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What is Hotboxing? A Brief Guide

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You may be new to smoking weed or are just unfamiliar with the term, but you find yourself on our website asking yourself What is Hotboxing and what does hotboxing mean? Hotboxing can be referred to in various terms, Jamaican Oven, Iceboxing, Hawaiian Hotbox or Kettleing, each term refers to the same cannabis smoking event. Hotboxing at its simplest form is the smoking of marijuana in a closed off space, whether it’s your car, bathroom, basement or a tent, the cannabis smoke remains inside the controlled and enclosed area enhancing your high with the extra smoke. Whether you’re from the time of watching Cheech and Chong hot box their car  or the routine scene from That 70s Show in Eric’s basement, hotboxing has been an age-old tradition in the culture of cannabis for decades and remains an ongoing one at that.

What is Hotboxing? A Brief Guide

How To Hotbox

How to Hotbox

Hotboxing is an age-old tradition among cannabis smokers and those smokers will tell you that the key to a successful hotbox session is adequate planning. The more organized and prepared you are for a good old-fashioned hotbox the more relaxed and enjoyable they become. It’s imperative that you find a perfect location, pick the right time, have the correct supplies and the right gathering of people. Once you have all these criteria in order you are guaranteed to have the perfect hotboxing experience.

Location, Location Location

When hotboxing weed you want to find a small enough space where you can fill it with smoke without having to smoke 100 joints in one sitting, you also want to make sure it’s an area where getting caught isn’t an issue, there is nothing inconspicuous about hotboxing. We’ve all seen the meme of a police officer pulling over a car and when they roll down their window a gigantic cloud of smoke comes gushing out. It’s best to find a controlled and comfortable space where you aren’t operating heavy machinery. Yes you can hotbox any air-tight space but different locations makes for difference experiences. Some of the most efficient and comfortable locations are:


Your car is air tight (with the windows up) offers comfortable seating, can hold up to 5-8 people, has the added bonus of surround sound speakers and has multiple fans to help clear our any unwanted smoke. Yes, the car might be the perfect choice but it’s important to remember not to start the car or operate during or after hotboxing it. With the introduction of legalization, the laws have been updated and driving while stoned reflects the same punishments as drinking while drunk. So maybe park it in your private driveway and leave the keys in your house if you’re going to hotbox your car.


Bathrooms are arguably the best area in the house to hotbox. Most bathrooms are limited in size which makes it a perfect location for a thick hotboxing session, there is usually enough room for 4-5 people and it has a built in fan to control the smoke afterwards. It also contains a shower, many who hotbox use showers to their advantage in two ways. First, when you run the shower as hot as it can an accumulation of steam collects in the room, the steam adds the to effect of the smoke in the room, creating thicker clouds and creating a vapor in the room as well. Second, that same steam is a great tool to use when trying to get the smell out of the bathroom, once you open a door or window all that smoke will hitch a ride on that steam and escape quickly outside instead of remaining stagnant for days on end. Here’s a tip, wet a towel before you start your hotbox and lay it across the bottom crack of the door, this will prevent any smoke from escaping during your session and limit any unwanted odor leaking into other parts of the house.


Tents are another great spot for hotboxing with your friends, especially when you are out enjoying nature. Tents are built to keep the elements outside from entering inside, so in true intuitive stoner fashion, filling the inside of the tent with smoke can have the same effect. Tents are small and compact which means you can light up a few joints and it will be filled with smoke in no time, you can fit a few friends and if you have the right gear they can be relatively comfortable. Tents are also extremely easy to air out, the fabric doesn’t allow for the scent of marijuana to hang around and once you open up a door or two the weed smell will be gone in minutes and replaced by freshair.


One of our favourite spots when hotboxing weed is a sauna, now we know few will have a sauna handy, but if you do have one they are a prime location. Saunas are built for keeping heat and steam inside, they are airtight and provide ample room and seating. They take little effort to hotbox and can hold up to 10 people depending on the size. They also have the added bonus of smelling like cedar wood which helps when getting the smell out of it after a big hotboxing session.

Those are a few examples of great locations where you can hotbox weed, but remember you don’t need to limit yourself to just those areas. As long as you have a small area that you can lock down and enjoy a comfortable smoke session the experience will remain the same.


Hotboxing wasn’t invented as a quick option for getting high, it was designed to enjoy with a group of people with the extra bonus of inhaling more smoke and getting twice as high. So getting yourself prepared beforehand is a wise move that will pay off down the road. First you want to make sure you have pre rolled enough joints or blunts to satisfy you and your guests and also to fill the room with enough smoke. Making sure everyone is comfortable is another key factor to a successfully hotboxing a room, usually when a group of people hotbox a room it can last up to an hour or more, make sure there is comfortable seating, that the room is sealed up as best you can and that you have some water and snacks…that’s just being a good host. You also want to make sure you have candles or incents ready for after you are finished, they can help mask the scent around the area while it airs out.

Not so difficult eh? All you have left to do is buy your pre rolls and fresh bud. For hotboxing weed we recommend a variety of pungent Indicas that are guaranteed to deliver a super thick cloud of smoke and an incredible body high. Head over to Haute.Health for the best online dispensary in Canada, we offer the best weed deals on the internet and the fastest delivered anywhere in Canada.

Does Hotboxing Get You Higher?

Does Hotboxing Gets you Higher?

There has been some debate over the years on whether hotboxing can make your high more intense, after decaeds of searching for the answer we’ve finally found it.  The answer is hell yeah it call, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In a recent study Johns Hopkins revealed that hotboxing is an effective way to increase and prolong your high. The potency of the second hand smoke has proven to directly effect those in a controlled space smoking large quantities of marijuana, even for those who aren’t partaking there is a good chance they will experience some effects from the circulating marijuana smoke, known as a contact high. The study also points to the lack of oxygen being a key factor in the increasing high, with CO2 levels in the blood raising due to the lack of oxygen the marijuana being consumed becomes stronger and more effective. This study was brought to light due to the higher levels of THC found in marijuana in current times, hotboxing weed during the earlier decades wasn’t deemed to have the same strength in THC levels that it does today, so getting second hand high or becoming more high while hotboxing wasn’t viable. But the debate has now been seteled, when you hotbox weed you are guaranteed to feel more high and for longer periods of time. So I guess the next question is, how long until you have yourself a hotbox party?




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