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Cannabismo Review: Scam or Safe?

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There are so many online dispensaries in Canada today, almost as many different stores and websites to match the thousands (if not millions) of unique varieties of cannabis strains. One of the best parts of ordering your cannabis online has to do with the incredible amount of choices available to you. Cannabis is a very diverse plant and it can be enjoyed in an infinite number of ways for an ever-expanding list of reasons.

One of the more popular places to get your hands on the weed you need online in Canada has been Cannabismo. Cannabismo.org has done a great job earning the “biz” in their name – they’re a good balance of business & fun that offers good prices on very high-quality items. If this were your first experience with an online dispensary in Canada, Cannabismo would be a good starting point with their “no b.s.” attitude on prices, efficient site design and positive community of members.

Let’s take a look at Cannabismo reviews, weigh Cannabismo shatter selection, Cannabismo’s hash inventory and others as we continue our competitor reviews of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Is Cannabismo Legit?

The first and foremost question you need answered before we continue on with our Cannabismo review is to bluntly ask: is Cannabismo legit?! Whether you find Cannabismo on google or checked out reviews on Cannabismo reddit, most opinions about this online dispensary are positive. It seems like Cannabismo does a great job supplying just what its customers are after, which keeps them coming back for their bevy of daily deals and sales.

Cannabismo customers have consistently rated them higher on the product satisfaction & overall experience categories which leads us to believe that they are indeed a legit, top-quality online dispensary in Canada. Let’s look at some of the pros & cons we were able to find on Cannabismo reddit and spell out this website store’s overall quality of offering.


Easy to navigate the entire site, streamlined and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for style

Fair prices with a number of ‘daily deals’ and decent flash-sales

Munchies! Cannabismo.org sells chips, chocolates, candies and other snacks to go with your favorite cannabis products

Variety of products in varying sizes/potencies makes finding the product for you a lot easier

Availability of cannabis accessories

Access to some of Canada’s top marijuana brands


Missing some popular cannabis products such as THC topicals

Simplicity of site design can make some pages blend together, easy to become lost on the sheer number of product pages

Lack of creative content, information or guides on cannabis & its products

Only accept E-transfer (no credit card, cryptocurrency or other forms of payment processing)

Minimum order requirements of $100 aren’t steep, but this can frustrate some infrequent/casual cannabis users

Overall, Cannabismo reviews quite well in most categories (which we will be going over in the next section of this Cannabismo review). Cannabismo.org doesn’t try to win you over with flashy webpages or intricately designed & crafted online experiences – they’re all about selling you top quality buds at best-possible prices. This “no b.s.” approach is very refreshing to many stoners, but it can make Cannabismo seem a bit too simplistic or underdeveloped in the eyes of those seeking thrilling shopping experiences.

Next, let’s see what Cannabismo redditors or customers of Cannabismo.org are saying about this online dispensary. We’ll be summarizing ratings and reviews into the following categories: production selection, customer experience, order fulfillment/follow-up and any intangibles that are unique to Cannabismo.

Cannabismo Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?


Cannabismo reviews often focus on their wide variety of products, and rightly so. Cannabismo reddit and reviews on their site shows that their customers are quite happy with the selection. Not only does Cannabismo offer the latest kinds of products such as affordable flowers, edibles and concentrates but they’re also famous for their “Munchies” inventory. Yes, you heard that right – Cannabismo hash, Cannabismo shatter or buds from Cannabismo.org can be paired with your favorite chocolate bar, chips, popcorn, candies and more.

Product selection at Cannabismo.org is not only quite vast but it also is well-balanced between price-quality. Cannabismo offers many of the top brands in Canada at fair prices, so the price-quality score for most of their products is higher than some online dispensaries.


Cannabismo.org boasts a very streamlined, easy-to-navigate website that might seem simple at first glance but was built with customer experience in mind. Their inventory is easy to sort through, with daily deals known as “Daily Bangers” front and center, along with other sales and popular portals on their homepage. All of Cannabismo’s internal links work, page refreshes are seamless with a good internet connection, and there seems to be only minor inconsistencies with page content or design features not working.

We’ll discuss the ‘mail order’ experience more in the next section, but what we will touch in with regards to overall customer experience is that paying through e-transfer, receiving mail-order cannabis is generally perceived in a positive light. Many Canadian stoners are used to this setup, and Cannabismo has a very decent track record of fast delivery times with good responsiveness scores whenever order returns/refunds are required.

Customer experience is mostly graded as a whole – from the moment you find their website, to how quickly/efficiently you’re able to navigate through their site, to how the ordering process goes from the moment you click “View Cart”. All in all, Cannabismo can be confident in their customers’ quality of experiences because they are consistent from start to finish.

The one thing that is sorely lacking in their customer experience is their lack of consistent, creative content. Cannabis guides, blogs, “How To’s” and more are very helpful for newbie cannabis users, so this is one area where Cannabismo reviews might take a hit.


The ‘mail order’ experience can be very hit or miss. Cannabismo.org does make sure to follow all the proper protocols for shipping cannabis discreetly – sealed, smell-proof packaging, mail-safe covers and an easy-to-track system through email or SMS. Cannabismo also boasts higher-than-average delivery times for a mail-centric online dispensary (average delivery period is between 3-5 days, depending on your location of course).

In the same vein, Cannabismo.org only offers e-transfer for payment processing. For most experienced stoners this will be nothing new – many online dispensaries in Canada are limited to e-transfer or cryptocurrencies for payment processing due to restrictive regulations. That being said, some customers find e-transfers to be frustrating or ineffective for payments/refunds. Wherever you stand on this issue, e-transfers are certainly limiting Cannabismo’s capabilities to meet customers’ evolving demands.

On the plus side, Cannabismo.org has a very good record for refunding customers quickly. With e-transfers it can be harrowing to receive your funds back for a mis-shipped item or broken product. To Cannabismo’s credit, they are very fast at responding to refunds or returns and have consistently provided good customer service to their customers before, during and after purchases.


The most obvious intangible or unique offering to Cannabismo has to do with their wide selection of munchies that are not only well-priced but pair perfectly with your favorite Cannabismo buds, Cannabismo hash, Cannabismo shatter or Cannabismo edibles.

Not to be outdone by other sites as well, Cannabismo is smart to organize their non-THC products into a distinct ‘CBD’ shopping category. This drives many cannabis-hesitant customers to their site for their CBD needs, which might lead them to experiment with other cannabis forms down the road. You don’t have to be scared of THC or other cannabinoids – CBD is definitely amazing for those customers who don’t want to get high, and Cannabismo’s reddit reviews have earned credit for their growing CBD products selection.

Where Does Cannabismo Rank Among Online Dispensaries in Canada?

Putting it all together, where does Cannabismo rank among other online dispensaries in Canada? Cannabismo.org is a fair-priced, well-stocked website that offers an excellent variety of cannabis products. Their hallmark seems to be their fun, hot deals on cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates or munchies. In addition to scoring well in product availability, Cannabismo is known for offering reliable customer service – in an industry that is sometimes famous for its hot-or-cold customer service, this is a feather in their cap.

Canada has a ton of sources for buying weed online, not all of which are created equal. Cannabismo.org is definitely in the upper tier of online dispensaries, just like yours truly Haute Health. For all your cannabis wants & needs, look to reliable dispensaries like Haute Health. Haute Health promises that you can get high for less cost – but we’ll never make you skimp on quality.

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