and their effect on certain neurotransmitters in the brain. It turns out cannabis is naturally tuned to these transmitters and causes them to fire triggering the response of overwhelming hunger that all cannabis users are sure to be familiar with.

A Bounty Of Possibility

You’re probably already familiar with some of the most widely loved and best stoner snacks out there. They are fairly easy to track down at your local grocery or corner convenience store! From bags of chips to candy bars, nutella, personal sized snack cakes, hefty sandwiches, sodas, fruit juices and frozen treats – there is a veritable treasure trove of classic junk food goodies available to us at all times almost everywhere you might find yourself. But what are some healthy munchies for stoners who are trying to avoid all that processed junk and fast fatty foods?

For those of us trying to stay healthy and fit or who have other dietary restrictions or concerns it can often feel like a nightmare wading through all of the unhealthy options to find the perfect snack that still fills the deep void of hunger within while not making you feel physically and mentally awful afterwards. If taking care of your body and mind are a top priority for you or you have limitations on what you can eat without becoming ill or breaking a personal ethical code a trip to the grocer or the corner store can be fraught with the anxiety of uncertainty and guilt.

But with a little forethought and preparation before the next time you plan to smoke, enjoy an edible or take a nice psychedelic trip you can be sure your pantry and fridge will welcome your hungry eyes with a bounty of healthy fun and rewarding options to snack on! Let’s take a look at some of the fun and easy healthy stoner snacks you can stock up on today so that all of your adventures tomorrow can be full of great healthy high snacks!

Healthy High Snacks

Of course we all know some of the best high snacks are not the most healthy stoner snacks. But many of your favourite junk food options have a slightly healthier alternative you should be open to exploring! For example instead of a bag of chips or a large poutine you could dust off some sweet potato fries with a nice vinaigrette. Instead of making a run to the store for some candies why not snack on some frozen grapes!

If you simply must eat some chips of some kind instead of grabbing a big bag of flavoured extreme something or other snag a healthier tortilla option and make some guacamole!

Many of your classic and best stoner snacks have a healthier alternative and sometimes making and enjoying them with someone can be even more fun than any trip to the store could ever be, especially when all you want to do is sit on the couch. Instead of a candy bar you can make the adorably named celery treat “Ants on A Log”! All you need is fresh celery, peanut butter and some raisins. Spread the PB into the celery, add raisins (or chocolate drops if you’re feeling naughty) and enjoy!

Instead of mowing through a pint or more of ice cream invest in some frozen yogurt popsicles ahead of your next adventure to the inner cosmos. Avoid the feeling of miserable bewilderment because you plowed through all your frozen dessert and reward yourself by going back for a second one between episodes of whatever you are binging without all the guilt.

If having a bite sized snack on hand in an overflowing bowl is more your style try out kale crisps or edamame with soy and sesame! You can sate all your salty savoury cravings, feel full and enjoy the fun of finger food all at once. Another fantastic similar option is some hummus and pita bread. Enjoy a wide range of flavour options from garlic, roasted red pepper, caramelized onions or anything else you can think to add to a chickpea blend. Especially delicious with freshly baked garlic naan bread!

Try Something New

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting good and properly stoned is the open minded nature it promotes in people and that lends itself perfectly to the experience of trying out something new and unconventional. If you want to break with convention entirely and discover some healthy munchies for stoners that might just include some of the best high snacks ever conceived take a trip with us into the Haute Health experimental kitchen.

Pop some blueberry yogurt bites into the freezer and forget about them for a day or so. Then the next time you smoke a big bowl or enjoy an edible and find yourself rooting through the fridge for something to enjoy you’ll stumble upon these little beauties and rejoice. Kick back with a tall glass of water and enjoy the game or your favourite film and just try not to eat every one before they melt!

Not weird enough for you? Alright how about some apple nachos? This absurd dessert treat is borderline unhealthy for you but the base is an apple so we’re gonna let it slide in on a technicality. Also it’s a lot of fun to make and eat! Slice up a fresh apple or two and arrange them on a plate as you would some nachos. Drizzle caramel sauce and add some toppings like chocolate drops, coconut flakes, powdered sugar, anything you like! Layer and repeat as desired and serve. Expect sticky fingers and big smiles.

