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Can You Mix Cannabis & Magic Mushrooms?

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Mixing substances has always been infinitely intriguing and daring since the earliest days that our ancestors experimented with psychedelics. You never know what kinds of strange, scary, fun or incredible experiences could be on the next horizon when you are considering taking multiple substances at once. The most common mixing people dabble in is alcohol and cannabis, but this has always been a flawed and dangerous endeavor because alcohol has no benefits.

What are two mind-altering substances that many stoners and cosmonauts have attempted to mix together with some success? Mixing mushrooms strains with certain kinds of cannabis products seems to have some credibility to it. This kind of mushrooms vs weed concoction can certainly cause some frightening effects if you’re not careful, but certain cannabinoids like CBD seem to have some synergistic benefits with that of psilocybin.

What are the mushrooms that get you high you might want to avoid with cannabis? Are cannabis and magic mushrooms edibles a viable option? What kinds of effects can you expect from mixing mushrooms strains with cannabis strains? Let’s separate the facts from folklore as we endeavor to find a safe balance between mushrooms vs weed.

Highs & Lows: Mushrooms vs Weed

Both cannabis and psilocybin have their share of diverse effects, unique health benefits and risk associated with their consumption. It’s never a good idea to mix any substances if you’re new to trying them, or if you have any known adverse reactions. For a lot of people, getting used to psychedelics of any kinds can take months or even years of practice. The safest approach to any kind of plant, drug or supplement that can have mind-altering effects is to follow what’s referred to as the “golden rule”:

Start low, and go slow.

It’s imperative that you have a solid understanding of how psychedelics influence your mind & body, how long they typically last, what kinds of effects you typically experience, and the nature of their long-term impacts on your general wellbeing. Speaking of wellbeing, a really important step to take before you try magic mushrooms edibles with cannabis is to figure out your reasons for taking them in the first place.

Cannabis and psilocybin can be of great benefit to your physical and mental health, but they’re also just fun recreationally. You might be fine with mixing mushrooms and weed if you’re looking to get high, but if you need either of these for medical reasons then perhaps separating them will lead to better results.

On top of your reasons for taking magic mushrooms or cannabis, you should be experienced with both enough on their own before you even think about taking them together. Tolerances to psychoactive compounds are unique to each individual, and they typically fluctuate based on frequency of ingestion/absorption, intensity of doses, diet, fitness, genetics and a whole bunch of other factors that can make it difficult to predict how you’ll feel. The only sure-fire way to understand how cannabis or psilocybin influences your mind & body is to experiment with them.

For some general context, here are a few ways in which mushrooms vs weed will typically impact you differently, or similarly:


Consumed As: dried flowers, edibles, extracts, oils, concentrates, topicals, capsules

Medical Uses: pain, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, seizures, anxiety, depression

Recreational Uses: mood enhancer, laughter, perspective enhancer, sensory enhancement, appetite stimulation, relaxation

Makes You Feel: euphoric, energized, creative, focused, giggly, productive, loving

Side Effects: dry mouth, paranoia, lethargy, red-eyes, slow reactiveness, nausea


Consumed As: raw/dried caps & stems, teas, capsules, edibles

Medical Uses: pain, insomnia, PTSD, depression, anxiety

Recreational Uses: mood enhancer, perspective enhancer, sensory enhancement, intense tripping, hallucinations

Makes You Feel: euphoric, expanded consciousness, inquisitive, creative, deep thinking, intense emotions

Side Effects: lingering hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, slow reactiveness, nightmares, dehydration, lack of appetite

As you can see, mushrooms and weed share many similar effects & uses. Where they are truly different comes down to how intense their impacts can be on your mental & physical states. There isn’t enough research to closely identify the ways in which cannabinoids and psychedelic compounds like psilocybin interact within our brains & bodies, so we’ll have to move forward with what we know about each substance individually.

To better understand how mushrooms vs weed can work together or counteract one another, it’s best to sharpen our focus to specific compounds within cannabis and how they can complement psychedelic compounds like psilocybin. THC and CBD are the stars of the cannabis show, so we’ll focus on these two with regards to learning how to enhance your mushroom trip.

How to Enhance Your Mushroom Trip With CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the safest and most effective ways to learn how to enhance your mushroom trip without tripping your mind to mush. Mixing mushroom strains with CBD isolate or CBD-high, THC-low strains of cannabis is a very popular practice these days. Unlike THC, CBD does not add intensity to the mind-altering effects of psilocybin. In fact, cannabidiol acts in quite the contrary fashion – CBD can actually reduce or diminish the intense hallucinations, chaotic thoughts and rush of feelings brought on by a psychedelic trip.

For some, this might sound like sacrilege. For others, easing back on some of the more intense experiences from cannabis or magic mushrooms edibles is just what they need. This is where mixing mushrooms strains with cannabis strains can be of great benefit – as long as you can access isolated forms of the cannabinoids you’re after.

If you’re looking to include CBD to enhance your mushroom trip in a gentler, more relaxing way then here are a few ways to combine the two:

CBD Before Taking Mushrooms That Get You High

Smoking CBD-high strains of cannabis, taking CBD oil sublingually or ingesting CBD capsules before you take your shrooms can help to set the stage for a more controlled, relaxing or focused magic mushroom trip. CBD isn’t always powerful enough to counteract the intense visions, sensory experiences and swirling thoughts you get from psilocybin. Nevertheless, CBD is quite consistent in providing some added clarity, reduced headiness or much less paranoia from your psychedelics.

