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World’s Highest Weed Consuming Cities

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The world, as it turns out, is one giant hotbox – or hotsphere, in this case.  Cannabis consumption has ridden steadily up the charts, leading to some of the highest numbers – pun intended! – we’ve ever seen in terms of both recreational and medical cannabis use.  North America continues to lead the charge with both Federal and State-level legalization of Mary J, but Europe and the burgeoning budtenders in Asia & Australia have also risen up the charts recently.

Without going into what kinds of cannabis are the most highly sought after, we can get a good idea of which state smokes the most weed & what cities smoke the most weed.  Year-end reports are still flooding in from Q4 2023, however Haute has managed to compile a bunch of data on which places had the most weed smoked, dabbed, eaten, swallowed or rubbed on this past year.

Will there be any surprise locations on these lists? Undoubtedly so, for like the plants themselves the global cannabis industry continues to yield unique variations with every crop, every plant, every toke of every blunt or bowl.

Before you bust out your world map and choose your next dope-smoking destination for a world-wide weed-trip, check out what cities smoked the most weed, which states or provinces smoke the most weed, and who are the countries best known for catering to stoners.


Before we detail the top 10 cities that boast the most weed smoked in the world, let’s broaden our horizons to map out the states, provinces and territories where cannabis has made itself home.  Stoners are as diverse as the strains they smoke because marijuana is so personal to many people.  For some, smoking some reefer every morning, noon & night is a necessity to live pain-free, be able to stomach foods, sleep better or calm their anxieties.  For others, a puff here, a toke there, or a bong-hit now & then represent the funnest, chillest or silliest parts of their week.

Recreational cannabis is the most commonly cited reason for the majority of people who partake of these powerful plants.  Medical cannabis treatments have grown immensely in recent years as well, thanks mostly in part to the surge of legalization/decriminalization of cannabis throughout the globe.  Of course, here in Canada we are the proud “world first” to legalize cannabis, both medically and recreationally, at the Federal level.  

The United States has only 12 States with no cannabis legal consumption/possession frameworks, as the vast majority have adopted the “legal medical, decriminalized recreational” model that seems to do so well around the world. Continuing our tour through North & South America countries that have taken the plunge and legalized cannabis, we also have Uruguay – the official first country in the world to legalize cannabis back in 2013, albeit only medically back then.  

Mexico remains one of the largest cannabis markets that is developing, with Federal legalization frameworks taking shape with each passing month. Argentina, Belize, Colombia and Costa Rica have all legalized medical cannabis use, but they have yet to progress past mere decriminalization for personal/recreational possession.

Across the big Atlantic pond in Europe, you might be surprised to learn that only Luxembourg, Malta and Germany have actual legal cannabis legislation put in place thus far.  Iconic weed hotbeds like Netherlands, Spain and Portugal operate under unofficial “leniency” or decriminalization doctrines to this point. Despite the fact that cannabis consumption is incredibly high in these EU members, there doesn’t seem to be much appetite for putting pen-to-paper because their current systems are working to standards.

Asia, Africa and Australia are sparsely legalized themselves, and yet these regions of the globe represent some of the fastest growing cannabis markets – both cultivation and consumption – in the past 2-3 years.  Thailand has seen a lot of development in their legal cannabis sectors, but the rest of Asian nations are slow to make changes to their draconian, anti-marijuana mandates.  Lebanon, Israel and Morocco offer decriminalized personal allotments of cannabis for medical reasons, which has started a slow-and-steady ‘green rush’ in this area of the world.

African countries like Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland have also adopted decriminalized possession and consumption of small amounts of cannabis, with some medical licensing to use it as well. Australia has only gone so far as legalizing cannabis in its Capital Territory – aka Sydney – which might explain why this city has become one of the world’s biggest weed hubs in the 2020’s. 

All of this progress is encouraging, to say the least, and yet there are certain geographic regions of the world – both big and small – that have truly championed the cannabis cause as “highoneers”.  You’re probably familiar with many of these provinces/states/territories, but just to refresh your memory here are some of the states which smoke the most weed in 2024:


The ‘Mile High State’ is high indeed, topping out as one of the states which smokes the most weed for nearly a decade.  Colorado was one of the first States to legalize marijuana, so they certainly know their dro.