If the thought of all that sugary sweetness has you recoiling in horror and shame already fear not, we’ve still got some healthy and fun options in the experimental kitchen too! How about some hummus and veggie lettuce wraps? Simply add some hummus and fresh veggies to a leaf of lettuce, wrap it up and enjoy! These are fun to make on the fly with a big spread laid out in front of a hungry group, great for movie nights! As far as healthy stoner snacks go this is one of the best high snacks you can choose for a group of people concerned about what they eat!

Cooking With Cannabis

Sometimes smoking just isn’t an option or maybe you are just chasing after that perfect all over body buzz paired with the experience of a great meal. If this is the case there are no shortage of possible options for you if you choose to cook with cannabis! Make some cannabutter and add it to any of your favourite baking recipes to turn any decadent dessert treat into a potent edible!

You can also make some cannabis infused cooking oil and use it to make any of your favourite baking products, or to cook up a stoner stir fry, for cooking your scrambled eggs in the morning or for the base of a delightful salad dressing! Using a cooking oil or cannabutter is an excellent way to get two birds stoned at once, allowing you to enjoy a great meal or decadent dessert and also get the medication or effects you are after as an added bonus!

Or you could get some cannabis tincture and simply add it to any of your favourite foods or beverages. With a tincture you can turn any meal a potent cannabis edible with little extra effort and no loss in flavour or quality. Why not pick one up for yourself today?

Vegan Options

If cruelty free healthy stoner snacks are a must for you for dietary or ethical reasons there are a wealth of fantastic options and some of the best stoner snacks have delicious vegan alternatives or are already animal product free! Try some of these fun variations and alternatives the next time you plan on using cannabis and want to enjoy some animal product free healthy munchie snacks!

If you are looking to satisfy a massive hunger without using animal products of any kind one of the best options is a giant black bean burger on a garlic toasted bun. Pair this with some of the sweet potato fries we mentioned earlier to send this take on a classic pub food favourite into the stratosphere. It’s hard to beat this combination even if you are a regular meat eater!

Of course many of the best foods to enjoy when you are stoned are simple fruits and vegetables which are cruelty free and require little to no preparation at all. Stock up on strawberries, mangoes, grapes, kiwi, oranges, celery, baby carrots, cucumber – whatever you like best! You can even arrange everything on a platter and prepare a delicious vegan fruit or veggie dip to go with it! Ideal for movie nights or entertaining.

If having healthy snacks isn’t a concern for you and you just want to mow down on a bag of something sweet or salty there are a surprising amount of great vegan options waiting for you in the junk food aisle too! Did you know Oreos are vegan? Duncan Hines brownie mix also contains no animal products in the box. Airheads can be enjoyed without concern of consuming animal byproducts and so can Doritos Sweet Chilli Heat chips. Fritos, Fruit By The Foot and Sour Patch Kids are just a few more of the “accidentally vegan” candy and junk food options available to ethically conscious cannabis users.

And no list of vegan snacks would ever be complete without a mention of buffalo cauliflower. This fantastic treat is one of the best healthy high snacks ever conceived and they give the buffalo chicken wings they were originally based on a run for their money! Try this one out today and find out why it is hands down one of the best stoner snacks bar none. Just toss some cauliflower in some light flour and buffalo wing sauce, bake, get baked and enjoy!

If you’re shopping for top quality cannabis online including tinctures, edibles, concentrates or AAAA flowers there is no better option than Haute Health. Currently we are featuring some wonderful ACDC premium grade shake which would be ideal for use in cannabutter or cannabis cooking oils. We also have potent 20mg thc lemon hard candies, some divine nepalese black hash and 25mg THC capsules if you would like to avoid cooking altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you eat when you are stoned?

Something fun and satisfying is probably best! Junk food can make you feel awful afterwards so why not try a healthy option?

What are some healthy munchies?

Some of the best snacks are whole fruits and veggies!

How do you get rid of the munchies when high?

Eat! If you would rather not eat, focus your attention on another task that takes your focus away from your hunger.

Does sativa make you hungry?

All cannabis has cannabinoids which trigger the hunger response.

Does indica give you munchies?

Yes the cannabinoids in cannabis activate your hunger.


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