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The Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges

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Are you a frequent vaper? Are you constantly covered in clouds of sweet & savory flavors, huffing that satisfying vapor like a modern-day ‘puff the magic dragon’? If so, you’re probably very familiar with one of the most popular trends in vaporizing today: ceramic vape cartridges. Ceramics aren’t just for your grandma’s antique plate collection anymore – this surprisingly sturdy and versatile material is a major component for housing all your favorite vape juices and oils.

Ceramic oil cartridges and other vape carts have been standing off for cartridge dominance the past few years, and it looks like ceramics are winning. Why are ceramic cartridges so preferable? What are the benefits of ceramic vape cartridges vs metal vape cartridges? Let’s quickly review the ins-and-outs of what makes ceramic vape cartridges the go-to for many vape-heads today.


Why are ceramic vape cartridges so popular today? Ceramic oil cartridges are vape cartridges that replace traditional metal or fabric coils with ceramic coils instead. This offers a range of benefits which include higher temperature ranges, better flavors, more voluminous vapor clouds and enhanced durability.

There’s more to ceramic oil cartridges than just durability, so let’s dive into what sets them apart from traditional vape cartridge types:


With ceramic coils and cartridges, you don’t have to taste the vape juice from before or experience any lingering flavors from material leeching. Ceramics offer the cleanest vape flavors, the purest drags and most sensational exhales. These improvements in flavor purity might not be noticeable to the casual vaper, but connoisseurs rave about how clean, crisp and mouth-watering many ceramic cartridges can be.


Some vape oils or juices don’t mix well, especially within the confines of a metal cartridge with wicks or fabric coils. Thick or viscous vaporizer filling can cause issues for your vaporizer devices in addition to offering inferior vapor quantity/quality. Ceramic oil cartridges nix this problem in the bud due to its higher temperature ranges, better heat resistance and more efficient delivery of high-quality vapor with every pull.


Speaking of better temperatures, ceramic cartridges are incredibly resistant to heat which means they can operate efficiently and without incidents at higher temperatures. Unlike fabric/cotton wick setups, ceramic coils are more durable and can continue to deliver consistent vapor as heat increases, so every inhale should feel satisfying and taste great.


Flavor consistency isn’t something many newbie vapers notice, but if you’re pulling on your device all day long as a lifestyle not just a habit, then you’re going to be put off by any sudden off-tastes or lingering hints. This kind of burnt taste, metallic flavor or plasticky sensation is common with many cheap cartridges.


Vapor quantity, quality and consistency is one of the most satisfying parts every vape-head is after. Your vapor has to taste good, but if you’re not walking around in a swirling tempest of your own vapor storm then what’s the point? Ceramic oil cartridges involve porous, ceramic coils that increase the volume of vapor and the purity of its flavors. This also means that your get more out of your oils or vape juice filling than you could with traditional metal or fabric cartridges.

What are the differences between ceramic vape cartridges vs metal vape cartridges? Both kinds have their pros & cons, but ceramic cartridges seem to be pulling ahead based on a few key defining features. Here are the summary takeaway points that show how ceramic vape cartridges are the clear winner in the battle between ceramic vs metal vape cartridges:


Like in the music world, metal has reigned supreme for a long time and for many obvious reasons. Metallic cartridges are cost-effective, typically lightweight, durable and efficient in their vapor delivery. Metal vape cartridges didn’t seem to have much competition because there wasn’t many common problems with using them, that is until some tests on their materials came back with some shocking results.

Where metal cartridges dropped the ball had to do with off-tastes and metallic hints of flavor after multiple uses. Not only does this affect the tastes of your vape, but toxic, heavy metal residues can be leached into your cartridges over time. This presents obvious issues for your health in addition to sullying your overall vape experience.

Leaching isn’t isolated to just metal coils – fabric ones like cotton or plastic cartridge housing have also been shown to leave tiny particles that can negatively impact your respiratory system. This leaching problem also makes your vape start to taste like the container, which is never the kind of ‘flavor enhancer’ that we’re after.


We’ve already gone over the majority of benefits of ceramic vape cartridges vs metal vape cartridges, but something we could focus more on is the advantages of ceramic porosity. Ceramics are a porous material whereas most metals are not. What does this mean for your vaporizing experience? The layers of a ceramic coil replace the need for cotton or fabric wicks because they are porous, which can diffuse oils and e-juices efficiently. This leads to consistent, more voluminous and tastier vapor.

Metal coils wrapped around cotton wicking can certainly work for you, but it’s like driving a car that happens to have four wheels instead of enjoying a drive in a sports car. Both options can get you where you need to go, but ceramics have a lot more intuition in their design. The only way to determine which is better really is up to you. Try vaping both kinds of cartridges and experience the differences for yourself. Haute Health has all your vaping needs covered, so check out their huge inventory and get your hands on some ceramic vape cartridges today.

Ceramic oil cartridges or vape cartridges made of ceramics are considered to be superior to other types, such as metal. Ceramic materials are durable, they don’t degrade from use over time, and they have the distinct advantage of being free from contaminants or lingering particles, so the cartridge itself does not taste “metallic”, “plastic” or hint at previously used vaporized fillings. Ceramic cartridges or pods typically last longer than other types because of their ability to endure higher temperature ranges.

Ceramic vape/oil cartridges are usually quite safe, durable and efficient, however they do run the risk of fragmenting into smaller, jagged pieces. Ceramic dust or particles can break off and be inhaled or ingested, so it is imperative that you maintain your ceramic cartridges in good working order. Both metal and ceramic vape cartridges have their benefits and risks associated with them. Ceramic cartridges are considered to provide better flavor, durability and less contamination from residues, whereas metal vape cartridges do not crack or break off into jagged pieces, and they’re typically quite sterile.

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