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How Cannabis Improves Your Sex Life

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In this brave new landscape of legalized recreational marijuana the hype about using marijuana for sex is virtually inescapable. The excitement surrounding this new psychoactive frontier that everyone living in or visiting Canada may now enjoy is peppered with tales of the enhanced experiences the use of cannabis can provide when it comes to the activities in life we already love and enjoy. Of course pot and sex are no exception to this buzzworthy excitement currently sweeping the nation and here at Haute Health we’re excited to help map this sensually exciting uncharted territory for our beloved customers.

How Cannabis improves your sex life

If you are already a cannabis user or are familiar with people who are you are likely already well aware of the much lauded benefits of enjoying a little recreational cannabis before you engage in activities like eating, exercising outdoors, listening to music, expressing yourself creatively or even just spacing out and catching up on some personal time and relaxation. But did you know that this miraculous and fun psychoactive plant can also psychedically enhance your sex life as well? The comforting, pleasant and empathy enhancing effects of cannabis can be a perfect compliment to sex often putting you more at ease and more open to expressing your true thoughts and desires.

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What’s All The Hype About

Does weed make sex better? It’s true! Marijuana and sex are often a perfect match. Lovers of all kinds across the spectrum of possibility and even solitary individuals on a quest to explore, understand and master the art of loving their own bodies all report that the enhanced experience provided by cannabis and sex can take what might have been an ordinary or routine sexual experience to an entirely new level and plateau of pleasure and sensual experience.

But why does cannabis and sex seem to be so effective at enhancing and prolonging the sexual experience for both partners? The answer to that is fairly simple and relies on a basic understanding of the function of something called the endogenous cannabinoid system. This important psychological body system provides receptors for the phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant to bond to allowing for the transmission of THC and CBD into the body.

Common effects of the THC and CBD found in cannabis plant include enhanced senses, lowered inhibitions, increased empathy and sensitivity and a reduction in inflammation. All of these effects are beneficial to an enhanced and enjoyable sexual experience whether you are with a partner or exploring your personal desires on your own. That said, taking too much cannabis or dosing with the wrong method can produce feelings of discomfort and anxiety which would not be very positive experiences when trying to have an enhanced sexual encounter.

What’s All The Hype About

Know Your Tolerance

For this reason it is always important to be aware of your tolerance limits and be very careful about your doses. If you are new to cannabis it is probably not a great idea to eat an edible or two before trying to get down to business with yourself or your partner. Marijuana Edibles are of course well known for their “creep effect” which can take quite a long time to ramp up often giving the user a false sense of security of even disappointment that the dosage was insufficient. When the effects do fully kick in however if your tolerance level is too low you will be at serious risk of experiencing anxiety, nausea, body discomfort and a variety of other decidedly unsexy symptoms that will have you running for the bathroom instead of the boudoir.

If you are well aware of your tolerance limits and comfortable with the experience of using edibles however this can be one of the most satisfying and overwhelmingly gratifying sexual experiences that you can share with another person or to explore on your own. Edibles are known to provide more of a full body buzz rather than the more cerebrally focused effects you experience when smoking marijuana and this raw sensitivity and hyper awareness of one’s own body and experiences can lend itself extremely well to enhancing the sexual experience for both partners or for an adventurous single person.

Know Your Tolerance

Openings & Experiences

Marijuana and sex drive are also interrelated in interesting and unexpected ways. Research in this area can be conflicting and is considered inconclusive (more studies need to be done so maybe you should get to work on that and report back on your discoveries!) but frequent and infrequent users of cannabis in clinical trials both reported a possible overall increase or decrease in their sexual appetites. How it affects you personally may be slightly different than how it affects your partner and their personal experience but of course a huge part of intimacy between partners or even with yourself is a clear ability to communicate and understand coupled with an empathic awareness and acceptance of desires, proclivities and personal kinks.

Weed and sex can also help you or you and a partner explore and unlock your most private desires providing a fun, overwhelmingly pleasant and welcoming environment for you or your partner to fully express themselves and their desires without fear of judgement or reprisal. If you allow yourself to be open to the possibility of new and exciting experiences the combination of weed and sex can provide a transcendant and all connecting experience between yourself and your body or you and your sexual partner.

Did you know that pot and sex when used in combination even by only one of a pair of partners can still produce a more pleasurable and long lasting experience for both partners? Even if your chosen sexual partner doesn’t care to partake in the experience of recreational cannabis use you can still both reap the benefits of an enhanced sexual experience even with only one partner using marijuana for sex. Smoking weed while having sex or smoking a joint after sex with your partner or even by yourself to unwind can be just the ticket to cap off, exentuate and prolong a heightened and intense sexual experience you won’t be liable to forget, no matter how stoned you get!

Openings & Experiences

A Natural Aphrodisiac

In many cultures around the world and all through history wherever cannabis culture has been found and enjoyed by people it is fairly common for this wonderful plant to be hailed and celebrated by cultures as a natural aphrodisiac with performance enhancing benefits for both men and women. But what does weed do to you sexually and how are marijuana and sex drive so closely interwoven for some people while simultaneously only minimally correlating for others?

For years scientists and adventurous lovers have explored the varied possibilities of mixing sex and cannabis on a quest to discover for themselves what pleasures and new experiences this wonderful plant can bring them. Exactly how does weed affect you sexually? There can only be one surefire way to find out!

Whether you choose to unwind after a hot and sweaty session with yourself or a partner by smoking a joint after sex or masturbating or if you prefer getting a good buzz on before you go in to do the deed the heady combination of smoking weed while having sex is certain to thrill and titilate almost anyone so long as they approach the practice with patience, care, empathy and an adventurous spirit. Embrace the openness and the connectedness that the experience of recreational marijuna can provide and let it produce overwhelming pleasure for you and your partner or partners to share in together!

If after reading all this you’re still asking yourself “But no, really; does marijuana enhance sex?” then our strongest recommendation would be try it for yourself and find out! Everybody’s personal mileage and experiences will vary depending on their particular sensitivity, tolerance level and of course how naturally comfortable they are with their own body and the deeply held desires they most want to experience and explore with another person or on their own. You might just discover something new and exciting about yourself!

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