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Gift Ideas For Canadians Who Love Weed

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It’s almost that time of year… Halloween is over, and all the creepy ghosts, ghouls and goblins are being traded in for elves, reindeer and snowmen. It’s never too early to start decking the halls with bells of holly… is it?! We’re no Xmas-freaks, but we understand that most people start shopping plenty early in order to get their loved ones’ gifts on-time for the holidays.

As the seasons get steadily colder from Fall to Winter, our outfits change to warmer, comfier clothes, our financial priorities shift to include all the gifts we need to acquire for our friends, family and colleagues. If you’re like most Canadians today, you, your family, your friends and your coworkers are all frequent cannabis users, basking in the golden age of cannabis like lizards in the sun.

Even when the sun goes away during the short-days and cold winter months, we still need to feel that ‘warmth’, that ‘glow’, the unmistakably comfortable feeling of getting high or relaxing with weed. Why not do all your Xmas shopping at the dispensary? Nothing says “happy holidaze” quite like ‘buds of holly’, ‘St. Nick’s nugs’ or that ‘flying reindeer special’.

Are you struggling to come up with your own winter 420 gift basket ideas? What do you fill your weed christmas baskets with for those you care about most? What are some of the hottest weed gift baskets for him & her? It’s time to get in some Xmas cheer as we discuss all the best weed gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters this holidaze season.


Before we talk about the best kinds of weed gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses or family members, we thought it’d make more sense to start with some of the themes you should consider when doing some cannabis shopping. Everybody obviously has different budgets, unique buying considerations, diverse cannabinoids tolerances, etc. There are a ton of factors to consider when you’re putting together weed basket ideas, but one of the most important ones you need to figure out first and foremost is: To be high? Or not to be high? This is the question.

Do your loved ones consume cannabis on a regular basis? If you’re always buying your loved ones 420 gift baskets in Spring, or every birthday has a dope-theme to it, then you’re probably safe putting together some high-potency products like shatter, edibles or other THC-heavy gifts. Are your friends and family more relaxed, casual CBD users? If this is the case, you’ll want to avoid investing in a bunch of concentrates or hard-hitting edibles. Instead, weed gifts baskets for him/her might be full of lower THC potencies, a lot more CBD, CBN or CBG, and perhaps a few relaxing cannabis bath bombs, creams, teas or incenses.

It might not seem like such an important decision to make, but for many stoners they’re either used to the intense kinds of cannabis products like shatter, oils or edibles or they stick to the weaker stuff. This isn’t to suggest that there aren’t people who take advantage of both high- and low-potency products – quite the opposite in fact. A growing number of cannabis users are using low potency products in the morning or during the work day, and letting loose with some high-THC products when their day is over.

So, what is the reason we feel it’s important to pick a relaxed, mellow themed weed christmas basket or a high-potency, psychonautic weed gift basket for him/her? It all comes down to making the best possible impression and showing your friends, family or colleagues that you know them, you care about them, and you’re in-tune with their wants/needs. Buying a weed christmas basket that was put together for your everyday stoner is okay, but to truly make the best impression it’s best to personalize & customize.

What about if you’re not a cannabis user yourself but you’re shopping for someone who is? Visiting the local weed shop or shopping online can be daunting to say the least for those non-stoners. This further illustrates the importance of knowing your loved ones’ tastes, preferences and tolerances. You’d hate to buy them a bundle of CBD products when they’re too busy chasing interdimensional elves every night after dropping some 500 mg edibles, right?

Now that we’ve established the importance of knowing the stoners you’re shopping for, let’s talk about one more interesting weed basket idea angle. After this, we’ll go over a quick shopping checklist you can use when you’re putting together weed basket ideas.


Here’s where things can get a little sweet, spicy or sexy… When you’re shopping for weed gifts for girlfriends, weed gifts for boyfriends, or making a personalized weed christmas basket for your spouse you can be a lot more “creative” when it comes to the kinds of products to include. Sure, maybe your significant other likes Kush strains or THC creams, so throw those in there. However, weed basket ideas for your partner is a lot more fun and has a lot more innuendo.