The first State to legalize both recreational AND medical cannabis way back in 2012, followed closely by the State associated with John Denver. Seattle has become a cultural epicenter for all things weed – they may as well rename the State of Washington “Weedington”.


Technically the first State to legalize way back in 1996 with the first medical cannabis licenses in the U.S., California has been at the heart of all things cannabis for America since the dark days of ‘Reefer Madness’.  With icons like Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and many others calling this sunshine State home, ‘Cali Weed’ is truly one of the O.G.’s of cannabis culture.


You can’t spell “Bud Country” without B.C.  British Columbia is Canada’s ‘California’ for all things tourism and cannabis – skiing, surfing, wineries, big city lights, and of course some of the best-known buds in the Western world.  B.C. boasts some of the top growers, choicest genetics, and a stoner community that has taken the weed-ball and run with it all the way to the endzone.


Not to be outdone by their Western Provincial neighbors, Alberta has surged ahead in the standings when it comes to cannabis production, high quality and a consumer base that consumes incredible amounts of the green stuff. Alberta is consistently in the top-tier for cannabis production, innovation and consumption.


Whether it’s the rural lands where all the ganja is produced, or the downtown streets of Tdot, Ontario is a focal point for all things going on in Canada, and that definitely includes weed.  Not to mention Ottawa, the place where all this cannabis legalization came together in the first place. 


You can’t consider the places with the most weed smoked per capita without talking about Jamaica.  This island nation has made weed a part of their national identity for decades, and even though it isn’t legalized yet, it’s irrevocably a part of their economy, culture, and tourism.


Amsterdam… oh, Amsterdam! The red lights, the late nights, the mind-melting munchies shops open 24 hours and all the cannabis you could ever hope for.  The Netherlands has been at the forefront of international cannabis culture and commerce for over a generation.  People from all over the globe flock to the “freezone” for cannabis use in Amsterdam, one of the absolute meccas for marijuana that every stoner has to visit at least once.


Despite all the attention the City of Canals gets in Holland, Prague and Czechia at-large are actually the nation-state which smoke the most weed in Europe. Czechia is working on legalizing at all levels, but in the meantime they’ve got a very pro-cannabis attitude that permeates their progressive cities.  Prague is the “Vegas of Europe”, and its cannabis culture will blow your mind even if you’re from a famous weed-friendly city yourself.


Morocco has a long history with cannabis – we’re talking in the THOUSANDS of years.  Hashish has been produced in this part of the world for millennia, and Moroccans don’t show any signs of slowing down.  Rabat is especially exciting for potheads to visit with its exotic bazaars, cannabis hookah lounges and incredibly potent hashish markets.


We’re going to talk about Sydney in the next section about what cities smoke the most weed, but this Territory is worth mentioning because they’ve become one of the world’s highest cannabis smoking regions in a short period of time.  Aussies apparently love their electric lettuce, so maybe their government could take the hint and extend the legalization to all the Territories already?!


Now comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for… ranking the top stoner locales in the world, and finding out what city smokes the most weed. Some of these cannabis cities might surprise you, while others are pretty obvious as they’ve become well-established cannabis tourism destinations. We also need to keep in mind that there are definitely cities around the world that should be among the most weed smoked rankings – looking at you Mexico City! – and yet, they don’t have statistics to back up what 

That being said, let’s move onto the list of the 

Sydney, Australia

We told you we’d discuss Sydney in greater detail.  The capital city of the Land Down Under is the only place in the country that has legalized cannabis use.  The Aussies have a long way to go before they’re ready to join the biggest bud players on the international stage, but Sydney has continued to rise up the rankings in terms of cannabis consumption (6.8 metric tons in 2023).

FAVORITE STRAIN: Gorilla Zkittlez

Dublin, Ireland

At just a shade over 7 metric tons consumed last year (7.1), Dublin snuck onto the list and became one of the big surprises for 2023’s cities that smoke the most weed.  You still need a medical license to consume cannabis in Ireland, but that didn’t stop the rebellious Irish & their tourists from lighting up literally tons of the green stuff.  The green part of their flag must represent ganja, because over a quarter of all Irish citizens reported smoking weed semi-regularly in 2023.


Seattle, USA

A little surprising to see this city so low on the rankings, and yet Seattle remains one of the highest cities with the most weed smoked, year-in and year-out.  At 7.9 metric tons consumed, Seattle represents but a small fraction of its State’s ginormous cannabis consumption rates.  There’s something about that Pacific coast air that blends well with the smells of skunk.

