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Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Wraps

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Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet – right up there next to its Cannabacae cousin, cannabis. You don’t have to look too hard and you’ll find hemp rope, hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp milk, hemp clothing, hemp plastic containers, and even houses made from hempcrete foundations. Hemp (aka Cannabis Sativa L.) can be pressed, mixed, stretched, boiled, processed and derived into dozens – if not hundreds – of quality products, which is why it’s taken off in countries like the United States, Canada and Mexico. Hemp has always been held in high regard (pun intended) because it doesn’t get people high like cannabis does. Hemp typically contains trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC – the cannabinoid largely responsible for making people feel “high” when they inhale, ingest or absorb cannabis products. Hemp is very potent in one particular cannabinoid that has gripped the world’s attention since 2018: CBD.

Cannabidiol is unquestionably one of the most studied, manufactured and consumed cannabinoids in the entire spectrum of several hundred phyto compounds. We don’t have time to get into all the benefits of CBD – that’s more of a book than a blog – but we’ll springboard from this iconic cannabinoid to some of hemp’s most under-appreciated uses: hemp wraps.

What better way to smoke some cannabis buds contained in an organic plant-based rollie that enhances your smoke flavor and boosts the cannabinoids consistency? If you like to roll your own then the best hemp wraps in Canada are the way to roll (another pun intended). What are hemp hemps? What are hemp wraps made of? How should you use hemp wraps? Let’s roll-up some truth about the best, least used wraps for the best tasting blunts you’ll ever have.A hemp wrap is just like rolling papers in some ways, but in most others it’s a superior wrap for your precious buds. For starters, the best hemp wraps in Canada are a lot thicker, sturdier and therefore hold a lot more nugs than your average rollie. This is one of the major reasons why hemp wraps are so popular for making big, beautiful blunts. Once you’ve learned how to use hemp wraps, you can roll up some of the fattest, most tightly-packed blunts you’ll ever hold in your hands.

One of the next advantages of hemp wraps has to do with how hemp wraps are made. Plant material from the hemp stalk, particularly the fiber, is pulped and pressed into thin sheets. These sheets are then cut into smaller pieces that are more suitable for rolling joints or blunts. The great thing about using hemp wraps instead of regular rolling papers is that you can purchase different thicknesses, different flavored wraps and even order longer or shorter blocks of this versatile plant-based paper.

Another benefit of knowing what hemp wraps are made of has to do with terpenes, cannabinoids. Some wraps can be made from marijuana leaves or plant fibers just like with hemp wraps in Canada, but the best hemp wraps will depend on how comfortable you are with THC. Many cannabis-derived wraps contain some quantities of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. This might mean that the wrap itself can get you high, which is a no-go for those seeking to just relax or stick to CBD. This might be why many people prefer hemp wraps over marijuana wraps – hemp’s lower THC ranges don’t add any unforeseen psychoactive effects to lighting up this kind of joint/blunt.

Not only are hemp wraps more neutral in terms of their active compounds, the best hemp wraps offer more in the way of flavors as well. Hemp wraps are quite neutral in their tastes, aromas and textures due to hemp’s reduced number of terpenes compared to cannabis. This might sound like a bad thing, but it just means there’s more room for opportunity. Hemp wraps can be flavored to suit many tastes, such as citrus, lavender, sage, vanilla and lots more. One of the best ways how to use hemp wraps is to douse/roll them in flavor additives to take the flavors and aromas of your next blunt to new heights.

Finally, one of the most popular reasons why people are switching to the best hemp wraps in Canada has to do with their sustainability and organic nature. There is no shortage of stoners looking to keep their green… well, “green”. Hemp wraps are made out of sustainable hemp crops that can be grown in a matter of weeks instead of the years/decades for trees. Hemp wraps are also additive free and simply contain the pressed/cut plant fibers. When you know how to use hemp wraps for one of their best features – clean, organic and all-natural – you’ll be ready to take your smoking experiences to the next level.

Why is knowing what hemp wraps are made of so important? Organic buds are considered to be an upper tier of quality cannabis flowers that you’re going to pay a premium for. Why would you spend all that money on your coveted organic cannabis only to wrap it in inferior paper-wrappings? The best deserves the best, that’s why a lot of premium bud smokers only use the best hemp wraps in Canada for their championship nugs. What are hemp wraps? Paper made from a similar species to cannabis that is stronger than regular rollies, tastes better, and offers the peace of mind of an all-natural, organic product. Hemp wraps have changed the game for many smokers thanks to their clean burn, natural flavors and smooth smoking experiences.

Here are a last few parting reasons for why you should use hemp wraps any chance you get:

Slow Burn

Unlike many regular rolling papers that fizzle out in mere minutes, hemp wraps are thicker, denser and burn at a much slower rate. This means you can enjoy your joint or blunt longer and makes for a consistent burn, smoke and sensations from the pleasing aromas of the buds wrapped in hemp.

Clean Burn

Hemp wraps are made of all-natural hemp fibers and not much else – if anything – so you’re avoiding all those chemicals and additives like glue that are associated with tobacco or some conventionally grown/produced cannabis flowers. Hemp wraps are known to produce a lot less ash and embers as well, so the burn itself is even more discreet and controllable than any other kind of wrap/rollie.

More Flavor, Less Fluff

The most likely reason why someone learns how to use hemp wraps instead of rolling papers or pipes has to do with how they can enhance the flavors and aromas of their smoking experience. Hemp is a lot more neutral in its tastes, but it adds subtle compliments to the buds you’re smoking. You can buy flavored hemp wraps too or dip/roll them in whatever tickles your fancy, so the fact that hemp wraps are lighter on their own flavors is a boon to customization.

Healthier For You & The Planet

Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet. Hemp can be made into so many different kinds of medicines, commodities and nutrition products that it’s almost not fair to the rest of the competition. Hemp doesn’t require the same amounts of space, water, fertilizers or pest controls that other crops do, so their pollution factor is very low compared to some other commercial crops.

Not only are hemp wraps better for the planet, they’re also better for you. We can’t claim that smoking anything is necessarily “healthy”, but if we had to pick one that is cleaner, smoother and contains none of the harsh chemicals like with conventional rolling papers, then hemp wraps are the clear healthier choice. No glue is needed, no bleaching agents, no additives or processing chemicals are required – just grow some hemp, harvest it, press it into sheets, cut it up and you’re ready to roll yourself up a blunt.

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