This means you can include certain intimate products that you’ll get to enjoy together, so putting together weed gift baskets for him/her is a ton more fun. Some people will laugh, others will cry in shock, and many more will be fascinated by all the kinds of cannabis out there that can provide a jolt of excitement, mystery and romance for any relationship.

Cannabis is a renowned libido-booster, intimacy-enhancer and passion-inducing commodity and medicine. THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids and terpenes can make for a memorable night of intimacy as they’re well-known for their powers of relaxing minds, lowering inhibitions and making people feel adventurous. Cannabis can help couples feel closer, strengthen their intimate connections, make certain feelings more powerful, or even help the night to last a lot longer – if you catch our drift. Even if you don’t need help in the bedroom, cannabis is always a great inclusion for date nights, Netflix & Chill or holidays/events like anniversaries or Xmas. Everything’s better with weed!

What if you’re not looking to spice things up but instead are focused on calming things down? Weed gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends doesn’t have to be about heightening passions, because sometimes it’s nice to just relax, unwind or have your brain turned off together. There are so many cannabis products to choose from that your weed christmas basket combinations are almost infinite.

How about some CBD oils for helping you sleep? Add in a few lower potency THC edibles for some mild evening fun? Why not include some relaxing cannabis creams for bath time? A soothing cannabis salve for some well-deserved massages sounds good? What about some balanced, full-spectrum edibles to suit many different tastes & tolerances? There’s thousands of combinations of weed gift baskets for him/her to build all on your own, and each one will have their own unique values.

Weed gifts for girlfriends, weed gifts for boyfriends or weed basket ideas for your spouse are meant to be completely customized – that’s one of the best reasons to do all your Xmas shopping at your local dispensary or your favorite online shop. Only you know your partner like nobody else does, so put those minds to the test and assemble a weed gift basket for him/her this holidaze season.


We’ve discussed a lot of the themes, customization options and considerations you need to make when assembling your own weed christmas baskets. Unfortunately we can’t make specific suggestions for products because we don’t know your loved ones and we can’t make assumptions about anyone’s cannabis tolerances or preferences because they’re so variable.

What we can offer is a quick weed basket idea checklist to make shopping for your friends, family or colleagues a little bit easier. Here are some things to do and some to avoid when you’re shopping for weed-themed gifts for your stoner friends & family:

Try to have one of each kind of cannabis product or many different types to give your loved one lots to experiment with
i.e. oils, edibles, buds, vapes, topicals, etc

Know your loved ones’ cannabinoids preferences/tolerances and stick to a certain dosing range
i.e. 20-30% THC, 100 mg+ CBD, etc

Pair flavors with aromas and vice versa
i.e. spices with herbs, citrus with fruits, etc

If possible, color coordinate the product packaging or actual products to suit a theme
i.e. red-green Xmas, white-as-snow, green-blue aurora borealis, etc

Pick a theme and stick to it
i.e. relaxation, creativity boosting, getting blitzed, tropical paradise, chocolate goodness, soothing, easing pain/inflammation, etc

Seek out new, exciting or strange cannabis products wherever/whenever you can
i.e. funny labels, names, unique product uses, odd flavors/aromas, etc

Tell a story with your weed christmas basket
i.e. your relationship story, personalized theme, how you met, a funny memory, etc

Invest in ‘added value’ product mixes
i.e. “100% organic”, “gold-star”, “AAAA+ rated”, “100% Canadian”, etc

Mix and match thrifty goods with top-shelf products
i.e. funny rolling papers, high-quality buds, joke products, artisanal edibles, etc

Focus on the emotions tied to certain products/bundles
i.e. humorous strain names, heartfelt medicinal remedies, anti-anxiety edibles, rest & relaxation capsules, etc

Don’t skimp on the basket itself or the wrapping
i.e. put a bow on it, rolling-paper wrapping job, cannabis nug wreaths, trippy-psychedelic packaging, etc

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