FAVORITE STRAIN: Seattle Sour Kush (duh!)

Philadelphia, USA

At 10.6 metric tons consumed, Philly shows a lot of bud-love as much as they’re known for the brotherly kind.  Philadelphia represents another city where cannabis isn’t legalized yet, and yet their citizens and visitors seem to be puff-puff-passing more than many legalized cities and States.  If their famous NHL mascot Gritty is any indication of their state-of-mind, we’d say Philly is ready to become a cannabis boomtown.


Montreal, Canada

The first Canadian city on the list, and it’s one of the funnest places to live or visit in the entire Great White North.  Montreal boasts a staggering population of smokers, both tobacco and cannabis, so their 12.9 metric tons of cannabis consumed ranks quite high among most weed smoked in 2023.  Any city known for their ‘smoked meats’ is bound to rank high on the list of cities that smoke the most weed, so this comes as no surprise that the Francophones of La Belle Provence are near the top.


Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the most northerly of Germany’s big cities, and yet it has the most weed smoked by a large margin – and that’s saying something, because Berlin and Frankfurt just narrowly missed making this list.  At 11.4 metric tons smoked, dabbed, eaten or rubbed on, Hamburg is a cannabis hub in one of the most influential countries in the EU.  Thanks to their booming cannabis industry there, Germany has felt the pressure to legalize and looks close to doing so in 2024-2025.


Prague, Czechia

Prague is a bit of a conundrum when it comes to cities that smoke the most weed – it’s technically illegal to sell THC products, and yet the people walking its streets manage to smoke over 15 metric tons of the stuff last year.  Prague has a flourishing cannabis underground scene, and most Czechians are favorable to the ganja, so it’s not hard to get your hands on some of the good stuff.  Prague is an incredibly fun city with a bustling nightlife, making it one of the top destinations for stoners around the globe in 2024.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam isn’t #1?! Shocking, we know, but Amsterdam has had plenty of time in the spotlight, so this doesn’t suggest a decline in their cannabis consumption.  The original cannabis tourism destination continues to host a thriving cannabis tourism industry, and their setup of cannabis cafes, waffle stands, chocolate shops, candy stores and adult entertainment district is very tough to beat. 


Denver, USA

Getting high in a city known for its high elevation is a natural combination, and its something that many stoners have taken to heart as they flock to the natural beauty of Denver, Colorado.  16 metric tons of weed made its way in, and out through the bustling cannabis communities of Denver, with an incredible amount of edibles sold in addition to some of the most weed smoked in the world.  Denver has always been a leader in the cannabis space in the United States, but they’re also a world-leader in cannabis quality, safety and community.


Houston, USA

Wow, an absolute shocker! Ever since Joe Rogan moved there, it seems Houston can’t keep away from the headlines when it comes to innovation.  The State of Texas has not been known for being favorable to cannabis growers & smokers, but they’re showing signs of progression as decriminalization is on the horizon.  Houston is among the city with the most weed smoked thanks to its bustling downtown scene, a population that uses both THC and CBD religiously, and a booming economy where many producers can make lots of buds – 16.7 metric tons – AND lots of money thanks to no State tax. Thanks Mr. Rogan for helping the bloom-boom take hold in the Longhorn State.


Vancouver, Canada

Drumroll please… Announcing the #1 city that smokes the most weed in the world in 2023… It’s Vancouver, obviously.  The entire province of BC smokes enough cannabis to get its neighbors high from second-hand weed smoke, and Vancouver is at the center of most tokes, bong hits, dabs and vapes.  With a growing population, hundreds of weed stores, and an incredible community of expert growers making new strains every week, Vancouver remains one of the top destinations for weed-lovers.  Take note, world: legalize your buds at the Federal level, and you too could join Van City among the cities/states which smoke the most weed.

FAVORITE STRAIN: God’s Green Crack

If you live in a part of the world that absolutely loves cannabis, and we didn’t mention it – how dare we! – then we hope that you reach out to us at Haute Health.  Our online support team loves to hear your stories, or you can interact with us on all the usual social media platforms and share your home in all its ganja glory.  This has been a very fun article to write as we globe-hopped from one hotbox city to another, so thank you for joining us this week. As always, keep calm and carry on with your cannabis, and we wish you all a very stoned weekend!

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