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Pink Kush Canada: Why It’s Popular Among Canadians

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It seems like everyone in Canada is crazy about the strain Pink Kush these days. It is praised from coast to coast in our great country for being a clean burning, great smelling and beautiful looking cannabis bud and the buzz it provides is widely praised as well. Growers, producers and superfans of this great strain can be found all across the country but how exactly did this come about and why doesn’t pink kush weed enjoy the same level of prestige with our neighbours south of the border or in other countries where cannabis is enjoyed?

PINK KUSH – Why it's popular among Canadians

This popular weed strain is among the top search terms for cannabis products in all of Canada and has been consistently for many years. This level of interest isn’t shared south of our border however as this popular Canadian strain is virtually unknown in the United States. Is there a cultural difference at play or something more? The long and storied history of this strain of cannabis will never be completely catalogued and understood however what we do know and what has been speculated upon leads one to wonder what the real difference may be.

Origins of Pink Kush

Origins of Pink Kush

The origins of Pink Kush shatter or weed can be traced back to the classic and sedative Himalayan Hindu Kush strain which was brought to North America in the early days of recreational cannabis use and eventually was used to produce the American OG Kush strain. This strain is widely accepted as being a possible relative to if not in fact a mother strain to Pink Kush weed. Of course due to the nature of cannabis cultivation especially before widespread legalization most of this history is based on word of mouth, speculation and rumour.

It is said the popularity of kush varieties of cannabis was widespread on the west coast of the United States and Canada in the early 2000s and it was likely at this time that Pink Kush weed was first cultivated and created.

Even though the Pink Kush strain in Canada only really took off after the popularity of “BC Bud” was well established it is very possible that the legendary status this strain enjoys is due at least partially in part to the excessive popularity of any strain that originates from or is commonly found on the west Canadian coast. Regardless of how the legend was built it is undeniable at this point that pink kush in Canada is loved and celebrated from coast to coast.

What Makes it Good

What Makes it Good

When it comes to Pink Kush shatter and weed one of the most celebrated aspects seems to overwhelmingly be the smell. With a hint of citrus the flower’s strongest notes are that of an earthy pine scent that simply cannot be beat. On most varieties of this strain if you look closely enough you will notice fine pink hairs on the bud which is where this popular strain of cannabis gets its street name from. Because it became so popular so quickly, especially in British Columbia, home of the BC Bud, Marijuana growers and producers were able to charge top dollar for Pink Kush in Canada over all other available strains. This is aided by the fact that this strain is also uniquely easy to grow and cultivate requiring only ten to eleven weeks to flower.

But apart from its thoroughly enjoyable aroma users also report falling in love with this strain for its full body intoxicating effect. Pink Kush in Canada is typically found at strengths between 20% – 30% making it one of the more potent strains available to consumers. It’s no wonder then why people celebrate this strain when the experience of smoking it is so consistently potent and pleasurable.

The calming and relaxing effects of this strain make it an ideal bedtime or end of day winding down treat. Many report the high is efficient and very potent while not being severe enough to knock you completely out. If you want to feel the buzz intensely without falling into a weed coma the pink kush strain in Canada found nearly everywhere may be your best bet!

Uniquely Canadian Kush

Uniquely Canadian Kush

With over ten years at the top of the popularity charts right across the country with no signs of slowing down any time soon Pink Kush seems to be a uniquely Canadian cannabis strain and is beginning to be associated with our great nation in the greater international cannabis community. Will Canada be known as a nation that loves Pink Kush just as much as maple syrup and ketchup chips? Only time will tell but it looks like things are on track to be that way.

Because of the laws in Canada regarding labeling and production popular strains of cannabis have become much like brand names in Canada and are valued highly for their well known effects, flavours, smells and appearance. Pink Kush strain enjoys quite a bit of notoriety in Canada and has become somewhat of a household name with users and producers alike. It is rare to peruse the contents of your local dispensary or favourite online shop and not see at least one variety of Pink Kush shatter or flowers listed somewhere.

 Consistently Great

Consistently Great

Perhaps the reason for the pink kush strain’s overwhelming popularity in Canada is the simple matter of consistency. No matter where you choose to purchase it from or where in the country you are you can be certain that you know what the effects will be when you smoke some pink kush. It can always be relied upon to deliver the same full body, deep relaxing buzz that users have come to depend on over the many years of its popularity.

Consumer tastes are fickle of course and change with the winds so nobody can say how long this strain will enjoy its reign at the top of the Canadian charts but for now Pink Kush remains the kush strain of choice for Canadians from coast to coast. As tastes mature across the nation and more terroir style craft producers emerge there are certain to be challengers rising up through the ranks in due time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pink kush good?

Pink Kush is one of the top shelf and most loved brands of weed all across Canada.

How do you grow pink kush?

Pink Kush is grown the same way as any other strain of cannabis but has the benefit of a shorter amount of time needed to fully flower making it easier than other strains to produce.

How long does pink kush last?

The effects of this strain will last between forty minutes to three hours depending on dosage and method.

Is pink kush good for anxiety?

Pink Kush features a very relaxing and calming full body buzz effect making it an ideal strain for anxiety sufferers.

What strain is pink kush?

Pink Kush is the name of the strain. It is thought to be derived from other kush strains like Hindu and OG Kush.

How strong is pink kush?

Pink Kush is one of the most consistently strong strains of cannabis on the market typically boasting a potency level of 20% – 30% THC.

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