For optimal results, take high-potency CBD oils sublingually (held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds) about 30-60 minutes before ingesting your magic mushrooms. This combination has become a favorite for many would-be trippers who find that cannabidiol takes the edge off just enough to make every psychedelic experience a positive one.

CBD During Magic Mushroom Trip

If you’re a more experienced shroomer then taking both CBD and shrooms together might not be half bad. As long as you’re familiar with how magic mushrooms affect you on a consistent basis, then you can be more free with your CBD dosing. Whether you’re looking to keep your psychedelic high to a certain level, or you’ve had success remaining focused on processing certain thoughts or emotions with CBD and psilocybin, taking them together or close together can lead to great results.

There are a lot of combination products like CBD + psilocybin capsules that you can buy online or in stores. Alternatively, you can smoke, drink, eat or absorb CBD in whatever form you prefer as long as you take it at the start or mid-way through your trip.

CBD After Tripping On Magic Mushrooms Edibles, Teas, Etc

Although not as effective by most accounts, taking CBD after you’ve thoroughly tripped across multiple realities can help to bring you back down to Earth. Many experienced psychedelics users understand how magic mushrooms make them feel during & after, so they aren’t as rushed to get CBD into their systems. Some people use cannabidiol like a “hangover” remedy for their cannabis or magic mushrooms experiences. This can be effective, just as long as you are familiar with how CBD interacts with your system.

Timing is everything when taking CBD after a mushroom trip – try to get cannabidiol into your system within an hour of coming around the mind-bend, or as close to towards the end of your trip as you can manage. There’s no formula for when is optimal to ingest CBD, just work it in as befits your experience/needs with psilocybin.

Cannabis & Mushrooms That Get You Highest

If a more mellow or focused trip isn’t what you’re after and you just want to get catapulted through dimensions, then obviously mixing magic mushrooms strains with CBD won’t do the trick. THC-high cannabis strains can be an effective way to enhance your mushroom trip, especially if you’re dabbling in particularly potent types of mushrooms. User beware if this is the path you’re choosing – mixing psychedelic substances can have dire consequences, and not just for your mental faculties.

If these warnings still don’t deter you from wanting to drop some magic mushrooms edibles then here are a few ways in which some savvy psychonauts have taken to enhancing their mushroom trips with both mushrooms and weed.
There are potential risks and rewards to combining weed and mushrooms that get you high. Here are a few of the different ways you can enhance your mushroom trip by mixing mushrooms strains with high-THC strains or other THC products:

THC Before Magic Mushrooms

Smoking a bowl, lighting up a joint, ripping a bong or taking some THC oil in the hour(s) leading up to your mushroom tea can make your trip happen faster, occur more intensely, or help you to achieve new heights of consciousness exploration. Edibles aren’t the best idea because their effects can be delayed – unless you’re feeling adventurous and don’t need to know the timing of when everything hits. Cannabis highs aren’t quite to the same level as psilocybin trips, but they can creep up on your suddenly so knowing your cannabis strains is paramount whenever you’re taking it before, during or after shrooms.

THC During Your Trip

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more simply known as THC, is frequently combined with psilocybin by those experienced psychonauts whose minds are set on talking to interdimensional elves. Smoking weed mixed with magic mushrooms, or brewing a cannabis + psilocybin tea will certainly get your blood pumping, amongst other things. This is obviously not for the faint-of-heart or mind, so you need to have a clear understanding and a lot of experience with both substances on their own before you mix them together.

On another note, you don’t have to mix them physically together – this doesn’t always taste or smell great anyway. Many people prefer to smoke some particularly potent pot and sip on shroom tea in-between tokes. You could also take capsules or edibles of each kind and wait for them to take effect in their own time. There are a lot of combination capsules or pills that contain THC and psychedelic compounds, similarly so for some weed + magic mushrooms edibles that can be made at home.

THC After The Peak of Your Shrooms Experience
We’re not entirely sure why you’d want to take THC after an intense shroom trip, but a decent number of stoners seem to make a habit of it. Generally speaking, people who smoke or ingest THC after a magic mushroom experience do so to help ease pain, insomnia, anxiety or other personal ailments. Sometimes psychedelics can drum up painful memories of the past or make you feel physically/mentally fatigued. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of “shrooms hangover” then THC might take the edge off.

Another contingent of psychedelic stoners also rely on THC after psilocybin because it can keep their euphoria, creativity or enhanced senses going for a bit longer – albeit in a less intense manner. Whatever your reasons for wanting to maintain a decent high, THC offers a more controllable option than some magic mushrooms doses because cannabis is typically less powerful and lasts for shorter durations.

There you have it – a handful of options to mix & match two of nature’s greatest psychoactive & psychedelic substances that we humans enjoy immensely. As always, you need to have a lot of knowledge & experience with both magic mushrooms and weed before you even think about combining them in any way, shape or form.

Safety is paramount when you’re dipping your toes in the kaleidoscope-colored waters of psychedelics, so always seek out the advice of cannabis/psilocybin professionals and take the time to get the balance right. The destination is not always what’s important, it’s often the journey that we derive the most experiences from – this is unequivocally true for both mushrooms and weed. Happy trips, hippies, and may the force of the universes be with you on your magic mushrooms and cannabis journeys.

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