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How To Smoke Hash

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Quite possibly the oldest form of cannabis concentrate known to man the long and storied history of hash, also known as hashish, stretches back as far as the 12th century B.C in places like Nepal, India, the Middle East and parts of northern Africa. Even though many new and exciting forms of cannabis concentrates have been created and introduced to the market in recent years the popularity of hashish in its many forms and varieties still remains a celebrated option among cannabis users to this day in many parts of the world.

How to smoke Hash

Hash has existed for centuries in Asia and parts of Africa but with widespread recreational legalization in the western world it is becoming a more common sight in our stash boxes too. In the past the rarity of chancing upon a small block of hash to smoke forced more than a few smokers accustomed to cannabis flowers to wonder just what the heck they were supposed to do with the stuff. Over the years through persistence and experimentation people have discovered a wide range of effective methods for properly smoking hash products be they improvised or well known and tried and true.

But what is the best way to smoke hash and how do you smoke hash in a pipe, joint or a bong?

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A Dash of Hash

Hash is created by isolating the trichomes from the cannabis flower and pressing them into a block of solid material. Because the resulting material contains only the portion of the cannabis flower which contains the cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes that provide the beneficial and psychoactive effects of the plant the resulting product is an extremely potent and powerful smoke intended for use in small amounts. Because of the wide variety of cannabis strains available and the different methods that can be utilized to produce hashish the material can range in appearance from a solid chalky substance to something more akin to a thick and gooey sludge.

There are a vast number of varieties of hash available out there and each will have its own consistency, colour and best suited smoking method. Wondering how to smoke bubble hash? The same principle applies as with any other type of hashish. The consistency of the material will help you to determine the best method of how to smoke hashish you may happen to have on hand, regardless of its type or origin.

When it comes to learning how to smoke hash a little goes a long way so be sure you are well aware of your tolerance limits and don’t dive in headfirst! One of the most popular methods for smoking hash is to simply add a little sprinkle of the material into a joint or blunt as you are rolling it. Be sure to spread the hash evenly throughout the roll to ensure that smoking it won’t produce too much resin and the cherry won’t hit a blockage or a big chunk and cause the joint or blunt to go out in the midst of your smoke session.

A Dash of Hash

Pick Your Favourite

Wondering about how to smoke hash in a pipe or a bong? The principle is essentially the very same as when you are rolling it into a joint with ground up cannabis flowers. Simply pack yourself a small bowl – you don’t need to use much cannabis as you only really need it to provide a base upon which the hashish will burn. Packing too big of a bowl or adding in too much hashish will likely find you locked to the couch at best or greening out and feeling upset at worst.

But what is the best way to smoke hash? When learning how to use hash properly it is always best to err on the side of caution and use only a little bit of it at a time. You can always pack a second bowl or roll another joint if you find the effects unsatisfactory but going beyond your tolerance and getting too high will only subside with time and could provide you with an uncomfortable enough experience to turn you off of using hashish or any other cannabis products at all in the future! The best way to manage this is by using a bowl like a pipe or bong to smoke your hash with just a little bit of cannabis flower as a base.

Another passable method for consuming hash is to vape it. Using a cannabis vape with a small amount of ground cannabis flowers packed inside as a base you can sprinkle a bit of hash into the chamber for an extra kick or you could simply load your vape with finely broken up hash in a small amount and vape it directly. It is also possible to dab with hash, especially the thick and gooey kind. If you have one available to you, using a dab rig is also one of the best methods available for how to smoke hash oil products. If you don’t have access to a dab rig and wish to smoke hash oil you might want to add it to a bowl of ground flowers in a pipe or bong just as you would with solid hash material. Smoking hash oil in this way is probably one of the least effective and efficient methods but it will get the job done in a pinch!

Pick Your Favourite

The Old Fashioned Way

But what about if you don’t have any cannabis flowers available to you? Well if you find yourself in this circumstance you can always hop over to our online shop to pick some up! But while you are waiting for the mail or if you are unable to do so and only have hashish on hand you will still need a simple method to smoke it. You could pack a little into a pipe with a screen or into the bowl of your bong but unless you want to smoke a large quantity at once you may be better served with another method. Before the invention of specialized dab rigs for smoking cannabis concentrates in small amounts many people in kitchens around the world found a surefire improvisational method that still works great!

Fair warning this method will require the use of a pair of silverware knives which everybody should have available to them at home however using them in this way destroys the knife for any other type of use. We advise you don’t go using your partner or relative’s favourite set of fancy knives! If you need to you can always pick up some cheap ones at your nearest home and kitchen supplies store.

This method is called “hot-knifing” and is relatively easy to do. Apart from two clean table knives you will likely need at least one oven mitt to handle the knives after they have been heated up. First gather your materials and your hashish and break yourself off a tiny piece or sprinkle of the material. Depending on the style of your stovetop you will need to either thread the blade end of the knife into the heating element of the stovetop or simply place the tip over the open flame of your gas range. Unfortunately this method is not compatible with a glass surfaced electric stovetop so if yours is a little too nice and modern you may want to just invest in a dab rig.

For the rest of us with old fashioned gas or electric stovetops the blade of the first knife should start to turn bright red at the tip after a short while indicating that it is hot enough. Be careful not to burn yourself when handling the hot knife – use an oven mitt! Take the hashish material you broke off for use and place it on the tip of the unheated cold knife. Press the red hot tip of the hot knife against the hashish on the cold knife and inhale the resulting smoke. You may wish to use a straw or a funnel (the top of a plastic soda bottle works well) to better draw in the smoke before it escapes and dissipates but whatever you do be careful not to melt the plastic or burn yourself in any way. It should also be noted that depending on the consistency of the material you use there may be a minor risk of bubbling which could cause an unexpected burn. Safety glasses aren’t a terrible idea if you have them.

This is really only the last resort option of a desperate smoker with no other options on hand. If you are considering using the hot knife method but have access to pipes, bongs, vapes, or can roll a half decent joint and have cannabis flowers on hand your only real reason to do so would be for the experience and perhaps the nostalgia if you were ever a teenager who pilfered from the family silverware drawer!

If you’re looking to buy hash online there is no better place to turn than your number one online dispensary Canada: Haute Health! Choose from our growing selection of cannabis concentrates, edibles and flower products including some great varieties of hashish! Happy smoking.


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