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What Is Crumble & How To Smoke It

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Ever been eating a bunch of cookies and ever stopped stuffing your face to appreciate the ooey, gooey, crumbly and delicious mess? Textures are often overshadowed by how things taste, but we thought it’s high time that we recognized the importance of how something breaks apart, how it melts, or how it crumbles. Texture isn’t just important for cookies, cakes or other treats – your cannabis experience can be drastically improved (or diminished) by the bud fibers, trichomes, waxiness, oiliness or how it grinds or crumbles.

Speaking of crumble… Have you ever heard of weed crumble? Many people compare crumble vs shatter or have heard of white crumble wax, but do you know how to make crumble? What about how to smoke crumble? A lot of stoners don’t even know what crumble is, so it’s time we devoured this delectable, potent weed treat in this week’s blog.


Crumble, otherwise known as honeycomb wax or honey crumble, is a potent cannabis concentrate that is extracted. This extract is similar to resins, wax, or shatters but has a distinctive crumbly, granular texture that can be quite thick, sticky and yet malleable. Crumble is fairly new – it gained popularity in the early 2000’s and has steadily climbed to prominence amongst many concentrates cannaseurs.

The reason crumble is so popular? Unlike other concentrates like resin or shatter, white crumble wax or amber crumble is easy to add to your everyday joints, pipes, bongs, vapes and dab rigs. Crumble gets its name from its unique texture. Cannabis crumble is grainy, malleable, sticky and looks like cookie crumbs drenched in honey. Crumble gets its interesting texture from the process by which it is extracted. Speaking of which, let’s discuss how to make crumble wax.


White crumble wax, honey crumble or other forms of weed crumble are made through a unique extraction process involving cold temperatures, flash-freezing and organic solvents. Unlike with most concentrates extractions, crumble starts with placing buds in extremely cold temperatures. These cold chambers are low enough in temperature to essentially flash-freeze the plant material.

Quickly after freezing has occurred, the buds are exchanged into a solvent container or chamber. This fast transportation from extreme cold to regular temperatures, combined with the chemical reactions initiated by the solvents, divides the flowers from the trichomes, cannabinoids and terpenes.

Next, the plant materials are removed leaving only the valuable potent stuff that we’re all keen on smoking. Finally, heat and pressure are added in order to force vaporization of the solvent and any excess liquid. This final purging step leaves behind the crumbly wax-like substance you’re after.


Many people aren’t sure how to make crumble wax or how to smoke crumble, but another conundrum for many has to do with the battle between crumble vs shatter. Both can be equally potent, have unique terpenes and hit you in diverse ways. The real difference between crumble vs shatter has to do with moisture contents.

Typically, shatter and crumble share certain extraction processes – solvents like CO2 or butane, the inclusion of very high or very low temperatures in their refining processes, etc. The true separation between crumble vs shatter occurs in how they’re dried (or where/when moisture is left in as part of the process).

Shatter is refined after straining plant material and being cooked in a pressurized oven in order to remove butane or other solvents. This vacuum cooking chamber also ensures the shatter mixture is not mobile and cannot be agitated, therefore much of the gasses are removed and the final product is the glass-like shatter.

Crumble or other waxes follow a similar process, albeit after the unique cold-chamber process first primes the buds and trichomes for separation. White crumble wax, honey crumble or crumble take on their desirable texture because they are dried at lower temperatures than the pressurized oven conditions for shatter. Air is also left in the drying chamber for waxes as it contributes to their waxy, crumbly textures by drying over time instead of the fast, intense drying with shatter.

So both forms of concentrates have their own merits, they simply inhabit different spectrums on the texture, taste, aroma departments. Now that we know more about what is crumble, how to make crumble and the differences between crumble vs shatter, let’s get to the fun part and learn how to smoke crumble!


Most people prefer to smoke crumble as a sprinkled on enhancer for buds. This is the most natural and convenient way to boost your buds with some high-potency wax crumble. Crumble can be added to joints, blunts, cannagars, pipes, bongs, vapes and dab rigs. If you’re mixing white crumble wax or honey crumble in with your cannabis flowers, just be cognizant of its sticky-melty texture when combusted. This can potentially clog your pipes, bowls, bongs or vapes if you add too much.

To avoid the problems associated with crumble clogging, a lot of savvy stoners have taken to dabbing crumble or vaping it. Dabbing rigs make selecting globules of crumble easy, and there’s no risk of clogging the nail or rig – simply inhale away once it’s heated up to the ideal temperature.

The same goes for vaping crumble. Some vaporizers can’t handle the stickiness of crumble as well as others, but most are built for shatter, resins and other melty substances so crumble is no issue. Flower vaporizers follow the same track as lighting up a joint that includes crumble – make sure it’s packed in tight and not globbed up all in one section. You can be generous with your crumble sprinkled on your flowers, just try to make it evenly applied throughout.

If you’ve already figured out how to smoke crumble wax, then maybe try adding it to your favorite homemade edibles next time. With its sugary texture and intense terpenes & trichomes experience, many cannaseurs have fallen in love with crumble as a quasi edible-garnish. Simply sprinkle it on top of the next edible you’re about to bite into – just be careful, this stuff packs a punch!

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